1. SkinlessJSn

    Upgrade to Yosemite went great except USB 3.0 is no go, even w/ Rehabman's Kext

    OK, believe me, I've scoured this forum for an answer, posting as a last resort. I never installed the Generic USB 3 kext, did install Rehabman's kext and as soon as I boot up it sees the usb 3.0 drive, unmounts it, remounts it and then freezes, just after accusing me of not ejecting...
  2. nicknick123

    device dell Inspiron 15 (3543) need to know how dual boot with yosemite + 8.1

    m looking someone to help me with dual boot 8.1+ yosemite hardware is graphic card intell 5500 + AMD RADEon HD 8670M 2GB CPU I5-5500U
  3. hylkepylke

    Fake PCI ID to circumvent T430 whitelist

    Hi there, I'm having some issues to get my AR9280 working on my T430 with an unmodifiable BIOS. The AR9280 is supported in Yosemite, I tested this with another un-whitelisted Hackintosh laptop. The T430 will not boot with the AR9280, because of the whitelist, so I successfully changed the ROM...
  4. osxwalter

    Error 6105 when compiling DSDT for Nvidia Optimus Fix

    Hello, i want do disable my discrete Nvidia Optimus Graphics Card in my Laptop by using a DSDT Fix. I've read these guides:
  5. rafael.armenio

    Doubts about dsdt compilation

    Hello RehabMan I would say that I very much appreciate his work is brilliant, many posts and their dedicated time. I would like to take some small doubts with you, since I have an obscure way to set up my hackintosh, It is a DELL laptop model 7348, with CPU intel core i7 5500U Broadwell and...
  6. Kinutsk

    Is this the perfect Macbook pro substitute? everything working OOB except intel wifi

    Hi Y'all, Intel HD5500, Intel Core i5-5200U 5th Gen all working on laptop!!!! REHABMAN and TONYMACX86 please read and assist if you can... Tools used: terminal OS X media install, laptop install guide by RehabMan...
  7. msiguy

    Wifi USB Dongles for Yosemite - Which Ones Work?

    Hi, all. Does anyone know a USB Wifi dongle that will work on my Yosemite Hackintosh? Ideally, I'd like to use a dongle on the the Yosemite side of my Dual Boot setup with Windows 8.1. Are any Wifi dongles verified as performing well?
  8. sercio

    [solved] Yosemite USB 3 Problem

    Hi Guys, Just when I thought I have reached full functionality, I just noticed that my usb 3.0 port is not working :banghead: I am using RehabMan's generic USB 3 kext. I have enclosed the IOreg file. I have tried to change the IOPCIClassMatch to IOPrimaryMatch and replace the value with my...
  9. amroxas17

    Request for Voodoo 2.8.7 and Rehabman's ACPIBatterymanager.kext + others

    Had to turn Google upside down to find that Voodoo version and that battery kext. Also request for Asus Elan touchpad kext to be included as some laptops don't work with the VoodooPs2 (learned from experience...)
  10. Ramybakkar

    Wifi Card is Recognized natively but not picking up any networks (Atheros ar5b93)

    So I replaced my internal wireless card with an atheros ar5b93 , and it was recognized without any kexts. However it is not showing any networks ... What to do ?
  11. Ramybakkar

    Any Prospects for Intel Centrino Wireless-n2200 Kext

    I Have a Toshiba Satellite running OS X 10.10 Yosemite. It was a challenge (for me at least) to find all the drivers, and i did find them ... Everything is running quite smoothly. However, my wifi card is an intel, and as I understand it there's no support whatsoever. My real question is , i'm...
  12. gordonskill

    Is my Toshiba Satellite S40t-A00t compatible with installing Yosemite?

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and this whole hackintosh thing. So I recently found this forum to be quite active in turning pc into mac machines and people here are quite friendly and helpful in general. And now I got interested into installing Yosemite on my laptop but before I try that, I...
  13. Torrylaki

    Lenovo s410p stuck on apple boot screen after update to 10.9.2

    Hi All, My Lenovo s410p stuck in apple boot screen after update to 10.9.2 I've tried : -x -v -f ----------------> FAIL I use chimera 3.0.1 and unibeast 4.0 and multibeast 6.5.0 I 've also copied patch from rehabman article, as I did when i installed 10.9 earlier. But it won't help Still...
  14. jakeman797

    Boot Stops at system uptime in nano seconds

    When i try to boot into my Mavericks install i Get stuck at system uptime in nanoseconds. Here are some pictures of the screen.
  15. abdulrehman3725

    I get stuck at grey screen with apple logo after booting

    ABOVe IS the PIC OF VErBOSE MODE BOOtiNG.....I CAPTURE THE IMAGE WHERE IT GET FREEZE I have tried all boot flags but still i am unable to get to the installation step I have tried my usb on a Pc its working fine but it stuck on my laptop at grey apple screen after booting My LAPTOP...
  16. Guppie

    ACPI Brightness PNLF DSDT patch need help

    Hello there, Today i applied one of Rehabman's DSDT patches and it resulted in a serious amount of error's. Most of them stating: object does not exist. I try to use the PNLF patch for sandy bridge. I really appreciate his earlier work and it really helped me to get my laptop working...
  17. pabloesco

    Clover Internal Bootloader

    1. I successfully install Mavericks with Clover USB. After installing I follow this commands. sudo newfs_msdos -v EFI -F 32 /dev/rdisk0s1 instaling Clover to MAVERICKS HDD with this options...
  18. smyl030888

    wifi problem for lenovo G560

    after i install snow leopard 10.6 i dont have internet connection i need to download any drivers for wifi??and 1 more thing i try to update to snow leopard 10.6.8 the installation are failed it says that ''turn off,hold the power button and turn on again''can someone help me pls
  19. pcmarques

    Layman's guide to access Mac App Store with NullEthernet.kext

    So, after a terrible thunderstorm my built-in network adapter died. Since I had an Apple USB Ethernet adapter (which I used with my MacBook Air), I've just plugged it back and got internet running again. BUUUUTTT, App Store wasn't working anymore. I've read a lot of solutions online, tried most...
  20. rockprince

    SleepEnabler works (HP Pavilion dv6-6050se)!

    Hi everyone! I installed SleepEnabler.kext from the link below: It works fine but after I wake my laptop from sleep it starts working with brightness set to the highest level! Is it something related to my DSDT or something? How can I...