1. littlefooch

    Alpine Ridge AIC, Working in ASROCK B460M (should work in others)

    This was written about many moons ago, you can search for Alpine Ridge I have an AR v1 that I couldn't get to show up in Windows (11) Device Manager I ran a single wire from the SPI-TPM pinout (3.3V pin) to the Force PWR (#1) pin on the AR card. It works, no other connection needed. I tested...
  2. scullen

    A few issues post installation - ethernet and power consumption

    OK I have almost got everything working correctly after installing my latest hack. The smaller of the two issues I am having is that the ethernet keeps getting a 192.168.0 address after I reboot, I can then quickly change it back to a 192.168.1 address by going to system prefs/network and then...
  3. bansuri97

    Interference / Crackle / Pop / Noise With Focusrite USB Audio Interface

    Hi All! I successfully installed Catalina onto my system, everything is working but my USB Interface is experiencing weird issues. Issue: Focusrite 18i20 3rd Gen is crackling when doing system operations such as moving a file, moving the curser etc. System Specs Motherboard Gigabyte Z490...
  4. ahmednabilkha

    Power AC Charger shows 45w instead of 130w

    Hello there, I have Dell Inspiron n5110 i7-2670qm with HD 3000 @650 mhz and disabled Nvidia GT 525m and MacOS Sierra installed with Macbook Pro 8,1 smbios. I noticed that the "Power" section in "System Information" shows that the AC Charger wattage is 45W but i'm actually using a 130W AC...
  5. ProdByGioseph

    Random Reboots/ PSU Issue

    Hi, I’ve installed Macos Catalina a couple of days ago and since then my pc started to reboot randomaly. Although it does it quite often I don’t think that it is really rebooting, more or less the pc is turning off and on, as if the power was cut off. I thought about that because i have a 550W...
  6. GuySwann

    Constant, Sudden, & Complete Shutdowns/reboot [Mojave]

    So I have been having a problem that has varied wildly and seems completely inconsistent aside from the exact same behavior on every occasion. the problem? - A random & complete shut down, screen goes black, fan turns off, pause for about 5 seconds, then the startup beep and return to the boot...
  7. johnny28

    << Solved >> Usb ports are left with power and audio don’t work after Windows

    I managed to install Catalina on my Hackintosh, it works almost all right, except for two problems: Shuts off but USB ports are left with power the speed of my Usb ports 3.1 (ASMEDIA 1241) is 480 Mb/s No audio after Windows I accept suggestions!
  8. anwarshah

    Kernel panic when used hard disk sleep in Catalina

    After almost one month, I think I've identified the reason what causing Catalina to reboot suddenly. It was this settings. Whenever I used "Put hard disks to sleep when possible" there was a kernel panic randomly after some times. I'm including the panic report below with clover settings...
  9. Jasonintosh

    Nvidia discrete card can't be turned off

    Help, I have tried to disable my discrete card by follow this because my laptop is consume much power and almost 1~1.5% drop per min when idling. I follow the guide: I have a _OFF method ***same as the post #3 Method (_OFF, 0, Serialized) // _OFF: Power Off { If (LEqual...
  10. LomoSnap

    My Hackintosh will crash Blackscreen when sleep wakes up.

    My Hackintosh will crash Blackscreen when sleep wakes up. How do I fix it? It is amazing that every time you wake up, the first sleep wakes up and everything is normal. After the second sleep, you can't wake up and wake up the black screen. It is not the black screen of the monitor, but the...
  11. gabrielrinaldi

    Help with almost perfect Asus Maximus XI Code Z390 + 9900K build

    I have been working on my build for a while, it is almost perfect but here are the things I need help with: Shutdown Every time I shutdown or restart my computer, it posts in safe mode: Bluetooth I have a MacBook card (vendor: 0x5ac, product: 0xf007) that used to work in High Sierra using a...
  12. osXmann

    Mojave not operating optimally on Toshiba Satellite p855-s5102

    I have installed Mojave on my laptop, however, it's consuming a lot of power and operating at a high frequency(see screenshot) even when no program is running. It also gets stuck if I run xCode's simulator or open multiple tabs at the same time. Screenshot 2 shows the SSDTs and DSDT installed...
  13. andresnp

    Brightness Keys and Battery on HP Pavilion Power 15

    Hello everybody, after a lot of try and errors I succeed to install Hackintosh Mojave in my laptop. I have everything working except the brightness controls, the battery level, and the power management. If anyone can help me, please do it. Also, if you know something or have a similar laptop...
  14. lihaoyun6

    [TOOL] VGTab: Control your Vega in macOS without flashing the vBios

    Now you can control your Vega on macOS without flashing the vBios As we know, the Vega graphics cards have native support in macOS HighSierra and Mojave. emmm...and some glitch :( But AMD uses a function called "SoftPowerPlayTable" to control the Vega cards. "Soft" means it can be stored in the...
  15. Ranguvar

    M.2 NVMe with proper power management?

    The Samsung PM981 crashes macOS regularly. I intend to put this drive in my desktop and purchase another 1TB for my laptop. Some SSDs work normally without special hacks in macOS. Do any also have proper power management, that anyone is aware of?
  16. Montelli

    [Help] PostInstall Asus S56C-XX173H

    Hello, I just reinstalled sierra but this time the high version on my Asus S56C-XX173H thanks to your clover guide, thank you, now I need your help because I found some anomalies that were not there before, for the moment they are: - the keys fn now allow me only to completely turn off the...
  17. nictringali

    [Solved] External Hard Drive Not Detected - Other USB Hardware Has No Issues

    Never had any USB issues on this machine, followed standard instructions and only did the 'Increase Max Port Limit' with Multibeast, and all flash drives and other USB hardware has been seamless from my perspective. I bought a USB powered drive recently, and it does not show up in Disk Utility...
  18. fadis96

    [Solved] Broadcom Wifi Bluetooth card sleep issue

    Hi all, Solution: The usb injectors I have created using rehabmans guide was correct but it was being overridden by injectallusb.kext, because my bluetooth card was plugged into port HS14 which is supposed to show up at internal or 255, instead it was showing up as usb 3 (0x03), so I opened...
  19. lerimer

    Sleep and fans

    Hello everyone, So I finally have a working copy of 10.13.2. I was able to get sound working as well as my gtx970 with Nvidia's drivers. However I have two issues that are bothering me a little. The first one is the fans. I have a liquid cooling system, but it seems that the fans are always at...
  20. Moose9287

    4K+RAW Video Editing Setup

    Hello Hackintosh Genius'! I am looking to build a killer 4K+ RAW Video editing setup. Apple is just taking too long with their desktop tha tis likely to be very overpriced and proprietary. I need some advice. I run Adobe Premiere and the entire Suite, Some of Maxon Cinema 4D and also FInal...