1. brianwong11031

    Solved > [Help!] Safari Keep Crashing After Enabled iGPU For AirPlay!

    Hi, After I enabled MultiMonitor IGPU inside bios settings, and boot up. Everything looks fine but safari will be crashed on many websites even it looks like this: (sorry, my English is not very well.) Please help me...
  2. brianwong11031

    Safari Crashed on Mojave!

  3. ryouitou

    Youtube play issue with

    I really donno how to define the category of this issue. First I'd like you to play this youtube video. It only happened on playing Youtube Video Does anyone get any similar issue?
  4. balazs631

    Kernel panic in Safari with UHD 630 + RX 570

    I have a Coffee Lake Hackintosh with the following parts: - Intel i5 8600K - Gigabyte Z370M-D3H - Gigabyte RX 570 4GB I recently implemented the new approach to get Intel UHD 630 working based on this guide. (Before that I was using the fake Kaby Lake method when UHD 630 was not ready, yet)...
  5. kwlgoal

    Missing ~/Library/Safari folder and Safari cannot open

    After upgrade to OSX 10.13.6, Safari cannot be open. It shows below exception: System Integrity Protection: enabled Crashed Thread: 1 Dispatch queue: Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT) Exception Codes...
  6. OhellHD

    Cookies aren't working, system wide

    After I installed the latest update 10.13.6, everything worked fine but after a couple of days I noticed that some websites didn't load at all and application showed me that I should enable my cookies. (my cookies are enabled in all browsers installed (Safari, Chrome)) Anyone with similar issues...
  7. jujuliveplay

    Black and white square button hole problem

    Hello, I have a visual problem on buttons ex: numbers itune safarie? I you but a picture of my problem If you have solutions it will be great. Thank you and see you soon
  8. domtech

    [Solved] Safari not loading pages

    Hello, I love Mac OS X Mavericks and I would like to use it as my main OS on my Hackintosh. However, Safari for some reason will not load pages and requires me to reload the page several times before it will open a link. It was working really well for a while and then suddenly started doing...
  9. okaenrique

    High Sierra & Safari (Freezing)

    Hi! if I use video play in Safari then computer freeze , Solutions? Firefox works without problems. I tested Disable intel processor graphics in Bios > peripherals. (Not working for me ) or set "inject intel" as false (Not working for me ) Safari Version 11.1.1 (13605.2.8) MAcOS...
  10. cbutters

    Core Media Player Crashing

    Hello all! I've been trying to solve this issue I'm having with Safari and Messages. I believe this to be a graphics issue due to the fact that I just upgraded to a 1070Ti and started to see these issues. I also upgraded from El Capitan to Sierra which may have contributed as well. The same...
  11. mpvescio

    Safari won't play m3u8 / most news video

    Such a weird occurrence that I'm only experiencing on my hackintosh and within Safari (works fine in chrome) is that most news sites won't play m3u8 / HLS video. The ads play (sometimes) but the video says "error loading media: file could not be played" In the construct I see that the player...
  12. turtleguy

    Safari Video Playback Extremely Fast

    Video Playback has recently gone extremely fast once the computer has been left for a while. A fresh restart usually brings it back - however this is quite an annoyance as I do not always want to restart the machine. I have attached an image showing an example. I have also attached my clover...
  13. alfonsohuang

    [Solved] Perfect & Easy Chrome and safari freeze problems

    My build Gigabyte H77N For long time, I can’t use it for Hackintosh under Sierra, sometimes it freeze. After search lots information on this amazing site, still can’t, even turn off Integrated Graphics Processor. Yesterday, after install high Sierra. Still happens. Today I solved this freeze...
  14. wishie

    High Sierra - Safari causing hardware crash/lockup

    Hi all, So I have built quite a few hackintoshes over the last decade, and have usually ended up with rock solid machines. Currently, I have 2 hackintoshes, my main one being a liquid cooled i7-4770, 32Gb RAM, 240Gb m.2 SSD, GTX 980, and a bunch of other SATA SSD's for PhotoShop caches, after...
  15. nervirasme

    System massively slowed down by Safari (or Chrome)

    Hi guys, I made a new hackintosh with High Sierra 10.13.1, and everything is running fine except one thing - Whenever I start Safari (or Chrome) the performance of the whole system gradually goes bad - browsing gets unresponsive, youtube or any other videos become choppy and laggy, but apart...
  16. Sibilino

    Safari 10 installer for Yosemite?

    I'm trying to find the installer package, but server is down since high sierra's update. This specific link is not working anymore, Safari 10.1.1 for macOS 10.10 Yosemite: Hope we can find it!
  17. randor48

    Video(DRM?) causes System freeze

    Hello there, I just finished my Hackintosh with a clean High Sierra install. So far everything seems to be right, got even sleep through patched DSDT working. Only big issue is that videos (HTML5 on Safari (Youtube HD), iTunes trailer) causes System freeze. So it seems to be DRM related. I...
  18. Andrew96ize

    Video Lags when playing fullscreen Youtube on Safari

    Hi :) This Morning I've installed for the first time macOS Sierra 10.12.6 on a PC Intel i7 7700k based. Everything working fine with correct kext files, but when I'm trying to play a video on Youtube with Safari browser, I've noticed there are so many video lags when I activate the full screen...
  19. StringFlow

    Safari Web Content Quit Unexpectedly

    Hey Guys, ever since upgrading to Sierra 10.12.6 I get the message in Safari that web content quit unexpectedly. So far I tried deleting my history and cleaning caches within Safari, I also disabled all of the plug-ins but to no avail. Anyone had similar issues and was able to fix them somehow...
  20. jonvdveen

    [Solved] Graphics glitch in Safari controls

    None of the icons and interface elements in Safari are displaying correctly. They almost look like little QR codes. In fact, when Safari is the foreground window, even the Apple icon glitches. Please see attached image. Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone discovered a fix? My system...