Mojave on x58 motherboard?

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Feb 24, 2019
HD 5770
Hello Hackintosh-Community,
I’ve been being interested in building a Hackintosh since I first touched an apple device. Now, here, I have an old PC here on which I want to run macOS. I’ve already tried to find some existing threads on that topic but haven’t found anything useful. Also, I am new in this community so please excuse my possibly dumb question.

Well, here are my actual PC specs:

CPU: Xeon w3565 (4C/8T, 3.06 GHz)
RAM: 12 GB (3 * 4 GB) HyperX Genesis
1600MHz DDR3
Mainboard: ASUS p6x58-e WS
Video: MSI Radeon HD 5770 Hawk
PSU: BQ Straight Power e8 680W

Now my question:
Has anyone already had success on building a Hackintosh (eventually using Mojave) or does anyone of you know whether I can even build a Hackintosh based on these components?
I’m not looking for a macOS X Mountain Lion install but for a new, and fully working Sierra, High Sierra or at the best, a Mojave installation.

Even at the risk of repeating myself, I’m a complete noob in the Hackintosh Business but I hope that you guys will help me, anyway.

Thanks in advance!
You ever get it working? I have the same issue.
yes it works ...i updated to mojave directly from high sierra...i just have as all people here problem with nvidia card ... so i bought rx 570 ill test it sometime
Hi there, did you get the RX580 even work under High Sierra?
My Problem is that I have similar Hardware (Rampage 2 Gene -> X58, 12GB Ram, Xeon X5675 and a Sapphire RX580).
Before I had a GTX280 and High Sierra and it worked without a Problem.
But when I took the RX580 in my PC I get a black screen when the LoginScreen should appear.

The GTX280 and the RX580 together (GTX on PCIe1 and RX on PCIe2) work without Problem.
The RX even show in the System Report and the connectet Monitor on the DVI port work.

But only the RX doesn't.

Do you have something special kext or clover config.plist?
Or what do you do that the RX work on your non-UEFI board?
Are your screen connected via DVI ord HDMI or DisplayPort?
My config is similae
rampage III extreme
16GB ram
Gigabyte RX580 8gb

And my RX580 only Works in the third output, in my case second display port.

I dont know the issue, but works!
Ah that seems to be the problem. The HDD LED on my PC look like the PC is normal working, I only get no Output on the Screen. My thought was also there hat to be a problem with the outputs. But I only can test DVI and HDMI.
For DisplayPort I have to buy Adapters.
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