please help

  1. dutch1994

    Asrock J3455-ITX very close...

    Hi everyone! I already have a hackintosh up and running, it's working great for a few months now. However I still have an unused board left, the Asrock J3455-ITX and I didn't succeed yet to get it working. I've been trying a lot of different things for the past few days, but maybe I'm looking...
  2. Steven0612

    BSD process name corresponding to current thread: Unknown

    I have this error. What can I do?
  3. JPradeep

    Help me! Installation for Hp - r249tu, i3 Processor, 8gb ram, no graphic card.

    Can anyone help me how to install macOS in HP laptop with no graphics card in it? Please, guys, help me out. I have 4th gen CPU. 8 gb ram, 120ssd WD, and no graphic card. Please help.
  4. RaCaN

    Please Help! High Sierra 10.13.6 Shutdown, Restart and Sleep Issue

    Hello guys, I tried clean installing the latest release of high Sierra 10.13.6, everything's fine except for the shutdown, restart and the sleep functions. When I try shutting it down or restarting it I get a black blank screen with nothing on it... Noting written even when in verbose mode so at...
  5. Grantapus

    Issues with Intel HD 630 Graphics PLEASE HELP

    Hello Guys! I have been trying to make my computer into a Hackintosh for about a week now, and I keep getting hung up on ONE issue: Graphics. I had a Radeon HD r7 250, And I could get macOS (High) Sierra to work, but it was only recognizing my graphics card as "Display 7mb" and there was major...
  6. cmy

    [Solved] Asus PRime-a Z370 8700k 32gbx4 @ 4000mhz Cant get it to work

    After 1 month of learning about Clover and creating, stable somewhat bootable USB stick that boots 1/5x , but cannot get to boot wihtout the USB at all. I've edited various Clover settings and tried some other people's EFI files but still no luck. I'm still stuck here after everything. Must be a...
  7. cagm

    No HDMI Audio On GigaByte B360m DS3H

    Hi, Everyone i succes to install the audio on my machine With an intel i5 8400 and a Gigabyte B360M-DS3H, i successful installed the audio With AppleHDA.kext but without HDMI sound I tried voodoohda.kext with same result... i think it's a port mapping problem, but i tried a lot of things...
  8. Johnny05

    [Solved] No boot after 10.12.6 update

    Hi guys. I had a very stable Sierra build until today. I updated to 10.12.6 and it's bad. Apple must have changed some kext, because now I can't boot. I'm using clover 4063. Running a gigabyte Z68XP-UD4 and a i7 2700k. GTX 570 gpu. I don't have a copy of Sierra to try and get back in. What can I...
  9. pabgp

    Stuck on Apple Logo

    Hi guys, I'm new to hackintosh and I'm having trouble with boot flags. I've tried many different commands but i keep getting stuck at the apple logo. Here are my specs: Motherboard: ASUS B150-PRO CPU; Intel Core i5-6500 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GForce GTX 950 Any help would be very helpful. Thanks...
  10. Graber

    Disk Utility doesn't detect SATA Drives during Installation

    OK, So these are my specs: GA-H110M-H Intel i3-6100 3.7GHz For the moment using IGFX. After looking around I finally managed to boot into the Sierra installation. But when I'm ready to format ("erase") my original SSD, it seems that any of the SATA drives won't show up. I have copied multiple...
  11. LiveBreatheDesign

    Freezes before getting to installer - please help!

    Alright guys. So I put the machine together last night, as far as I can tell, everything is working except the GPU which is to be expected. However, if the GPU is connected to the power supply I can't even get to the bios, but if I disconnect it from the PSU I can get to the bios and to clover...
  12. LiveBreatheDesign

    Install help - first build

    Hey everyone-- So most of my hardware has arrived and I'm building the bootable flash drive. How do I know if I should do UEFI mode or Legacy mode when making the USB? I can't seem to find any clear direction. I'm currently downloading the most recent version of OSX El Capitan. Thanks in...
  13. LiveBreatheDesign

    Nervous about first build - please help

    Hi everyone-- I'm new to the forum and although I've built many PCs in the past this will be my first CustoMac. I've assembled a parts list and have made several adjustments based on the guides and forum threads, but I just wanted to see what you guys thought and if you see any red flags as far...
  14. LiveBreatheDesign

    New Build - Please help!

    Hey everyone-- This is my first CustoMac and I'm hoping to build a really solid machine. I've put together a build, but I can't confirm that my graphics card is supported and it's not on any of the lists. However, it appears to be a great card and a great deal. I was hoping to order all the...
  15. jpolk1

    Help Please with Clover

    Here is my Build as Follows: Gigabyte Q77M-D2H Intel i3-3225 Cx500 500 Watt Corsair Power Supply 16 GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR3 RAM 250 GB Samsung 850 evo SSD 1 TB Western Digital HDD My display is a Samsung HDMI monitor that doesn't have speakers. I can successful install clover and boot...
  16. minime905

    MSI x99s Gaming 9 ACK Post Unibeast Clover Install Yosemite

    The Build: MSI x99s Gaming 9 ACK Intel 5930k Samsung 850 EVO Thor V2 Case H100i Corsair GTX 980 windforce gamer card (didn't have to take out) Rosewell Photon 1200 Power Did the unibeast/clover install boot flags for unibeast install: -v, -x, GraphicsEnabler=No, nv_disable=1...
  17. ethantu

    GTX770 x 2 ,is it really work?

    I'm planning DIY my computer with the above list: i7 4770k GA z97x-ud7 th GTX 770 or 760 x2 Is it really work? Is it worth? Should i use E3 instead of i7?
  18. nitwitgoober

    Can only boot through Unibeast USB nothing else

    As said in the title I can only boot to Mavericks through my USB everything else like my Hard drive and if I try to start up through iBoot Haswell I get the "Please restart your computer," I think its because I accidentally installed Multibeast when i wasn't supposed to,so everything other than...
  19. doomguy95

    Atheros 9825 major problems please help!!!!

    Hello all, as you can set I see I use an acer aspire for my hackintosh. This specific one has an atheros 9825 card which is meant to work. However, I have been through so many pages trying diffrent kexts and the atheros fix but still I have no luck. I never see the airport icon after I've...
  20. iWebster28

    Need Advice and Suggestions!

    Hey everyone this is my first Hackintosh build and I'm hoping that i can get some suggestions and advice from people. Just hoping to run osx 10.8.5. if you know what kernels or bootflags i should use for setup, please let me know. ALSO, I'm a noob so let me know if i'm asking too much or writing...