1. Sike

    RAID 5 on Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi?

    Hello guys, I'm planning on getting a new PC and thought about having a raid 5 with Mojave + Windows dual boot. I was wondering if RAID 5 affects in any way the dual boot or it should be safe to do? The motherboard I am using is the Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi. Thanks
  2. wajdideutscher

    PNY SSD or TeamGroup SSD

    I am planning on buying one of these two models of SSD I can only afford these models, but I am concerned are they going to work well and for the long run If: 1. Install macOS Mojave or High Sierra with APFS 2. Dual Boot macOS Mojave with Windows 10 3. Still getting the feel of fast SSD...
  3. sulapse

    Mac mini - Windows - Raid 1

    Hello, I am unsure if this is the correct forum section to post this, I apologize if it's not. I have a small "issue" with a Mac Mini I have. It's been laying around gathering dust and I decided to try to do something with it. I decided I needed a place to store all my old files, pictures...
  4. Auramyst

    [URGENT!!] Partition in Clover Deleted Windows Boot Drive

    I never usually sign up for forums or make posts, but this is urgent! I’m in a bit of a panic here - I have an SSD (512GB) that has (or I guess had) Windows installed on it, and I created a separate partition for the Hackintosh (90GB) on the same drive. Well when I formatted the Hackintosh...
  5. asheenlevrai

    Target display mode on windows

    Hi I have an iMac that supports target display mode. Let's say I make a clean install of windows 10 on this iMac, and thus completely remove macOS. In this case I guess I won't be able to connect a MacBook running macOS to the iMac now running windows and get target display mode on the...
  6. robo731

    Selecting the EFI partition to install clover to

    I currently have a 100MB EFI partition for booting Windows and a few Linux Distros, but it is only 100MB. Rather than moving or resizing which would be undesirable in my current situation. I am planning to create a second EFI partition, but at the end of my disk at a size of 200MB. I want to...
  7. ledoigt2dieu

    How to install Mojave on HP Pavilion dv6 from Windows

    Hi to you all! How can I install macOs Mojave on my PC HP Pavilion dv6 Système d'exploitation Windows 10 Professional ‎(X64)‎ 1809 Date d'installation: 24/11/2018 ************************ Processeur Intel Core i7 2630QM Cadencé à 2 GHz Fréquence mesurée (core0): 1.90 GHz Nombre de coeurs: 4...
  8. kbzjn

    Can't boot Windows from Clover "An operating system wasn't found", "A disk read error occurred"

    Hey everyone, I recently finished setting up my Hackintosh, with the Apple side of things running smoothly. Before installing macOS, my setup consisted of an i5-8400, 16GB DDR4, EVGA GTX 1060 6GB SSC, and MSI z370-A Pro motherboard. I was running Windows off a Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD, along...
  9. PashZ

    SSD and HDD failure almost simultaneously. Blame Windows?

    Hi everyone! I've had my Customac with Sierra installed for over a year and half now with no issues and never had any goddamn bad word to say about it. Working like a Swiss watch. For some apps I had to install Windows 10 so I've bought the new SSD and made a clean install on it so these two...
  10. BillApp

    [Solved] Mojave boot loop after seemingly working installation

    I've had this issue after trying to update my desktop to High Sierra where the OS works for a few reboots then it get's in a boot loop ending with "Attempting system restart" in -v. Today I updated to Mojave and everything was working great. I could reboot with no issues using the boot loader...
  11. z553993920

    What's the best sequence of installing both windows 10 and Mojave?

    or does it metter?
  12. RiverD

    Need advice about compact & quiet components for 4K video editing

    Hi, I want to build my first hackintosh and before I do, check here with the community. The build should be compact & quiet with many parts hopefully working OOB or without to much hassle. A simple case with no lights flickering is welcome. I’m not concerned with overclocking. I’ll use it...
  13. namhhgames

    EFI Windows no longer bootable after reinstalling Mac High Sierra

    Hi there, So it's my 2nd times installing Hackintosh. I have 2 separated SSD for these 2 OS. The first time I install Mac, it works, but my Windows 10 is legacy so I have to change boot orders to be able to boot into the Windows drive. Then I reinstall windows to be EFI so that I can choose...
  14. arke1

    [Solved] Make existing Windows drive bootable again after High Sierra install

    I've just recently performed a fresh install of High Sierra overwriting my existing Sierra Install. This installation is on its own SSD. The High Sierra installation so far appears to be running fine without too many hiccups. I also had a Windows 10 installation on a separate SSD which was...
  15. vaper97

    Just a newbie question about my build before everything

    So as you can see my build on my profile I have an Intel based PC. Could I install OS X on my hardwares without any major bugs or problems? I know there are a tons of guides but before I start reading those I wanted to know if it is worth to spend time on it. I hope my post is in the right spot.
  16. SamuelJacob

    Windows 10 Installation STOPS at SETUP.

    I have a Hackintosh. High Sierra. I used Boot Camp to load up my USB's with the latest WIN10.ISO download as well. Chose to boot upon my secondary SSD. The installation of Windows has gotten as far as selecting the SSD and it's about to install (setup), yet it gives me an error message saying...
  17. AmericanArchon

    Slow Clover Boot AND Windows Boot Causes Restart Sometimes.

    Boot Time Issue - This is my main issue. -Clover 4458 boot time is increasing during the "detecting hardware" phase and also the phase right after I select the boot drive. -I have attached the logs in a .txt file. (-I have a 3TB HDD that is nearly full thanks to iTunes library.) Windows Boot...
  18. jjforums

    Trying to boot Windows or Linux from Clover show logo picture instead of booting

    Hello, I have Windows and Linux in separated drives and wanted to boot them from Clover. When I Clover shows up, I see many options to choose from, but none of them actually boot the operating systems, instead they show the logo and get stuck there. How can I set up to boot from Linux and...
  19. Aaroknight

    [Solved] Remove "empty" Clover boot entry

    Hi. In the attached pictures you can see my current non-hidden boot entries. Thing is: The left and middle entry is exactly what I wanted and need. The Right entry is "empty" and shows no information about the boot location or something like that (see fourth picture). Normally I just would hide...
  20. Stijn485

    How can I share a HDD between windows and mac os?

    Hello there! I've installed mac os x high sierra and windows 10 on two seperate ssd's. I'd like to be able to share one 4tb hdd between the two of them, preferable through a partition. What's the best and most logical way to go about this? I've tried just partitioning the hdd, one on mac os...