1. RandomNumber

    Will OpenCore allow unsupported SMBIOS to work on Catalina

    Question is relative to my legacy EX58-UD3R with a Xeon 5650 rig. My best SMBIOS has always been MacPro 5,1. That was deemed unsupported in Catalina. I installed Catalina using Clover by switching to iMac14,2 SMBIOS. It works but does not function as well as MacPro 5,1 did. Especially in that...
  2. jenkutler

    Upgraded to RX580, screen goes black during startup

    I've seen a ton of posts around this and I've tried everything I could, so I figured I would post my specific setup and see if anyone might be able to help. I was using an old Nvidia GT220 and it wasn't working very well with Catalina so I upgraded to a pulse RX580. I have an X58 chipset old...
  3. joaopastor

    Gigabyte x58a bios - can't boot clover from disk

    Hi there, I've successfully installed my Mac Pro 5.1 with UniBeast. I can boot it successfully from USB drive, but I can't get it to boot from the hard drive. I have installed Clover in the HD EFI folder. My approach was, rather than run Multibeast, clone the USB EFI folder to the HD EFI...
  4. joaopastor

    Solved > High Sierra on Gigabyte X58 and HD7950

    Hi there, This is a cry for help. I have followed many guides and none has fully helped me in achieving my hackintosh. My rig is the following: - Intel Xeon W3680 - Gigabyte X58A UD3R FE - ATI Radeon HD7950 I am trying to replicate the MacPro 5.1 Westmere (2012) configuration. I have been...
  5. jtjh95

    Hackintoshing my Old Build

    It makes a little sad to see my old computer laying around iv had it doing a variety of things the last year and half, mostly linux servers that my interest fizzled out on over time So i thought why not Hackintosh it, unfortunately it seems like using unibeast and making a bootable USB is not...
  6. ichtrong

    Sierra on Dell Precision T3500 + AXRX570

    hello guys, i'm having some troubles installing anything from sierra to mojave on my T3500 weirdly enough, I've successfully installed sierra once using an EVGA GeForce 9800GT I have lying around and even got to boot on high sierra using the Nvidia Quadro 4000 that came with the pc. the problem...
  7. Tophy

    Mojave on x58 motherboard?

    Hello Hackintosh-Community, I’ve been being interested in building a Hackintosh since I first touched an apple device. Now, here, I have an old PC here on which I want to run macOS. I’ve already tried to find some existing threads on that topic but haven’t found anything useful. Also, I am new...
  8. waipeinan

    [Solved] BOOT0af error after third restart. X58 legacy

    Things were looking much better on this attempt on my X58 legacy bios board until the installer got to the 3rd (I think) restart at which point the clover options had changed, offering first.... boot FileVault prebooter from preboot. boot macos install prebooter from preboot. boot macOS from...
  9. Felix2004

    Asrock X58 DELUXE High Sierra install error"End randomseed" reboot

    Have somebody the same problem and know a way ?
  10. cpo1002h

    [Solved] Legacy Clover Sierra Build on x58 - Extremely Slow

    I've just finished my first build on an old computer with 10.12.6 using legacy Clover and Multibeast. I used 14,2 and the build succeeded without a hitch. I also ran ssdtPRGen to generate an SSDT for my i7-960 processor but the GeekBench benchmark is incredibly slow. What could I have done...
  11. svsdiscussion

    DX58SO: Does anyone succeed?

    I am not having success booting High Sierra in my DX58SO. Any success? Could you share the Kexts and patches used?
  12. enrysnemeth

    Dual Boot Sierra And Windows 10 On X58 (X5675 CPU)

    Hi, this is my first post there, and i really need help. I try every possible tutorial on internet to do a dualboot on my system but no one works. So i need someone who can help me with all the process. I need full support and understanding, patience, time and much moral support. I need some one...
  13. mrBedrock

    Low Budget GPU Recommendation

    Hey all, I'm wondering what everyone think in terms of a new GPU upgrade for an old(er) system. Currently using Nvidia GTX 280 with X58-UD7 motherboard. Still holding strong and recently upgraded to a Clover/Sierra install with small hiccups but overall successful. I was looking into GTX...
  14. FilmZero

    Can't get past logo Gigabyte X-58 Yosemite

    I was in the proces of updating to El Capitann, never had any issues before. This time, the kernel can not be found in my USB boot drive. During the process, I somehow affected my current setup and am currently locked out of my machine. It gets as far as the logo, and hangs up in a kernel...
  15. mixbyjm

    Build mini mac using old Intel i7 950

    Hi all.. I have old hackie using GA X58-UD3R and i7 950, but the motherboard is not working properly and I'd like to use the processor to built a new one. I'm thinking built a mac mini. Do you think there is new motherboard still compatible with this processor available in market? Which one...
  16. schlomow

    Graphics Adapter for SuperMicro X8DTH-6F

    Hi there, although this is an old setup, I am still thinking about trying out OSX on a SuperMicro X8DTH-6F board (which is running Linux happily right now). Does anybody have experience with this board using "any" version of osx. And: which graphics adapter do you use? the board has 7 PCIe 2.0...
  17. gsbence

    macOS modifies my BIOS voltages on Sierra 10.12.2

    Hi everyone! It's my first working hackintosh attempt. :) The only issue I have is when I boot to Sierra, and reboot my PC, the RAM voltage goes insane. (DDR3 2.5V) o_O and resets 2 other voltages to Auto (My OC doesn't work with) MB: Gigabyte X58A-UD7 1.0 F8 CPU: Intel Xeon X5650 @4GHz GPU...
  18. wolff

    NEED help - GA-X58A-UD7 Sierra Install Issue

    Long time reader first time poster: I am pretty much a novice at this, although I have had been running a hackintosh since 2010 (sno leo lifehacker build). I have upgraded and built new systems a variety of times but for the most part have always been able to find the answers to my questions...
  19. Slickademo

    M.2 compatibility with x58

    For years I have been dealing with poor hard-drive performance on my Gax58ud3r. I only get around 200 mbps write and 300 read. I have been reading up on the Samsung m.2 drives and pcie adapters. So far it only looks like they make a pcie 3 adapter and my mobo is pcie 2. Are those adapters...
  20. ian22

    Unibeast 7 won't boot to install Sierra on GA-EX58-UD4P

    I'm having problem trying to install Sierra on my GA-EX58-UD4P system and i7-975 Bloomfield processor. I'm starting with a new SSD, not an upgrade. After I choose for the BIOS to boot from the USB it reads b1f:init for a while, then puts a 6 at the end, clears the screen and has an underscore...