1. miliuco

    [HOW TO] Custom entry in OpenCore to boot Windows

    These instructions are already posted on various Internet sites but from time to time they are requested by a user so I publish them in the guides). To add an entry in Misc> Entries of config.plist you need to know the path to the operating system boot loader. For a Windows disk, you must know...
  2. henry774656368281834

    MACH Rebot

    hello, my system always gets stuck here what is the problem? Thanks in advance. Sorry for the bad English im from Germany :) Laptop: Compaq CQ58
  3. Chromatica

    Samsung Galaxy Book S on ARM support

    Is there going to be support for Windows on Arm devices to run Big Sur and future MAC OS on ARM OS's? I think it would be neat to throw Mac OS on my Arm based Windows laptop.
  4. vratnik

    << Solved >> Backup MacOS drive from Windows

    I have MacOS installed on 250GB nvme1 Windows installed on 250GB nvme2 a 8TB drive hooked to a raspberry in the other room I can backup windows drive using dd over network no problem from MacOS. Set to run regularly from cron. Occasionally I go to windows when want to play GTA so I'd welcome a...
  5. KrustyKrab

    Dual Boot on separate drives - What is the best method?

    Hi guys, This will be my first attempt at the Hackintosh, so thank you in advance for all the support and advice! I finally managed to put together my build, but I installed Windows 10 first just to make sure my machine actually works. I've currently got Windows 10 installed on an 500GB NVME...
  6. mattb66

    Where to start? Windows server 2012 to El Cap

    Hello helpful hackintoshers, I'm having difficulty finding a starting point for an install on a 2015 Macbook Pro that currently ONLY runs Windows Server Edition 2012 (a friend was using it for a specific task and no longer needs it). I have a Clover bootloader USB as per the El Cap install...
  7. runkdown

    Win 10 stopped booting after a month (dual boot with separate ssd's)

    Hello! Im sorry if it's already solved here and would be very happy if you help with a link to the solution (: Kinda new to hackintosh. Before installation I detached other drives (ntfs hdd's and ssd with win 10). Installed hackintosh using this guide My specs: i7-6700k gtx 970 asus gene viii...
  8. mikelcg

    Uninstalling Mac OS to install Windows

    Hi guys, I have tried to find any related thread with no luck. After 5 years of running Mac OS on my machine, I have decided to move to Windows for the sake of stability on my system. I have a 250gb SSD and two 1TB drives, one SSD and one solid drive. The 250gb one holds the Mac OS system...
  9. fat227stuff

    Custom Windows 10 Boot Logo

    I made a recent discovery that you can customize the logo that windows shows as it's booting. Some background info - I have a custom image on my bios, so when it boots it shows this: instead of this: If I boot straight to the windows drive, Windows picks up that image and uses it instead...
  10. razorflashmedia

    Dual boot windows on a separate SSD

    So I have installed Catalina on a m.2 SSD. It's running smoothly for a few months now - I use it to do my work Considering this quarantine, I get the random gaming mood. So I bought a 35$ 250 GB SSD SATA 3 - and thinking of installing Windows there but I hear there are problems when you have...
  11. alisudo

    Multiboot in Clover

    Hi, I installed Linux, Windows and macOS on my laptop. The problem is when I boot to windows from clover, I get no audio output. But when I boot directly from EFI boot entry (bios menu), everything is fine. Also booting is slow from Clover, But windows boots normal when I choose it from bios...
  12. EmanuelTheDude

    << Solved >> Windows Partition unavailable after Catalina Update

    Hi, I recently updated my Hackintosh from El Capitan to Catalina. Mac OS runs fine but my partition of Windows is not bootable anymore. I have Windows installed on a separate SD (Samsung Evo). I can still see the partition i.e. in Disk Utility (see the screenshot). The partition lost its name...
  13. Ch35s

    How to get Unibeast for Windows 10 User

    So I have spent quite some time on the forum now but there is nothing about Windows 10 users to be able to get UniBeast. I do not have any access to a Mac so it will be hard to do it. I know I can get one with gibMacOS but I would like to use Unibeast since it will be WAY easier than vanilla...
  14. brainstormer

    Windows Boot Disk Has Disappeared

    Hi, I had a perfectly working system with Mac OS X Catalina and Windows Dual Boot setup. Today, when I fired up the system, I suddenly noticed the Windows boot disk was missing from the Clover menu. When the system booted into Catalina, I noticed the Windows disk was also missing from the list...
  15. Toni2050

    Setting Up Triple Boot Hackintosh!

    Hello good people, I'm new in the field of Hackintosh. And I would like to setup a triple boot laptop for learning and coding purposes. I mean, I would like to run Windows, Kali and macOS Catalina in a single laptop. As I'm not aware of the problems that can arise or how to do this setup and...
  16. Barley194

    I reinstalled my windows and probably removed clover (no access to macOS)

    Hi, I formatted my windows partitions (all, efi, recovery etc). But I did not touch my macOS partition. (it's on the same disk). Now, after installing fresh windows 10, when I start my PC, it instantly goes to windows. Tried all available boot devices and no one booting into clover. I can't even...
  17. dolgarrenan

    Can't boot into new BIOS v. with mac formatted drive connected

    Hello there, I'm having the strangest issue across all of my new builds, as with my signature build, my other X299 Deluxe II has the exact same behaviour. Whenever I try to boot to BIOS (latest BIOS installed v.2417) with a macOS formatted drive attached, it just goes to black screen! I have...
  18. flynnwinch

    Audio suddenly stopped working

    So I’ve been running a pretty clean build of my hackintosh for a while now. Everything (including audio) has always worked pretty much perfectly. I first started about two years ago, and used voodooHDA for the audio. I did a clean install a few months back and found that I did not need any...
  19. Sike

    RAID 5 on Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi?

    Hello guys, I'm planning on getting a new PC and thought about having a raid 5 with Mojave + Windows dual boot. I was wondering if RAID 5 affects in any way the dual boot or it should be safe to do? The motherboard I am using is the Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi. Thanks
  20. wajdideutscher

    PNY SSD or TeamGroup SSD

    I am planning on buying one of these two models of SSD I can only afford these models, but I am concerned are they going to work well and for the long run If: 1. Install macOS Mojave or High Sierra with APFS 2. Dual Boot macOS Mojave with Windows 10 3. Still getting the feel of fast SSD...