[Solved] Black screen but NOT after updating, just after rebooting

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Aug 14, 2012
Hp m6-1045dx
Ivy Brige i5
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So I go through the Corsair Bulldog Hackintosh Guide and the NVIDIA web driver works, I get GPU acceleration and multiple display output. Hooray!

But after rebooting, without changing anything, I get that dreaded black screen issue and can only boot by not using the web drivers. All I did was install some apps and sign in to iCloud. No modifying/installing of kexts, changes to clover.config, or changes to the Patched AHCI folder in EFI.

I have tried getting the latest version of Lilu.kext and NVidiaGraphicsFixup.kext, as well as tweaking the CsrConfig and that one next to it (0x3, 0x67; 0x2 and 0x28 for the one to the left of CsrConfig). I have also tried booting with the HDMI connection disconnected from the GPU (leaving 3 DP connections). I have NVidiaWebDrivers checked in CloverConfig, and also have the use_nvidiaweb flag checked in boot args (but I have tried booting without it as well). If it worked the first time, it can't be anything with my settings/me going through the motions of installing the driver. Right?

I'm on High Sierra 14C88 with an i5-7600K (iGPU disabled completely).

I'm at wit's end, fellas, and it's driving me ****ing nuts.
Thanks for the reply steve!

I should have specified (there are so many things to specify!), I did choose the Clover with emulated NVRAM option in Multibeast. Is there a way I can verify emulated NVRAM is actually in effect beyond that first boot when graphics work?

Actually it's probably the CSM option at issue. I did not have it enabled! For Gigabyte Motherboards, it is hidden when "OtherOS" is selected (versus Windows 8/10 or Windows 8/10 (WHQL) ). I had to look up what it even is. Now it boots off a different monitor first, but by god it works! Thank you so much!
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