Constant, Sudden, & Complete Shutdowns/reboot [Mojave]

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Sep 15, 2018
3.5 GHz Intel Core i5
NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 4095 MB
So I have been having a problem that has varied wildly and seems completely inconsistent aside from the exact same behavior on every occasion. the problem? - A random & complete shut down, screen goes black, fan turns off, pause for about 5 seconds, then the startup beep and return to the boot loader.

Below covers the basic troubleshooting I’ve done so far just to confirm whether I’ve eliminated the possible culprits, and if I MAY have narrowed it down (unsure).


BATTERY BACKUP [eliminated]
• First I thought it was my battery backup. It was rebooting more and more frequently until i took it off the battery side and plugged it into the pass-through, then it worked for a full day and a half (thinking I solved it) before crashing in the middle of recording a podcast. Had a bunch of browser tabs open.
Then it started to increase in frequecy again and seemed to correlate with the browser. If I just stayed on my recording apps or just ran the Plex Server, it seemed to last for most of the day before crashing.

VERBOSE & “No reboot on panic” [no help]
• It would run verbose on boot, but would not stop the crash/restart at all. It powered completely down and rebooted just the same as before.
(Just to check, I would go into the options, select these and then execute the “boot with selected options” - i assume I did this correctly)

RAM [possibly eliminated]
• So I wanted to overload all the RAM. First I opened just a crap ton of stuff to fill my RAM. Nothing happened. Then closed everything and ran a “Rember test.” Checked everything RAM bit without any trouble, all tests turned back successful. Rebooted a little later while i was watching something on Plex.

CPU [possibly eliminated]
• Just opened a few terminals and ran the “yes” command to get it racing. Nothing. Left it for 15 minutes or so, still nothing. Closed and assumed this didn’t need any further checking. If anyone thinks I should test this more or in a more thorough way, please let me know. (I’ve got an i5)

GPU [eliminated]
• booted with nv_disable=1 active, dealt with the awful screen resolution and quality for about a day, then the same crash happened while i was away from computer.


Through all of this, most of it SEEMED to have an affect at first (I thought I solved it like 3 times as I would go from crashing every 10 minutes, to suddenly lasting a day after i changed something, but then it would return), but the problem always came back. Now its the worst it has been, I can’t keep it on for even a solid 10-15 minutes AND its crashing if I just leave it sitting on the Clover boot screen!

My only guess now it that it must be either the motherboard (please no) or the power supply. The reason I haven’t gone straight for the power supply is because I JUST bought a brand new one a few months back. I had my previous 500 watt go out on me (died suddenly and completely with a cinematic exclamation of death), and I immediately went out and bought a [Corsair CX 750M] at Best Buy. I find it hard to believe that it has died again, OR if it has, I’m worried that there is something about my computer setup that’s killing my power supplies.

If anyone who is more experienced in these areas can give me their opinion/assessment on what my issue is, and what I should do as the most reliable solution to this problem, it would be HUGELY appreciated!!! I have a daily podcast and this has really thrown my **** into chaos trying to keep it together without a solid desktop to lean on.

I want to make sure I haven’t missed something, or overlooked an obvious suspect here. Let me know if there is some other details I can give that will shed some light. Unfortunately I can’t give any sort of crash read out, because nothing propagates no matter what I do.

Thank you to anyone who can shine some light on my situation!
Jan 23, 2011
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if it starts it is not a shutdown nor a complete shutdown but a reboot
suspect is the PSU or MOBO - check for any bold capacitors
the components are not killing your PSU, maybe the previous PSU damaged your components or your unsteady power damages your PSU
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