1. Lavender2

    El Capitan BCM94360CD Wifi Network Cannot Be Joined

    I have a desktop build: MoBo: Gigabyte Z170XP-SLI CPU: i7-6700K GPU: GTX970 I am running 10.11.6 I recently installed a BCM94360CD Card, and it should most definitely be an Apple. Connected to the motherboard with a PCI adapter. My wifi is turned on, and I can see my wireless network, but upon...
  2. Winthryth

    BCM94360CDAX, Cant Enable Wifi

    I recently purchased a BCM94360CDAX and PCI-E PCI Express Adapter to replace my BCM943225HMB pci card and adaptor. I wanted bluetooth 4.0. I have confirmed both the wireless and bluetooth work in Windows and Linux. Using tolda's plist patch, I enabled bluetooth in MacOS by editing the plist of...
  3. sshanky

    Just got and installed my Apple WiFi/Bluetooth card. WiFi works great, Bluetooth not available.

    Hi, Has anyone had a similar problem? I was using a USB Bluetooth dongle which worked okay (sometimes trackpad disconnects). Today I installed the new BCM94360CD/BCM94331CD card, pulled the BT dongle, and restarted. Now I have the "unavailable" bluetooth icon and the only way to get bluetooth...
  4. pier25

    BCM94360CD Sierra no wifi

    Bluetooth is working out of the box, but Wifi is not working. Any idea?
  5. jyanes83

    Apple Broadcom BCM94360CD - Bluetooth mouse range OSX versus Windows

    Hey everyone. I recently built a hackintosh using the Apple Broadcom BCM94360CD from osxwifi. The card works with wifi and bluetooth. The issue i have been noticing is a difference in bluetooth range. I am using a magic mouse and if i am not very close to the desktop, the mouse will...
  6. scaryOutfit

    MacPro 3.1 with Broadcom BCM94360CD - Bluetooth not working (wifi ok) on El Capitan

    hi all. i have an old mac pro (3.1) with this card inside on a mini adapter for Wifi and BT. yesterday, i was on Mountain Lion with everything working ok. i upgraded to ElCapo and now my BT stopped working. I had an issue with wifi but this seems resolved now. im a mac noob so am hoping you guys...
  7. JackF1

    Unreliable WiFi with BCM94360CD on macOS Sierra (rock solid on El Capitan)

    Hi guys, I am having a strange issue with my WiFi connection now that I have updated to Sierra. I was previously running El Capitan (not on Clover), and a few days ago I did a completely fresh install of Sierra using Clover. It all went pretty smoothly and I didn't have to install any kexts to...
  8. vitoludo

    Fenvi PCIe adapter BCM94360CD (Wifi + Bluetooth) 100% working

    Hi, I'd like to do a mention this Wi-Fi + BT adapter. In case someone is thinking about buying it, it works out of the box with a BCM94360CD card. I guess it's because it's dual band I get much more signals than using my older TP-link. I don't know what else what to test, but both Wi-Fi and BT...
  9. yllapilate

    Broadcom BCM94360CD BCM4360CD not recognized?

    I just coupled the following items together: Wireless WIFI Card to Desktop & Broadcom BCM94360CD BCM4360CD As far as I can tell, this should have worked OOB, yet neither the wireless nor bluetooth are showing up in the system report, etc. Any idea as to what may be going wrong here? (Here's...
  10. ichris93

    First build. GA-H170N-WIFI w/ i7

    Hi everyone, This is my first build, ever. I have a mid-2012 retina MBP and the battery will need replacing soon. It is hard for me to go a few days without a computer so I am not considering building a hackintosh. I am interested in staying with the i7 processor because my daily driver uses...
  11. ageorgios

    CustoMac Mini Deluxe and BCM94360CD M.2

    Hello, I am reading the July Buyer's Guide and want to build a CustoMac Mini Deluxe I have purchased a new wireless card BCM94360CD + adapter for continuity for my old iMac '11 Can I use it with one of the recommended motherboards? Gigabyte GA-Z170N-Gaming 5 (mini-ITX) Gigabyte GA-Z170N-Wifi...
  12. mm2margaret

    BCM94360CD Card Wifi working, Bluetooth NOT

    So, I purchased on Amazon a BCM94360CD(ax) mini card and an PCI card to go with it. I originally got the idea from this post: http://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/working-100-official-apple-bcm94360cd-with-pcie-adapter-from-mallaid-taobao.137070/ When I plug it in, Wifi works out of the box...
  13. thornton.as

    10.11.3 BCM94360CD WiFi and Bluetooth Not Working - Both work under Windows 10

    Morning All; I had purchased the BCM94360CD controller for my hackintosh. Under OS X 10.11.3 - Both the WiFi and Bluetooth are not working however under Windows 10, Using the Boot Camp Drivers, I was able to get WiFi and Bluetooth working perfectly. With regards to WiFi: I can't seem to...
  14. matteoca

    BCM94360CD Bluetooth/Wifi Recognized, But Bluetooth Doesn't See Any Devices (Asus H97i-Plus w/ 10.11

    Built my first hackintosh two weeks ago on an Asus H97i-Plus board with 10.11.2. Most everything works, except for the things below: 1. Still lose sound after sleep. Tried several fixes, but gave up on it. (Hesitant to rerun MultiBeast with the changes I've made in Clover.) Changed energy...
  15. mammon

    Gigabyte Brix GB-BXi3H-4010 fit Apple BCM94360CD with adapter?

    Hi all, First time trying to put together a hackintosh and I'm wondering if the recommended CustoMac Nano Gigabyte Brix GB-BXi3H-4010 could potentially fit a Apple Broadcom BCM94360CD with the mini-pcie adapter? The adapters seem to only add an additional 6mm to the card. I haven't'...
  16. Sidetrack_CA

    100% Working PCI-e Broadcom bcm94360cd (Airdrop, Continuity, Handoff)

    I spent a lot of time looking for a solution to my airdrop not working on my Hackintosh and found several articles that referenced buying a particular PCI-Express card that housed the Broadcom bcm94360cd chip. The one most commonly referenced was from Mallaid/Toabaco. I searched for this card...
  17. y1ruma1

    BCM94360CD Wifi (AC) doesn't works on my Hackintosh OS X 10.10.1

    http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=42668872627 Got everything except AC wifi mode What should I do to get the AC function working? Please help :banghead:
  18. stranger29

    BCM94360CD for lenovo x220 hackintosh

    I would like to upgrade my hack install to yosemite but as far as I know to get all that cool features like handoff and continuity I need card based on broadcom 94360 chipset (like BCM94360CD) Also I found that apple using not standard slot (not mini pci-e) for this card. So my first question...
  19. beelzebozo

    Could This Be The Next WLAN+Bluetooth Combo Card For 2013 MacBooks?

    TheLostSwede recently spotted what could possibly be Apple's next option for WLAN+Bluetooth connectivity. The images below show a Broadcom BCM94360CD PCI-E mini custom combo WLAN+Bluetooth card. More importantly, it looks like it supports IEEE 802.11ac; the next standard in wireless computer...