1. mattklahn

    Vega 64 Random Black Screen + 100% Fan Speed Issue

    I am running into issues with my build recently. Basically, it appears that under high GPU load activities, such as video editing, gaming, and 3D rendering, my computer will randomly go to black screen, and the fans will instantly ramp up to 100% speed. Note that if audio is playing, it will...
  2. insalada

    Desperated with Sierra restarting suddenly during sleep or when waking

    Hi friends, I've been running an issue for years. Yes, I know, I should have get it solved already, but every time I tried, I spent hours and hours of searching and reading with no success. I am totally frustrated with this. This is the actual problem: Sometimes (not always, but very...
  3. tyrone315

    Hackintosh crashes when High CPU Load

    I've installed hackintosh a few weeks ago, everything seemed to run smoothly, but since I am using it mostly for Xcode, I started seeing some issues. For example if I try to open Xcode, Android Studio and Web Storm my laptop will freeze totally for 3 seconds (mouse not responsive) but that just...
  4. mrbiggwigg

    Mojave 10.14.6 Crashing Final Cut Pro

    Hi All, I have a system built about 5 years ago, Z77UD5H , i7-3770K, no OC, 32Gb RAM, 500GB SSD Boot, GeForce GTX 780, that keeps crashing on Final Cut Pro. Also crashes when just Adobe Bridge is running. I recently upgraded the GPU from a 580Ti that died so I'm thinking the card is the cause...
  5. Sundarmathi

    Final Cut Pro 10.4 crashing whenever i put export..Sierra

    Final Cut Pro 10.4 crashing whenever i put export.. and says "The operation couldn’t be completed. ( error -1.)" i tried in new library and reinstalled, but there is no solution.. @BreBo @moomshooter @stexine
  6. jeremclink

    HELP please, for new build after crash!

    Hello hackintosh community, My GA-z77x-udh5 toasted 2 days ago (hackintosh V1 built in 2012, last update under Mojave 10.14.3) and I inquire for a hackintosh V2. It is mainly dedicated to make sound (logic pro x, motu 828mk3) I'm looking for a simple but powerful configuration that could last...
  7. macdz

    macOS Catalina 10.15.4 keeps crashing due to panic error as below

    Below is the report which I copied form catalina 10.15.4 crash just 5 mins ago. This is happening after I updated clover to 5107 so that I can install the system update 10.15.4 on 10.15.3. before this clover version was 5102. ```code panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff801e616487)...
  8. cpl_jimmy

    Lenovo 330S i3 Panic on Clover booting to Install drive

    I bought the Lenovo 330S due to the need for a portable build and the many people who have recommended this model. And while certain youtube videos even gave links to the i3 model... I suspect they all actually used the i5 model. That said. I have the Lenovo 330S-15 i3-8130 4GB soldered RAM +...
  9. Strattone

    << Solved >> Adoce CC 2020 and Radeon RX580 on Mojave Crash on Launch

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here, I hope I posted in the right section. I'm a total noob on Hackintosh, I just made my first build and everything was running smoothly (Adobe included). After some search in the forum I decided to map my USB ports and create a customized KEXT with...
  10. tchit

    Random and daily freezes on my Radeon VII setup with Mojave - error

    Hello, Since I've installed my hackintosh, almost everything is working great except that I will get daily freezes. Usually my mouse will start lagging and then I know I have to close everything and try to close my session before the complete freeze. Sometimes I will get a freeze, sometimes a...
  11. jamie763p

    Kernel Panic - 10.15.2 - AMDRadeonX6000

    Hello there, Intro: I'm a fairly experienced Hackintosher and have recently upgraded my build to v10.15.2. I followed the Vanilla Hackintosh guide and am running a Clover-based system with VirtualSMC, Lilu, WEG and similar. I have manually mapped USBs and created an SSDT for the board. Specs...
  12. hotcereal

    Upgraded GPU, updated to Catalina; sleep now causes crash

    Hey all, I got an RX 5700 XT as an upgrade from my old 1060. I was on High Sierra because of the 1060, so once I got the RX, I updated my kexts, updated macOS, then swapped the cards. Bluetooth wasn't working initially, so I edited the SMBIOS and then added the two new bluetooth patch kexts...
  13. wowoowowo

    Mojave USB installer crashing at 2 minutes left

    My Mojave installer from the usb (hasn’t restarted yet) keeps crashing at 2 mins left... here are the logs And the whole screen I will post my clover config file in just a bit
  14. GuySwann

    Constant, Sudden, & Complete Shutdowns/reboot [Mojave]

    So I have been having a problem that has varied wildly and seems completely inconsistent aside from the exact same behavior on every occasion. the problem? - A random & complete shut down, screen goes black, fan turns off, pause for about 5 seconds, then the startup beep and return to the boot...
  15. riverLethe

    Opening App Store freezes Catalina

    I finally got Catalina up and running on my Thinkcentre m93p and I only have a couple issues. Opening the App Store causes the system to freeze, requiring a force reset. I read a forum thread regarding a similar problem on Mojave and I can confirm that Lilu and Whatevergreen are installed and...
  16. ddklassen

    Black Screen when trying to install OSX Mojave through Clover Bootloader (Asus Z390-A)

    I finally attempted to build my hackintosh, based on the guides provided here, and I have run into my first major snag that has forced my hand into registering for this site and begging the community for help. First off, thanks to everyone for getting me this far, anyone who has contributed to...
  17. pierreko

    Mojave 10.14.5 freezes and crashs

    Hello all, I installed Mojave 10.14.5 on my Hackintosh (fresh install) since July with this configuration : - Gigabyte Aurus Z390 Pro - Intel Core i7 8700 3.2 GHz - Saffire AMD Radeon RX 580 - SSD 1 To Samsung - 16 Go RAM Ballistix In general, it's really fast, but once or twice a day, my Mac...
  18. jamiewoods

    << Solved >> High Sierra - Automatically rebooted after panic

    Hello I've been running High Sierra smoothly for ages with no recent updates, and when I booted today, everything seemed ok, except I couldn't connect any accounts in mail, also, the app store couldn't connect even tho internet was connected. I worked for about an hour, then decided to re-boot...
  19. 2KV

    Intel HD530 — System freeze (crash) in Photos, Chrome

    Hello! My configuration: Gigabyte GA-Z170-Gaming K3, Intel i3-6100, Intel HD530. OS Sierra 10.12, standart Multibeast install. All works fine (video acceleration, sound, ethernet), except system sleep. One thing: system often freeze and crashe in Apple Photos (RAW files editing) and Google...
  20. chugmonkey83

    Mojave freezes and crashes

    Hello all, My Hackintosh is freezing up randomly. So far my only solution is to hard reset the machine. I am trying to figure out what is causing the crash. What information can I post here on this thread so that we can determine the reason for the freeze? Attached is my zipped EFI folder, and...