1. Atomicron2000

    [SOLVED] Some web sites don't work.

    Hi, I have a little problem with my Hackintosh. Some Web Sites like https://www.ebay.it/ and https://www.spotify.com/it/ don't work. What can I do?
  2. jimmyco2008

    [Solved] Black screen but NOT after updating, just after rebooting

    So I go through the Corsair Bulldog Hackintosh Guide and the NVIDIA web driver works, I get GPU acceleration and multiple display output. Hooray! But after rebooting, without changing anything, I get that dreaded black screen issue and can only boot by not using the web drivers. All I did was...
  3. OrangeJesus

    A 5,1 High Sierra MacPro That Can't Remember

    Hello all, I have a 5,1 Mac Pro (Aluminum) that I am trying to install a GTX 1080 into. The processors are 2x E5620 Xeon Quad cores. The system came with an ATI Radeon 5870 (1GB), which I still have. The brand of the GTX 1080 is MSI. SIP is ENABLED. After selecting "NVIDIA Web Driver" in the...
  4. blalonde

    Issue using NVIDIA Web Drivers with High Sierra and GTX 960

    Hi all, I just finished installing High Sierra last night on my desktop. I followed the install guide and used a special set of files for my motherboard (ASUS Rampage IV Extreme) so the installation would finally work. I'm trying to get my GTX 960 working with macOS. I followed the guide here...
  5. elgandas

    [Solved] Nvidia Driver Not compatible (OSx Yosemite)

    Hi, I've been working with my hackintosh for 1 year with no problems at all, but today when I turned on, It say that my nvidia drivers are not compatible with my mac. I don't know what happened, but I need to fix it asap. Here are the specifications of my build: CPU Intel i5 3,2GHz 2x8 GB 1600...
  6. jimmyco2008

    [NVIDIA] Stuck on OS X Default Graphics Driver

    I've had success enabling NVidia Web Drivers in the past, with the exact same build, but now I cannot seem to get it working. Every time I reboot, the OS X Default Graphics Driver option is selected in the NVidia Drivers prefpane, and I do not have hardware acceleration. In Clover Settings I...
  7. teddydropdead

    [Solved] HS - nVidia GTX 780 - Web Drivers - no signal after boot

    Hello community, i just switched from Sierra to High Sierra and i can boot to the Desktop without my Nvidia GTX 780 just fine. I removed the old Web Drivers, rebooted, did the SIP magic, followed the guide here...
  8. machaj73

    How to solve Error kextd NVDAgl IOResources

    Hello! Last time have I a problem with my Hackintosh. I have't this problem: I have this resolved. Then welcome to my Tutorial! This come when we instal the Nvidia Web Drivers. Name of the first error is: kextd stall[0], (60s): 'NDAgl', 'IOResources' and by the second error is stall[1]...
  9. Elias1995ish

    So signal with Gtx 980Ti on Sierra 10.12.6

    Hey guys so I finally assembled my build here's the specs : Msi B250M gaming pro motherboard. Intel Core i7 7700 16 gb of hyperX fury DDR4 2400mhz ram Msi geforce gtx980Ti 6gb GDDR5 The problem is that everything installs just fine but when I install the latest web drivers I get no signal...
  10. rna23

    [Solved] NVIDIA Web Drivers not working - Sierra 10.12.3, GTX 980Ti

    Hello, I run Sierra 10.12.3 on a Gigabyte Z170X-Ultra Gaming board and today I installed a MSI GTX 980 Ti. I installed the Nvidia Web Drivers and CUDA, but I can't activate the Web Drivers. After each restart the OSX Drivers are back. I tried many of the suggested methods, like using the...
  11. raffaele1993m

    [Solved] No Signal After Installed Nvidia Web Driver GTX 1060

    Hi to all forum this is my first post and I wanna share with you that I have performed a vanilla installation on Asrock Z170 Pro 4s with all the hardware working (ethernet, audio). My only problem is that I get No signal after boot. I tried various method to fix this issue: Lilu.kext and...
  12. cezarvrabie

    Mac OS Sierra and VGA support

    Has anyone been able to find a fix for this problem? The Nvidia web drivers won't activate and from what I've found myself it's because my monitor is connected via a DVI to VGA adapter. Specs : 4690K Asus Z97-K 8GB RAM GTX 970
  13. x86tosh

    New Install - Web Drivers give blank screen after boot

    Hi, Just installing a fresh copy of OSX Sierra following this guide - https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/success-i7-5820k-gtx-970-ga-x99-ud4-sierra-10-12-clover-guide-100-working.203769/ It's not made for my motherboard or GPU but I figured it was close enough to give it a shot. Was chuffed...
  14. MrCryze

    New method enabling Nvidia doesn't work on Pascal

    Hi I just made a Hackintosh on Sierra 10.12.2 with the nvidia web driver (23f02). I couldn't enable the driver on the GTX 1070 but when I change my card to a GTX 970, the driver is working, is it normal ? Is the GTX Pascal supported ?
  15. uiane

    NVidia Driver issues after SystemVersion swap.

    I'm using El Capitan latest build of 10.11.6. As usual when i'm about to install Pro Tools (last oficial supported version is 10.9.0) I change the SystemVersion file during the installation procedure and change it back Before restarting. This time, after restart, the nVidia Drivers are now...
  16. TheKingDance95

    I have trouble with my GTX 960 on macOs Sierra

    Could anyone tell me what to do to get my screen to read the card? I use VGA connector I have installed WebDriver-367.15.10.05f01 but it does not work. I need help please! I try with key: <key>NvidiaWeb<key/> <true/> And nothing.
  17. AGuyWhoIsBored

    Maximus VII Gene - nVidia Web Driver Classic Black Screen

    Hey all, I've updated my desktop to macOS Sierra GM (i7-4790K, Maximus VII Gene, GTX 980 Ti), and have thus needed to update the nVidia Web Drivers to get full acceleration out of my 980 Ti. I have Nvidia Web Driver - 367.10.10.05b01 installed. Now my problem is that I get the classic "black...
  18. Mohicanspap

    Kernel Panic after Nvidia Driver Installation

    [RESOLVED] I've been successfully running Yosemite 10.10.5 on Chimera/Chameleon for over a year now. Bought a 980 Ti and decided to finally upgrade to Clover boot loader. I installed Nvidia Web drivers with no hassle or errors and now I get a kernel panic. I also tried making a new boot key...
  19. milolethbridge

    Nvidia 10.9.5 web drivers cause boot hang

    I'm having a real problem with this. After installing the 10.9.5 web drivers (official drivers were working before but was trying to get the nvidia control panel for more options) I now get a boot hang at 'missing bluetooth controller transport'. The NVDADriver readout showed 'Official' still...