1. DashRantic

    Clover/UniBeast, add to existing OS install?

    Hi, Just started building my first Hackintosh, and have a question around the bootloader that I haven't been able to find any answers for from searching this forum/others yet. I currently have a late-2008 MacBook Pro, but Sierra is not supported for this machine, so I am unable to download the...
  2. emirmkd

    Dual boot Hackintosh and Win7 on two HDDs

    Hey guys, I'm really sorry if there is a similar post on the forum, but I believe this might be a specific question due to my custom specs and maybe unique (even though I doubt it) case. Let's start with what I have: Currently I have Windows 7 installed on my SSD and I have a 1tb HDD attached...
  3. fredmaehn

    Help getting Windows 7 on second partition

    I just built my Yosemite Hackintosh on a GA-Z97X-SLI mobo. I have a SSD as primary drive and will add a simple hdd for bulk data. The SSD has two partitions, the first one for mac, the second for win (plus the ususal 200MB EFI and a 600MB between the two) partition scheme ist GPT. MacOS...
  4. tomdejoliet

    Installing Snow-Leopard on existing Windows 7 PC

    I am a newbie with a Dell T1500 (i7-870, 16GB, ATI FirePro 2260) running Windows 7 64-bit. Is it possible to partition the HDD and install Snow Leopard on the new partition for dual-boot operation or do I need to start from scratch with the OSX installation, then install Win 7? Thanks.
  5. kryz5150

    Want to dual boot OSX/Win7 with Win7 preinstalled on HDD

    Hey guys, I wanna use Chimera to dual boot my hackintosh build but the HDD that I want to put windows on already has a windows os and files and programs installed on it. Is it possible for me to put together my build and then install osx but use my existing HDD with win7 on it? Please let me...
  6. Vinty

    Dual Boot Win7/Mavericks | Unable to boot to windows

    Hi there guys! I just joined the forums after being really interested in dual booting my system, i followed this guide down to the T and Mavericks installed great. However, I'm unable to boot into my windows o/s. It blue screens/says bootmgr is missing. I was originally running windows 7 on...
  7. MacWINtosh

    HELP! WIN 7/ MOUNTAINLION Dual Boot problems

    HI. Today i planed to install Win7 on my hackintosh. I created a bootable USB drive with Boot-Camp on a different computer. I formated my HDD into 2 partitions. One with Mac OS X Extended (Jurnaled) and one with MSDOS FAT and the GUID sheme. After that i rebooted my computer and choosed my usb...
  8. RodeoMuffin

    BOOTMGR is missing | The Dual Boot Debacle

    [SOLVED] BOOTMGR is missing | The Dual Boot Debacle PROBLEM: Can not get boot loader to see WIN7 boot drive. "BOOTMGR is missing" I have had no problems getting OSX to run from boot loader. Win7 boots only when I change to Windows Drive in the BIOS. I have tried reinstalling WIN7 and...
  9. Dahsoup

    A couple of questions for dualbooting, and a compatibility check.

    Hello all, I searched through the forums and read golden builds and recent posts, but I am still a little uncertain about a couple of things. I want to dual boot, with OSX as the main OS and with the option of holding down a key during startup to boot into Win7. With the OS's on different...
  10. Siguros

    Parallels 7 - Finally booted Win7 as Bootcamp in hackintosh

    So after much trial and error I've finally managed to boot my Windows 7 installation from a separate drive as a bootcamp in OS X using Parallels. The main reason for doing so is that you can't install graphics drivers on a Parallels virtual installation of Windows, which is a nightmare when...
  11. da_el

    win7 backup fails because of lion?

    hi, i am somehow trying to increase my lion partition. for doing that i need to get rid of my win partition first. so first idea: backup win7, delete all the partitions created by it, increase hfs+ partition, make some new win7 partition and restore win7 to the new ones. well, that does...
  12. Elysian

    win7 and ML on the same computer

    Is there a way to install ML onto my comp HDD so there's both win7 and ML on there? i'm at the installation stage and it's making me select a hdd to partition but i don't want to install it onto another hdd nor want to erase win7?