1. PlatformDisphoria

    x299 OpenCore with NVIDIA Issues

    Hello All! I'm having a bear of a time with opencore trying to actually enable hardware acceleration and DRM support. I know it is most likely a configuration issue(was working with clover bootloader), and I was wondering if someone who had a similar system wouldn't mind taking a look and seeing...
  2. olmirror

    GA-X99-UD4 xeon upgrade stuck at PCI CONFIGURATION BEGIN

    Hi, I really hope someone can help me out of this situation. I've been running a 5820k cpu on GA X99 UD4 for years now without a problem. A couple of days a go I was able to get a cheap Xeon 2690 v3, 12 cores, and am trying to upgrade. But no matter what I try, I get stuck at the dreaded PCI...
  3. A

    Used Part-List

    I have found this used parts at ebay, mostly used Parts. Work this List togehter with Mojave? I7 7700 AsRock H270M-ITX/AC Crucial DDR4, 2400MT/s, PC4-19200, DR x8, DIMM, 288Pin Samsung 970 EVO 500GB NVMe M.2 Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 IXOC 6GB Corsair CX 650M Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 120...
  4. Tarack

    Sierra I3 4130 + H81M-HD3 + Sapphire RX460 2GB OC any solution to make it work?

    Hy. I have an I3 4130 processor and a Gigabyte h81m-hd3 motherboard and a Sapphire Radeon RX460 2Gb OC Turbo VGA. I tried to install the sierra. It worked, but the system can't recognize the RX460 vga (Shows only 6MB, unknown card) I tried to enable IGFX and make it primary, but it doesn't work...
  5. obeyeur

    First Hackintosh : Buying configuration advices

    Hi everyone ! (sorry if my english isn't perfect) I want to buy my first hackintosh config and i would like to know if everything is compatible with an hackintosh, and if some product are going to be annoying to setup. I've followed the Buying Guide but some of them aren't on the lists, and...
  6. erasmolbj

    [Solved] Help to correct configuration MSI H61M-E22/W8

    Hi Guys! Could you help me in the multibeast configuration for Boot, audio and network for the MSI H61M-E22 / W8 motherboard? thanks in advance. The System is Mac OS Sierra.
  7. Spencer7220

    Copy Clover Configuration from Unibeast USB to HDD Help

    My macOS Sierra Hackintosh works well; however it can't boot without the configuration on my external USB drive. (The system does not boot with its own copy of Clover because of some incorrect configuration). Is there a simple way to just copy the config.plist from my Unibeast USB to my hard...
  8. cinges

    What to change to get hackintosh? (older PC)

    Hello, I have older PC with bad graphic card.. I wanna to change it to hackintosh, will it be possible at all? What should I change to install newest MacOs Sierra? I certainly will change graphic card, new SSD and maybe RAM uprade. Do you have some recommendations? Thank you a lot My budget...
  9. AlecFrey

    Unibeast stuck at Apple Logo!!!!! Help!!!

    I am very new to this, so you will have to explain like I'm a baby learning English. It always gets stuck at PCI configuration end. I have tried - npci=0x2000/npci=0x3000 - and tons of others Please help me!!
  10. jimmakos22

    Sony Vaio VPCEB2Z1E/BQ

    Sony Vaio VPCEB2Z1E/BQ [SOLVED] First things first. I installed Mac OS X Snow Leopard using iBoot and no flags but -v and USBLegacyOff=Yes to enable USB devices. I then used the update helper and the 10.6.8 combo update and multibeast to install the EasyBeast and the System Utilities only. Now...
  11. itvideo

    SpeedSteps problem with E5-2670 v2 2.3ghz / 3.1ghz 10core on motherboard ASUS SABERTOOTH X79

    i have problem with speedstep, TurboMode is not work,?? I tried everything and looking for helpMy configurate is: Hardware: - ASUS SABERTOOTH X79 - Intel Xeon E5 2670 V2 2.30GHz 115W 10core turbomode 3.1ghz - GPU toxic 280x - 3Gb Software: 10.10.4 - Yosemite MultiBeast 7.5.0: Yosemite Edition...
  12. winhata

    Problem with 10.10 installation - kernel panic

    Hello, I've got some problems during the installation of OS X Yosemite. I followed similar tips and guides for installation and bios configuration. I've entered all from the guidewriters recomended bootflags, without any sucsess. Always the same kernelpanic. I'm running a PC without...
  13. jr7s

    I have a problems with clover

    Hello guys I have a problems with clover "OS X Yosemite 10.10.2" The first problem: The sound is not working i have tried to edit the configuration file, Devices> Audio, i choose "Detect" and restarted the computer and still the same, My audio codec is Realtek ALC887 so i typed 887 in the same...
  14. avmax

    installing 3rd party hardware drivers on hackintosh

    Hi guys, Can someone guide me about installing 3rd party drivers on a hackintosh...for eg. i have a DJ console's driver to be installed, also a midi controller's.... iam soon moving to hackintosh... so the basic question is... the drivers for midi controllers, audio interface, external...
  15. Swelly

    [Help] New Build Z97X w/ Intel i7-4770k | Failure after Multibeast

    Hey everyone! I was so fortunate to have the right advice on my first post and successfully installed Yosemite on an SSD and ran Multibeast. Parts: Intel i7-4770k Processor Z97x Gaming 3 Motherboard ----- 16GB Ballistics RAM GTX 970 Graphics Card CX750M Power Supply TP Link TL-WDN4800 I...
  16. Bongokarl

    Clover Configuration changes not recognized?!

    Hey everybody! I'm pretty new to all of this. I startet to build my Hackintosh one week ago and switched to the Clover-Bootloader now. Yosemite boots fine and everything works so far, but I'm not happy about the bootloader itself. I want to deactivate the Timeout so that Clover boots my System...
  17. LordSidious

    Chimera 4.4.0 [PCI configuration begin]

    I've been using chimera and chameleon for over 3 years now. I was installing Yosemite last night with Unibeast. Installation was perfect with no boot flags or changes. Booted once from HDD using the usb-drive as boot loader with no problems Installed Multibeast with Chimera and on reboot...
  18. srmusico

    Correct Drivers and Config to get working for music production (with Pro Tools)

    Hi! first of all thanks for your fantastic support! Im new at this... I have bought "compatible" parts, that are listed in the guides of the page. -Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H-CF. -Intel Core i7 4770K . -kingston ddr3 16gb. pc2400 hx cl11 xmp k2 beast. -seagate. sshd hibrido 3.5 1tb+8gb ssd (FOR...
  19. ianuoui

    Newbie advice on Config

    Hi, I am a newbie to this form and the art of hackintosh-ing! I now have the need of a system, for certain areas of my work and hobbies where my 2009 MBP falls a little short. While looking around for upgrades i was happy to realize i could put together a better system for just as much if...
  20. freddieMacx

    Confused About .MB Files (CustoMac Mini 2014)

    Hi, I'm building a CustoMac Mini (GA-H87N-WIFI) and I'm confused about what I'm supposed to do with the CustoMacMini-DSDT-Free.mb config file listed here: At what...