1. jimmyjames1stad

    Ventura 13.4.1 Build not working correctly

    So I am in a quandary and not sure where to go at this point. Here is the shortened version. I had purchased a new MB after mine got friend last month in a storm. I purchased the ProArt Z490, a new processor and new graphics card. I'm using the newest versions of OpenCore and all of its...
  2. Ariooff

    Need help with Asus U35JC

    Hello, I made an OpenCore bootloader for Asus U35JC, but it gives a panic on startup I attached the EFI folder, please help with this, because I don’t really understand OpenCore and hackintosh in general SMBios made for MacbookPro6,2 Error is: panic(cpu 2 caller 0xffffff801f98776f): Kernel trap...
  3. Clamanium

    UID-Compliant Trackpad not working in Big Sur

    My UID trackpad is not working in Big Sur, the laptop is a Acer Travelmate P446-M. EFI is listed below its using Opencore.
  4. eLDeus

    Purple screen (2nd HDMI port on Radeon RX 570)

    I have a nicely working Ventura on OpenCore with Radeon RX 570, but if connecting a second monitor using the second HDMI port the screen displays in purple colors. I heard a color profile should be configured. I tried but didn't go too much further because, in the Recovery Mode, some commands...
  5. CuitePiglin

    MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 reboots at "Pausing 5 secs..." (clover 5123) or at "[EB|#WL|8] 0x01 0x03 22 0x0E" (OpenCore).

    Motherboard: H61MLV2 VER.9.0 CPU: Intel E3-1230 v2 GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series The attached screenshot shows the clover log. I am using clover 5123 because a higher version of clover results in a blank screen. Can someone please help me?
  6. MistahX

    Ventura on custom PC

    Hi everyone, My first post here. After endless tutorials and attempts from using existing UFIs to completely custom configurations, I just don't know what to do anymore. Everyone says my hardware should work so I'm just doing things wrong but can't see which ones. Target: MacOS for using...
  7. miliuco

    [HOW TO] OpenCore 0.9.2 > 0.9.3 differences

    OpenCore 0.9.3 is out. You can get it from Acidanthera. Great news, as usual. A lot of changes and improvements. Now working good on macOS 14 Sonoma. Thanks, OpenCore team!!! Main changes Kernel >> Quirks: improved XhciPortLimit quirk on macOS 11 to 14, now you can have more than 15 USB...
  8. lookattosh22


    hi, i have this dell latitude e6230, i created my own efi following dortaina opencore guide, (catalina) everything that is supposed to work works except usb, i tried no usb dedicated kext and false XhciPortLimit then XHCI-unsupported kext with false XhciPortLimit now i mapped usb ports on...
  9. lionel-hutz

    Can't run Monterey or Ventura on B550 Aorus elite rev 1.0

    Hi there, I'm having issues running Mac OS past Big Sur on my B550 Aorus elite rev 1.0 mobo. The installation completes just fine, however a few seconds after booting the installation, the system panics and reboots. At most, I get about 30 seconds (including the logging screen) before the...
  10. RADIS370

    << Solved >> Hackintool not detecting audio

    I recently had a successful hackintosh install,although when i try to use AppleALC the device doesn't even pop up,neither in system preferences OR on Hackintool. MSI Z97 PC Mate DDR3 32GB Ram i5-4670K GTX 1070 (Patched) Also i am trying to use the On-board audio chip(Realtek 887) Can someone...
  11. WanderAlone

    Drivers are not loading after reboot

    Hi! First of all - build: MB: Asus ROG Strix Z590-E Gaming CPU: i9-10900K HDD: WD_BLACK SN850 NVMe SSD GPU: AMD Radeon RX 580 Sapphire Pulse 8GB RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200MHz (4 x 32 Gb) Add: HPT RocketRAID 2720 SGL (1 volume on 8 HDD) Blackmagic DeckLink SDI (video capturing &...
  12. miliuco

    [HOW TO] OpenCore 0.9.1 > 0.9.2 differences

    Main changes Added Kernel >> DisableIoMapperMapping quirk (credits to @CaseySJ). Requirement: macOS 13.3 (not required for older). Patch for macOS 13.3+ to fix WiFi, Thunderbolt and Ethernet issues on systems where the following conditions are present (all must be true): - Apple VTD is enabled...
  13. madredeuz

    [SUCCESS] Clover to OpenCore 0.9.1 in Mojave 10.14.6 - GB Z390 Aorus Pro (Bios v12) - i9900k- iGPU Intel UHD 630

    Hi, I finally moved from Clover to OpenCore. It was a bit of a pain. I tried to create the EFI. I tried a few of them... anyway I finally did it. My system: GB Z390 Aorus Pro (Bios v12) i9900k iGPU Intel UHD 630 16Gb Corsair Vengeance 2400 CL16 Mojave 10.14.6 The only EFI that worked for me...
  14. TheAtlasLibrary

    Lenovo Legion 5 15IMH05H OpenCore Ventura - No Install Option

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to install MacOS Ventura on a 15IMH05H laptop, and found a GitHub repo where someone had assembled everything needed for my exact model, and a forum post on here suggesting it worked for at least 1 person and thought I'd give it a go. I'm using OpenCore 0.8.8 (current...
  15. anotherdust

    Clover to OC SMBIOS - Request for clarification

    Context : I try a second time my transition from OSX 10.15 to macOS13 Ventura, from Clover to OpenCore. (First try in 2020). I know, I am very late. dortania is an incredible source of information. I am in the process of transposing my SMBIOS information. For this part, I am slightly more...
  16. Joe

    Problems with OpenCore booting

    Hi, When I boot into an OpenCore USB, I get the following: OCS: No schema for HibernateSkipsPicker at 2 index, context <Boot>! OCS: No schema for FullNvramAccess at 5 index, context <Tools>! OCS: No schema for FullNvramAccess at 5 index, context <Tools>! OCS: No schema for FullNvramAccess at 5...
  17. fajardo

    Audio not working - Lenovo Yoga 500-15IBD

    I'm using OpenCore Bootloader with a installation of Monterey and I have a problem with the audio codex. The codex isn't showing on Hackintool. I already try all in this pc, all the layouts for this codex (ALC233) as show on the OpenCore guide. I also try to use VoodooHDA, still no luck.
  18. faridsilva

    Ventura + OpenCore on KabyLake: "couldn't alloc class AppleKeyStoreTest"

    Hello fellas, I'm trying to make a working hackintosh with ventura and opencore 0.9.0 and currently I'm stuck in boot process and the last visible line says: I followed Dortania's OpenCore installation guide, using the setup for the KabyLake generation, starting from Sample.plist as...
  19. ocourage

    AppleKeyStore 869:0 error. Fresh Opencore install (Ventura)

    Hi all, I've made a new installation of my Hackintosh all together last week with OpenCore but I cannot get it to boot. I've tried Googling the issue but nothing online is working. I was suspecting it was because of my GPU but I've entirely unplugged it to no avail. I'll attach my config.plist...
  20. mixbyjm


    Hi. I have good install monterey with opencore (iGPU), It went smoothly. The only problem is my Apple Music keep skipping music when in Lossless and I get blank when trying AppleTV And I just remember I have RX580 Saphhire and want to Install in on my running monterey. What's the step I have...