1. Wetter42

    [Questions] I am inquiring about a few things!

    Okay Hello everyone! THis is a first post, so let me know if I'm doing anything the wrong way! :) Anyway, I've just recently built my first ever PC, and Had a few questions... (For the record, I plan on quad Booting 4 different operating systems on 4 different hard drives and I was wondering...
  2. stevez87

    Hide other drives to OS X

    Hi guys, my PC has 3 drives, 2 of them for windows (1 for the OS and 1 for storage, both NTFS), if I install OS X on the 3rd drive (empty) will OS X have access to other drives or they'll remain accessible to Windows only? I don't want to mess with my current drives, I want to keep OS X...
  3. raulebalda219

    Can dual-boot Windows from Clover but not directly from SSD

    Hi. Yesterday I installed OS X El Capitan using Clover UEFI on a separate SSD from the one that has my Windows 10. Now both are UEFI and after messing with Clover a little bit I finally managed to boot Windows 10 from Clover. The problem is that somehow I lost the ability to boot Windows...
  4. EdoardoConti

    Win10 + Yosemite notebook

    Hi, I have an Acer Aspire 5742G with i3-380M, nvidia GT540M ( or Intel HD Graphics 1st gen. ) and crucial bx200 240gb. Is it possible to install Windows 10 and Yosemite in two different partitions on the same SSD? Thanks.
  5. embeegee

    Windows partition breaks Yosemite boot partition - How to restore?

    Hi guys, I have a working Yosemite (Hackintosh) system on an SSD, and I decided I wanted to make it dual-bootable into Windows. I reduced the Yosemite partition and created a windows partition, that I then installed Windows 7 onto via DVD. The trouble was, that I could now no longer boot into...
  6. mingking13

    Looking into installing Windows

    Hi, I have been running a hackintosh build for a couple years and have been thinking about reformatting to be able to dual-boot Windows and Mac OS X, or just completely convert to Windows. This used to be both my work and home computer but now I have a separate work laptop so I'm focusing this...
  7. Immoral_Neo

    Need a double check on this: Win10/Win8.1 with OSX 10.11 (Clover)

    Before I start tinkering with a multiboot setup I need a quick double-check on my approach: Original setup was Clover 10.11 installed via UEFI. I want to now wipe the drive fresh and reinstall OSX and also add another HDD to boot Win10 or Win8.1. To do this I need to do the following I...
  8. sadida17

    Clover won't boot Windows 10

    Hi guys, I finally have my Hackintosh up and running! Mac works flawlessly so far. There is just one "big" problem, I can't boot my Windows 10 partition from Clover. If I choose my Windows SSD as first boot selection, it boots without a problem. If I choose my Mac SSD, it boots into Clover...
  9. chris22607

    Easy OS swap

    Hello my fellow hackions, beside one audio problem I want to fix, which I mentioned in another thread. I want to ask you if it is possible to swap OS on my Dual boot machine like Accounts on a Mac? If you want to know something about my build, I will answer your questions as fast as possible...
  10. kb3wmh

    No Clover Bootloader

    Hi, I recently installed El Capitan, with the Clover boot loader. It worked great, until I installed Windows on another drive. I made sure to unplug the Mac OS drive from the computer until I was done installing Windows, but after plugging it back in, I couldn't boot off of it. I made a Mac OS...
  11. nawarekko

    hackintosh yosemite

    hello I have downloaded Yosemite on dell computer after installing Yosemite I have a wifi issues and I have tried all the tuts available and downloaded all the fix's but still not working ... 2-nd problem , I download the windows 10 on the 2nd partition and after downloading the windows 10 the...
  12. beertobias

    Install OSX next to existing Windows 10

    Hi there, I have a 256 GB SSD on my Lenovo y580 which runs Windows 10 and alongside that there's a 1TB HDD for data. I was imagining I could perhaps... upgrade my primary ssd drive to an either 512 GB or even 1 TB MSata SSD upgrading my bios to remove the wifi white-listing and then also get...
  13. manob

    Windows and Yosemite dual boot installation Time problem...

    Hello tonymacx86 user. I successfully install Windows 8.1 x64 and Yosemite 10.10.5 but i am facing a funny problem. That is Time problem. My windows and Yosemite different but timezone and date all are same. The main problem is when i adjust time on windows Yosemite time changed or i adjust time...
  14. Autin1925

    Windows HDD is not detected by clover

    I have a dual 750gb HDD setup, with one of the HDDs ruling Mac OS X and the other running Windows. Windows HDD is not being detected by clover UEFI. The windows HDD works fine because i can boot up from it in the Bios. In clover, I have two options to boot: Boot Windows from system reserved, and...
  15. mitchvitali

    Clover Windows Dual Boot

    Hi, I moved from Unibeast to Clover and I run El Capitan in his last version. I have two SSDs, one for Mac OS and one for Windows. It worked well with Unibeast, but now with Clover I can't run the Windows partition. How can I make it run again? I have also another problem. When I try to...
  16. Adrian343

    How to install Mac OS X without access to a Mac (using Windows)

    Hi, I thought that I would be able to borrow my friends mac to install El Capitan, but he said something about that his Mac would get screwed. I have no other way to borrow a mac as I don't know anyone else that owns one. I already have a Windows PC so I was wondering if any of you knew a way I...
  17. csann1

    How to dual boot without erasing?

    Hey! I want to install hackintosh on my computer, i have a harddrive of 1TB which is seperated in two partitions C and D is it possible to install hackintosh on disk D without erasing any data on C and making dual boot work?
  18. TomMan7531

    Running Windows on Hackintosh

    So I've recently transferred my hard drive from my laptop to my desktop rig, the Hackintiosh (Yosemite) seems to be working fine but of course all my main files are on the windows side. Is there a way of having the windows 7 partition running in something like Parallels on the mac desktop so I...
  19. migigenDK

    Windows refuses to install

    Hey all y'all i'm beginning to get really frustrated with my hackintosh. My setup: Z170x-ud5 th (bios f4) 240GB ssd UEFI Windows install boot usb I am trying to get it to dual boot El Capitan and Windows 10 off of my one ssd which is partitioned in 2 GUID partitions (extended journal & fat...
  20. Autin1925

    Help on installing Windows on Toshiba c55 a5100

    So, I already installed El Capitan on my Toshiba, but when I want to install Windows, the installer thinks my gpt partition is MBR. I know that it's because the disk utility creates hybrid between GPT and MBR. Does anybody know what to do next?