Sep 8, 2023
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HD 620
Hello everyone, I have a dual boot of Windows 11 along with MacOS Ventura on the same hard drive, (previously I used Mojave) but I decided to update and the truth is I'm lucky, in Mojave I used Clover.
The problem is the following:
1)when I used CLOVER. with mojave and with the easyUEFI program I placed cloverX64.efi as the boot entry in mojave, then I went to the bios and put it in first so that it would always boot from clover.
Up to this point everything is perfect. (it kept starting just as I expected, always fine)
the problem starts here...
2) PROBLEM: I have my EFI folder and inside all the others with my OC folder (openCore) and another second efi folder inside the main efi directory... I do all of the above, I enter the diskpart, ready volumes, select disk, assign letter to the system vol to then be able to enter with the FILE++ program and make changes... etc.
then I enter EASY-UEFI and create everything above again, the new entry, select it... when placing the **opencore.efi** I enter the efi->oc->opencore.efi folder and that's it, I raise the boot entry to the first position above, save changes.
3) I turn off the laptop, enter bios and place the opencore bootloader (whatever I named it) first.
4) the laptop starts with NORMAL opencore..
--> I choose osx and start it normally..
***here is the real and bad problem***
When you turn on macos, if I proceed to turn it off, restart... etc. and turn on the right laptop, it starts with Windows 11 and does not start OPENCORE like the first time, also when I go to the bios or turn on Windows 11, the entire cobfig is deleted and I have to go back to do everything from scratch.
Please, I ask for your help so that I always start from normal opencore without misconfigured or out of balance.
NOTE: I have already tried selecting opencore.efi instead of the efi->oc->opencore.efi folder to do it from efi->efi->oc->opencore.efi and it does not work... (I have thought about moving the folders so that everything is in the root directory) but I'm not taking the risk