[HOW TO] OpenCore 0.9.4 >> 0.9.5 differences

Dec 10, 2010
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OpenCore 0.9.5 is out. You can get it from Acidanthera.

Main changes
  • Added UEFI quirk ShimRetainProtocol, allowing OpenCore chained from shim to verify Linux using shim's certificates. It requests Linux shim to keep protocol installed for subsequent image loads. This option is only required if chaining OpenCore from shim. It must be set in order to allow OpenCore to launch items which are verified by certificates present in shim, but not in the system Secure Boot database.
  • Added OpenLegacyBoot driver for supporting legacy OS booting.
  • UEFI >> quirks: added ShimRetainProtocol (Boolean). Failsafe value is False.

OpenLegacyBoot.efi: it aims to detect and boot legacy installed operating systems. Usage:
  • Install Windows or another legacy operating system as normal if this has not been done earlier (OpenLegacyBoot is not involved in this stage and may be unable to boot from installation media such as a USB device)
  • Reboot into OpenCore: the installed legacy operating system should appear and boot directly from OpenCore when selected.
OpenLegacyBoot does not require any additional filesystem drivers such as OpenNtfsDxe.efi to be loaded for base functionality, but loading them will enable the use of .contentDetails and .VolumeIcon.icns files for boot entry.
Note: MBR (Master Boot Record) installations of Windows are legacy and will not be supported without the OpenLegacyBoot driver.


Renamed ShimToCert folder as ShimUtils; added new tools:
  • shim-make.tool
  • sbat-info.tool
  • unsign-efi-sig-list.tool
  • and update shim-to-cert.tool.
Read /Utilities/ShimUtils/ for extended info.
In summary "the new recommended way to boot OpenCore + OpenLinuxBoot + Secure Boot is to make a user build of Shim. The vendor certificates and revocation lists extracted from the distro shimx64.efi files are combined and signed by you, into your own build of Shim; in this approach, these vendor certificates should NOT also be included in the system Secure Boot database, and should be removed if you added them previously."

  • AppleALC 1.8.5
  • MacHyperVSupport 0.9.5.
Thanks @miliuco. Updated in HackinDROM and all is well.

Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 9.54.26 AM.png
I have updated to opencore 0.9.5 like usual with the three files and updated my config list but cant even get to the picker screen after bio screen. It looks like monitor is on, but blank screen? Any ideas where I need to start looking?

I have updated:
  • EFI/BOOT/BOOTx64.efi
  • EFI/OC/OpenCore.efi
  • EFI/OC/Drivers/OpenRuntime.efi
I usually don't run into any issues updating Opencore so not sure what I have done wrong this time.

Also, Apologies if this is the wrong thread for problem discussions.


  • Config x.plist
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Thanks! Hoping to try again after work:)
OpenCanopy must be the same version of OpenCore, the one included in the same package.