Toshiba L50-B 27P Compatibility

    Hello everyone. I am using this laptop with core i7 5500u. I have 5400 RPM HDD and 8 gigs of ram. Can Big Sur work with no error. Can you all help me? Thanks.
  2. hashim8366

    is my laptop can run hackintosh any verion

    my laptop is toshiba l500-11v intel t6500 gma hd
  3. Tchoo

    Is my laptop compatible for macos? What parts i have to change?

    Hi guys I have laptop toshiba satellite c50, there are the specifications CPU Intel Core i3 3110M @ 2.40GHz Ivy Bridge 22nm Technology RAM 12.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28) Motherboard Intel PT10F (U3E1) Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 (Toshiba) Storage 223GB...
  4. dudeiale

    << Solved >> Error in ports 3.0 on TOSHIBA SATELLITE ASP-4206FL notebook

    Good morning the reason for the following is that I have a 3.0 speed port and when connecting a 3.0 device it does not recognize me and I get this message "a USB accessory needs power" I have already tried to change the USBInjectAll.kext for previous ones, modify the ioRegistryExplorer and...
  5. momen2310

    Mojave hd 4000

    Hey I have toshiba c850-b833 Screen : 15.6" LED Display Resolution : 1366 x 768 (WXGA HD) Processor : Core™ i5 3rd Gen. i5-3230m RAM : 4 GB DDR3 HDD : 500 GB 5,400 rpm HDD, Graphic : AMD Radeon 7500/7600 Web Cam : 1.0MP HD WebCam Mic : Built-in mic, Wi-Fi : Yes Bluetooth : Yes 4.0, gpu...
  6. john-titor

    Toshiba P55W-35318 Audio

    I have begun my journey into learning the ways of Hackintosh and while doing some post-installation research ahead of my installing of the actual OS X have not been able to find a great deal regarding support (or issues) for the Satellite Radius P55W-35318 model specifically or information...
  7. ibeddine

    USB not Booting - Toshiba z30-C

    Hello, a newbie here, I have a Toshiba z30-C, i have followed the guide to make a bootable USB on mac, everything is good in USB side, My problem is when i plug the usb and i turn on the laptop and i choose USB as booting option nothing showing on, I have already modified my BIOS setting as...
  8. momen2310

    toshiba satellite c850 b833

    Hi is my laptop supported my laptop is toshiba satellite c850 b833 CPU : Intel Core i5 3230M @ 2.60GHz Ivy Bridge 22nm Technology in graphic card: Intel® HD Graphics 4000 Ram: 8 motherboard: Type2 - Board Vendor Name1 Type2 - Board Product Name1 (U3E1) Ivy Bridge graphic card : 1024MB ATI AMD...
  9. osXmann

    Mojave not operating optimally on Toshiba Satellite p855-s5102

    I have installed Mojave on my laptop, however, it's consuming a lot of power and operating at a high frequency(see screenshot) even when no program is running. It also gets stuck if I run xCode's simulator or open multiple tabs at the same time. Screenshot 2 shows the SSDTs and DSDT installed...
  10. CarlosRosuero

    Toshiba Satellite L850 (PSKG8A-046001) Laptop macOS Mojave Problems

    Hello everybody, So I just recently finished installing macOS Mojave on my laptop (exact model in the title) and I've been having some problems getting everything to work as desired. I have tried to solve most of them on my own, but I would nonetheless love to hear opinions from this newfound...
  11. osxfan23

    Synaptics Touchpad Tap to Click

    I successfully installed Mac OS Mojave on my Toshiba Satellite L50-B-23h. Everything excluding Audio and Battery is working fine(I will work on this soon) and I was wondering if it's possible to enable a tap to click kind of thing to the Synaptics Touchpad, when it's not identified as an...
  12. GavinJessel

    Toshiba Portege Z10t-A support?

    Hi, I have the laptop mentioned in the title, I was wondering how well it'd work with 10.13.6? I tried to get macOS working on it previously (I think it was El Capitan) however the keyboard dock did not work at all so I was not able to proceed with the install. I am wondering if there are any...
  13. AaronVey22

    Satellite L500-00F High Sierra Problems

    So, my laptop (A Toshiba Satellite L500-00F) gets stuck at the prohibitory sign when trying to boot from my high sierra USB. Three different problems have occurred: 1. When my 8GB RAM stick is on the bottom RAM slot, It will get stuck at End RandomSeed and a wall of + and then reboot 2. When my...
  14. stevep0070

    [solved] Sleep issues

    I posted previously under the SSDT-UAIC thread for USBInjectAll as I thought that was my issue. RehabMan was kind enough to point out that my installation was a mess (it was a wreck) so I started from scratch and followed every guide I could find for everything I was trying to accomplish. So...
  15. blara

    macOS High Sierra on Toshiba Portege

    I am attempting to install macOS HS on Toshiba Portege M780 on a new SSD. I am not sure if it's even possible. Here are the things I have tried so far - 1. I wanted to change BIOS configuration of the laptop to boot UEFI, but I don't see any BIOS mode option that will allow me to do that...
  16. Livion

    Toshiba Satellite P875-S7200 Hackintosh

    EDIT: Yes I already did my homework and researched but couldn't find much on this laptop Hey guys! I'm not really new here but this is my first time posting a thread. (Well I had another account on this forum but I no longer have it so I just made a new account) I have a Toshiba Satellite...
  17. GiAmbo96

    (Help) Toshiba Satellite L50-B-24U compatibility.

    Hello my name is Gabriele, I'm new in the world of Hackintosh and I wanted to know if my laptop is compatible, if it was compatible I ask the help of someone because it is a week I try to start OS on this laptop without having results. Thank you so much for the availability!
  18. emirate

    Can't patch DSDT/SSDT for dual-gpu Toshiba

    I have a Toshiba Satellite with an i7 6500u and a nvidia 950m. The installation of macOS Sierra went well and my laptop works almost 100%. The only problem is the battery life and the heat since my bios don't allow me to disable the nvidia card and as far as i've read macOS makes nvidia gpu...
  19. ZiadKarson

    Toshiba Satellite A665-11Z

    Will any version of mac work on my laptop? if yes then please comment it.
  20. awesomeepicguy

    Internal Wi-Fi Card, BT, Keyboard, Trackpad not working

    Hi everyone, Hackintoshing a laptop for a friend. Specs: Toshiba Satellite S55-A5339 Intel® CoreTM i7-3630QM Mobile Intel® HM76 Express Chipset  Mobile Intel® HD graphics with shared graphics memory 12 GB DDR3-SDRAM 39.624 cm (15.6 ") 1366 x 768 px, 16:9, Intel Core i7-3630QM (6M...