1. studiologic

    Clover theme to fit right on the monitor orientation

    Hello ! I want please some help, I want to see clover theme to fit right on the monitor orientation, does anybody know to tell me please now edit clover themes ;
  2. tokia

    macOS does not boot with newer BIOS

    Hello, I have a working macOS 10.14.2 installation as long as the motherboard BIOS version is 3101 or earlier. With any newer BIOS such as 3202, the screen is stuck on "PCI configuration begin". How can I debug this and find the cause? I have compared settings between these versions, compared...
  3. adambarry

    BIOS Questions - Updating to Sierra from stable Mavericks build

    Hi, I currently have the following Mavericks setup (chimera) which has served me well for a number of years without any hiccups, however I am beginning to miss updates on a number of programs I need to use so I think it's time to update. Specs: CPU: Intel Core i5-2500 3.3GHz Quad Core...
  4. awais53

    Laptop not booting to clover

    I have dual boot MacOS Sierra on my Acer Aspire 5750 with Windows 10. Everything is working fine including Ethernet, Sound. But there is one problem, I can boot to MacOS only using USB. I have clover installed in my system's efi partition. But it won't give me an option to boot into clover. My...
  5. Winston8192

    Having trouble with HP 6300 Pro UEFI boot USB

    Finally bought a HP 6300 pro complete system with monitor 8GB, i5-3470, 120 GB SSD for $150! Tried boot USB with UEFI However, the HP 6300 does not see the USB as UEFI, it sees the drive as legacy. So I created another USB with legacy, It was able to see the drive, but it hangs when booting...
  6. CuriousMac

    Asus Flashback file names for Intel 6/7/8/9 & x79 Series

    Please use the correct file names for your motherboard for the BIOS Flashback to properly install the update. Related Links: x99 Asus Flashback file names. Asus BIOS Flashback guide. Curious/\/\ac
  7. lepidas

    Help cleaning up and configuring boot options in clover

    Hi to all, I have sucessfully installed Sierra on my desktop, what I can't do is to clean up and configure clover for other boot options. Currently on my desktop there are 3 ssd's sdc is a GPT ssd with the Hackintosh installed (UEFI) sdd is a MBR ssd with Win10...
  8. Sniki

    [Guide] Lenovo V330-15IKB using Clover UEFI hotpatch

    Overview Welcome everyone to my Lenovo V330-15IKB macOS Mojave guide. This guide does not use Unibeast nor Multibeast, but instead uses @RehabMan's Clover bootloader builds as that's the most stable and optimized version of Clover bootloader for Laptops. I'm also using the Clover UEFI...
  9. DeepHollow94

    [SOLVED] Freeze Boot without USB

    Hi, I'm trying to install the clover bootloder, so I can start the mac partition without needing the attached usb. I installed clover and when I restarted the pc and entered the bootloader, there were no mac apfs partitions. So reading around I saw that a solution was to copy the efi / clover /...
  10. Sniki

    [Guide] HP Elite 8300 / HP 6300 Pro using Clover UEFI hotpatch

    Special Note: Due to the fact that im a decently active member and help people on the Laptops forum, there's no counting how many times i was near to complete the guide and i ended up loosing my draft of this guide by helping others, it seriously takes time and effort as i like it to be as...
  11. strych

    [Solved] BIOS not detecting UEFI partition

    A little backstory. Plugged my friend's presumably dead SSD in my desktop to see if there was anything I could do, while my other drives were plugged in—two SSDs, one with High Sierra and the other with Windows, and an HDD for my data. Since I plugged it in, the bootloader in neither of my SSDs...
  12. diegommirandaaaa

    Trouble with disabling secure boot in bios to launch installer in USB

    Hi! I'm new to making Hackintosh, I've been reading a lot about this stuff (its quite confusing at times) and am trying to install Mac OS Mojave into a brand new 1 TB Western Digital Blue HDD. I've created the bootable USB drive but when I go to my bios and try to disable the Secure Boot...
  13. Willeexd

    [Solved] USB Problem

    Hello, my USB wont show up as UEFI when i try to boot. I have Leagacy or UEFI and i have made a hackintosh on this system before. USB created with UniBeast EDIT: Solved i realised that i formatted my USB to MBR instead of GUID
  14. arke1

    [Solved] Make existing Windows drive bootable again after High Sierra install

    I've just recently performed a fresh install of High Sierra overwriting my existing Sierra Install. This installation is on its own SSD. The High Sierra installation so far appears to be running fine without too many hiccups. I also had a Windows 10 installation on a separate SSD which was...
  15. roto31

    Lenovo T420: type 4177, How did I get the wireless to work?

    So I have been troubleshooting to no end with this thing :banghead: :beachball: . I was able to get High Sierra to install without issue and everything installed except for the wireless. I originally used a guide that was based on an X220 ( and used the linked kext...
  16. ch4inz

    Can‘t install High Sierra on NUC i5 4250u D54250WYK

    Hi mates, would very appreciate your help to solve this: Got an i5 4250u Intel NUC Model D54250WYK with an intel 128GB mSATA SSD and 8 GB RAM. I don‘t really need wifi as I‘ll simply use ethernet. This is my first try on a Hackintosh so I don‘t really know what to do. What I did: I got my...
  17. jimmyco2008

    OsxAptioFix2Drv stuck in NVRAM

    Hello! I have an MSI Z170A-G45 motherboard that I believe has dedicated NVRAM. I was able to read values via the nvram terminal command in macOS even though I installed Clover UEFI (not the emulated NVRAM option). Anyway, I do not recall if I had the OsxAptioFix2Drv option checked when I...
  18. AnArgentineanGuy

    Avoid Windows 10 from changing UEFI configuration.

    I currently have installed 2 disks in my notebook, an M.2 SSD and a SATA 1TB HDD (Asus Zenbook, listed in descrition) and I have succesfully managed to tripleboot macOS High Sierra, Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Everything runs smoothly, I even changed the included Intel WiFi+Bt card for one...
  19. ikramsahir

    no uefi

    hi i have dell t3500 /12gb ram/1tb hard drive /1gb graphics card/inel 3.20ghz processor but my case in bois no lagecy sport i mean no uefi so how can install mac os plz help me
  20. susudio

    What is the best way(for efficiency and safety consideration) to place load external kexts?

    Hi, hack lovers ; ) I have been a very happy Hackintosh user for 10 months since version 10.12.6! Yeap! One thing got me for some time and would like to have your clarification: I settled to load kexts lists below mainly from UEFI partition path (#1.), for my PC configuration which works fine...