1. iulian19891

    No Audio from internal speakers with ALC295 (HP Pavilion 15 Power cb-013ng)

    Hello, i have a big problem, i was able to get my notebook to work with 10.15.1, i tried alreaedy AppleALC.kext with AudioID =3 and = 28, nothing works. i have sound at my headphones, but not with my speakers and this is a very big problem for me. I own a HP Pavilion 15 Power cb-002 Processor...
  2. brianwong11031

    [Help!] Apple ALC not working on 10.15!

    Hello, Can you help me with this issue? thanks. codec: Realtek ALC887
  3. stalin21r

    << Solved >> AppleALC reboot kernel panic

    I don't start my hackintosh sierra, i installed a sound drivers with multibeast on sierra, after one reboot, my hackintosh dont boot, it stays in a reboot cycle, and a message appears. HELP please!!!! I leave the message image
  4. STOIE

    No Audio Device - NUC6i3SYH

    Hey guys, I was trying to avoid making a new post for this, but couldn't fix my issue after spending all day doing what other people have said. Now, this is where I am: Intel NUC Gen6 i3 SYH New install High Sierra Latest (today) clover Latest MultiBeast I don't see any audio devices, ever...
  5. inadavz

    ALC892 No Audio Devices on Mojave (H97M-D3H)

    Hey guys, I've reinstalled to Mojave today (after having Sierra for a long time) and I can't figure out how to fix the audio. My motherboard uses ALC892, its an H97M-D3H board. [i5 4460-GTX750Ti if it matters somehow] I've tried using KextBeast with the kext I have on my old Hackintosh install...
  6. stussyct

    ALC892 audio disappears randomly on High Sierra

    I'm running macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 (with security update). On Sierra (10.12) I had no issues with ALC892 audio on my ASUS P8Z68-V PRO GEN3 motherboard. But since High Sierra (10.13) my audio stops working randomly and I have to reboot. This happens for no reason whatsoever. I would be...
  7. weplay00

    Audio stopped working - No devices

    Hi everyone, last day while I was trying to fix a small audio problem that my hackintosh had I ended up screwing everything. My audio does not work anymore. It says that no devices are connected. I always used the alc command v1.30 to fix all of my audio problems but now when I use it, it says...
  8. divinitus

    [solved] Razer Blade 2017 + CloverHDA + High Sierra (Layout 13)

    Hi guys, I had installed High Sierra (with some success) on a Razer Blade 2017 UHD model, with help from this guide by lectrasxt16. However, the guide was using VoodooHDA, yet I'm trying to get AppleHDA to work, and hopefully...
  9. NicoM4491

    Question, is the a way to Fix audio slide to obtain the full range of volume?

    Hello! Well, the question is on the title, is there a way to obtain the full range of volume in our hacks? The thing is that when i slide the bar of audio until the middle i obtain the lower value of sound, and in full slide i obtain a mid-high range of loudness, just to add more info and a...
  10. gitboy

    Realtek audio card not working

    Hi, I'm relatively new in the Hackintosh world, and I can feel lucky because most of the parts of my pc works, except for the audio, in fact I can't connect headphones to the jack because it doesn't work. I can't find my Realtek Audio Card name because I don't see it, also with a research of...
  11. z553993920

    Microphone in earpods dosen't work.

    The speaker works perfectly, but the mic dosen't. I've installed ALC887/888b kext in Mutibeast, and the Sound appears like above.What's more, I insert my earpod in the green port. Thanks in advance!
  12. stussyct

    ALC892 audio stops working on streaming sites (High Sierra)

    I'm running macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 and the Toleda CloverALC script. My audio works fine but I noticed that on streaming websites like YouTube the audio stops working after a while. I can still see all the audio output devices in Settings and it appears as if Audio is working (everything is...
  13. heyyoumen

    [Solved] 7700K Z270X USB 3.0 Not Working

    Hi All, Just got my new i7 7700K, GA-Z270X-Ultra Gaming, GTX 1070 with Sierra running, boots fine, and nvidia driver seems fine too. But I've been struggling for hours now reading up on how to Fix USB 3.0, still no dice, the System Information shows that plugged in USB devices are only up to...
  14. Campanis

    Audio Not Working. No input or output devices found.

    Running OS X Sierra 10.12.4 Gigabyte gaming 3 H270 this motherboard has ALC 1220 audio I installed that driver when I ran Multibeast however the audio doesn't work. any ideas or insight would be appreciated. thanks. WILL ATTACH CLOVER FOLDER
  15. elliotcz97

    [SOLVED] ALC 1220 Audio not working

    Hey all! I've built my first Hackintosh yesterday and have problems with the audio driver. My problem is, that everytime I start some music with iTunes or a youtube video it just don't start it freezes at beginning. I used MultiBeast to install alc1220 and 100/200 series drivers and I got all...
  16. xdevillived666

    Need help with native audio

    Hey folks, I am trying to get my native audio working so I can stop using Voodoo hda, as the latter gives me nasty feedback with headphones. I was looking to patch applealc(I am open to suggestions, though) , just not sure what codec I have. I have attached my linux codec dump, just not sure how...
  17. tkan

    No Audio after 10.12.6 update - Z270x ALC1220

    I recently upgraded my OS to 10.12.6 and now the only audio I have is through HDMI. I removed all old audio codecs and reinstalled both with Clover and with Multibeast separately. My system recognizes 2 line out, headphone jack, and digital out, but I don't get any audio when speakers are...

    Speakers working microphone not?

    Hello guys, i have following problem: I have installed alc888 and the Sound is working but my microphone is not give sound to my OS X but I can hearing my voice in headphones but the Input Level going high. Can anyone help me? Sorry for my bad English
  19. Scodella

    Jack 3,5 mm doesn't work.

    Hello guys, I just built my hackintosh and all works except internal motherboard audio (Gigabyte Z270 K5), I just read that my mb uses ALC 1220 so I tried to install the driver via multibeast but it doesn't change nothing, still not working. Tried with front case jack and back one(mb). Can...
  20. grimmwerks

    GA-P55A-UD3 F11 bios, no audio devices

    I've got an older 2011 customac using a GA-P55A-UD3 motherboard. In the past I've had audio working 100% (though I've got a vague memory that it was a weird unexpected codec that worked; like 887 or something). In the past I had it working with a DSDT and chameleon; but within the past year...