1. loganverma

    Sleep Mode Issue

    I Have Lenovo ThinkPad L420 I Installed El Capitan 10.11.6 Everything Is Fine But Sometimes TrackPad Not Work After Wake Up From Sleep And also Sometimes Not Work After Booting Please Help
  2. SmartphoneFan

    OS X 10.10.5 Synaptic as Trackpad?

    Good morning/evening to all. i would like to use my touchpad Synaptic as a Trackpad. The Touchpad works well as a normal mouse (drag, select, right tap, left tap, double tap and scroll up/down gesture) but i haven't all the gesture and if i go to System preferences > Trackpad it say "No Trackpad...
  3. Hari2

    [HELP] ELAN Trackpad Issues

    I finally managed to fix my trackpad, using the VoodooI2C and VoodooI2CHID kexts, but my mouse trackpad seems to have an issue - if I move the cursor slightly and let go, the cursor keeps moving in that direction even after I let go. This stops if I tap, but recurs if I move it a bit. Also, no...
  4. Hari2

    [Help] Trying to fix ELAN trackpad using DSDT

    I have been running my laptop on High Sierra for the past few months, and I tried and failed several times trying to fix my trackpad. I have now tried the VoodooI2C patch as well, but still have to test all the combinations of kexts. I have tried the Voodooi2cHID kext and the Voodooi2cELAN kext...
  5. SugarLapse

    VoodooI2C Force Touch Trackpad Issues

    Hi all, I recently reinstalled macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 on my Lenovo Yoga 720 13". I have installed macOS on this machine before, but it has been awhile and naturally, a lot of things have changed. Coming from my ThinkPad T450, I am extremely impressed with the progress of the VoodooI2C driver...
  6. Samuel10


    Hi guys i'm new here got a Dell vostro 15 3000 series Motherboard: Dell 02CHRG / A00 INTEL CORE I5-7200U KABY LAKE INTEL HD GRAPHICS 620 DDR4-2400 1200 MHZ RAM 16 GB TOTAL (X2 8GB) (UPGRADE) SSD SAMSUNG (UPGRADE) SSD DERVO X1 PRO (UPGRADE) I'm here to ask you some help with my first...
  7. Pigreco

    Lenovo Y50-70 problem touchpad/trackpad

    Hi to everyone, I have the problem after installation 10.10.5 with guide of Rehabman : i have used the commands in this guide but the touchpad work bad, in particular after a touch it moves randomly on...
  8. irti251

    [solved] Trackpad not recognized in HP Pavilion - 15-ak013tx 10.13.6

    I'm using VoodooPS2 and my trackpad works along with double finger scroll etc but System Preferences say no Trackpad found. Any suggestions on how to make it get recognized to be able to change its settings etc?
  9. shadybedswerver

    Help on fixing Features!?

    I am very new to the hackintosh community and my first hackintosh was a unibeast/multibeast machine. Well, for my second hackintosh, I tried to install it on my laptop using the unibeast method. It didn't work out do i was forced to do a vanilla build following the guide over on the hackintosh...
  10. Squarq

    Can't Get VoodooI2C to work for Trackpad

    I've just recently hackintosh'd my ux305UA and gotten everything working well enough except the trackpad. I followed the guide here,, unfortunately the trackpad is still not working. It runs Elan1000, and previous...
  11. Squarq

    [HELP] Can't get I2C Trackpad to Work

    I've just recently hackintosh'd my ux305UA and gotten everything working well enough except the trackpad. I followed the guide here,, unfortunately the trackpad is still not working. It runs Elan1000, and previous...
  12. KingRiLey12

    Lenovo Yoga 520 TrackPad Support

    Hey, I've managed to get Sierra up and running on the Lenovo Yoga 520, but I can't seem to get the trackpad working. I've tried a few different kexts (listed below), but none of them are working. Any Advice would be much appreciated. Kexts Tried: ApplePS2Controller.kext...
  13. ajaung

    Razer Blade 14' Early 2017 Post Installation Need Help

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum, and new to hackintoshing in general. I have just completed an install of high sierra 10.13.4 successfully, and dual booting from clover on the drive with windows 10. In MacOS, I have set up wifi and bluetooth and audio using the voodoo audio kext. I also restored...
  14. p.m

    Thinkpad T430 Trackpad with VoodooPS2Controller

    I have Voodoo PS2 controller kext installed on High Sierra, and it works perfectly fine for the keyboard and touchpad, but it does not work well with the red Trackpad nub, or rather not nearly as well as it works natively with Windows or Ubuntu. Its very twitchy, even on the lowest sensitivity...
  15. bwillwall

    Troubleshoot Thread - Acer Aspire E5-575G-53VG

    I'm running macOS 10.12.6 currently, I plan to attempt updating to 10.13 after I get the dedicated GPU disabled. I haven't done so yet because editing the SSDT files seems pretty advanced and I'm pretty new to all of this, so I'll tackle that problem next. I wanted to ask if somebody knows what...
  16. zabi1

    Error Compiling SSDT

    Hello everyone, I have been spending the past few days attempting to install Mac. So far, I have got most things working apart from the touchpad & brightness. however trackpad is the most important issue. I know my touchpad is ELAN1200 which is covered by VoodooI2C. After editing the DSDT to...
  17. applelappala

    TrackPad Preferences showing still empty after using VoodooPS2Controller

    I am using High Sierra 10.13.3 which was upgraded from 10.12.6, trackpad preferences was not showing before too but didn't tried. Today I tried with @RehabMan guide but not working this is what I done as guided. Move VoodooPSController.kext to S/L/E/ using Kext Wizard then Disable the TRIM sudo...
  18. chiyuan

    Trackpad problems

    My laptop:Dell Precision 3520 Configuration:i5-7440hq HD630 12GB ddr4 256GB Liteon T10 NVME SSD ALC258 audio APLS i2c trackpad intel i291 ethernet+ ac8265 wifi...
  19. VictorJacquemont

    Bluetooth Keyboard and Trackpad on High Sierra

    Hello everyone, First a gigantic thank you for this site and all the efforts that have been put into its development, I have now realised an old dream and feel very grateful towards everyone in this community! Everything is now working in an apparently very stable way! There is still one thing...
  20. CoisadePro

    [SOLVED]Dell Vostro 5470 Sierra 10.12.5 - Post Installation Help

    So, it's been around 3 months since I started working in this build. I already have a 100% working Desktop Hackintosh (macOS 10.13.1) and trying to get my laptop to somewhere near 100% (though I know that's hard to achieve). So straight to the point. What I've already read: - All threads in...