1. RizkiAA

    << Solved >> Can't press "Apply" when trying to Patch for working battery status

    Hello everyone.....:wave: I'm running macOS High Sierra (10.13.6) trying to Patch for a working battery status for my laptop(ASUS K46CM) from the provided guide : This guide provided by RehabMan it asks me to change the field so it is broken into two pieces(low-byte, high-byte) (In this case...
  2. jcrcarmo

    DSDT compile error: 'syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_ARG1'

    Hello everyone, Greetings from Brazil! I'm running macOS Catalina 10.15.2 on my Lenovo Ideapad 300-15ISK laptop. Everything works smoothly, except decent battery management, so I decided to rebuild my DSDT from scratch, so I can patch it properly. It was a bit messy to start with. I...
  3. minihack

    Guide Dell Optiplex 9030 All in One

    Overview The Optiplex 9030 is a 23" All in One system based on Haswell processors. It comes in two main different types: Integrated graphics type and a variation with AMD R7 A265. This guide is just for the integrated graphics HD4600 and HD4400 version. I cannot recommend this enough as a...
  4. NorthAmTransAm

    MaciASL New From ACPI DSDT error

    Has anyone out there come across an issue where you get errors trying to get your computers DSDT? Picture attached. @RehabMan, can you point me in the right direction? I'm wondering if this points to a bigger issue, though performance isn't suffering. My pro audio work has never been smoother...

    Help patching DSDT. Error unexpected PARSEOP_SCOPE

    I am trying to apply VooDooI2C path to my DSDT but I had to fix errors. I have solved all the errors expect this one. Kindly help me in removing this error. My aml, dsl and a screenshot have been attached. Thank You.
  6. Nodrogovich

    Fixing a couple of errors in DSDT

    Okay, i think I've tried everything, so here's the case: I tried to disassemble .asl files 6 times. With all three versions of iasl from Rehabman's repository, and with and without refs.txt. Changing versions of iasl didn't make any difference. With refs.txt i get 100+ warnings and 1 error...
  7. dloprios97

    DSDT Error

    Hi guys. After following the guides about DSDT disassembly posted here religiously, done with the refs.txt method. I can't get it ready for patching because of multiple errors that MaciASL reports. Fixed all of them removing DSM methods, but one: "syntaxis error, unexpected $end and premature...
  8. PickupMan

    Syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_SUBTRACT

    Hi! I'm having a little bit of trouble here to save the DSDT file to a ACPI file because of an error that I cannot find a way to solve it. ERROR 6126: "Syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_SUBTRACT" The thing is... This error comes with the DSDT.aml file that comes with the system without any...
  9. Andro02

    Can't boot without charger

    Hey guys, I can't boot without my charger. I have a hp omen 17 an010ng. I tried to fix it in the dsdt but it won't compile(6126, syntax error, unexpected $end and premature End-Of-File)
  10. prototypeDCB

    Can't determine EC query methods(T470)

    I have been able to get the display brightness slider on System Preferences/Display with the help of this post: Now, I'm trying to fix the display brightness keys with the help of this...
  11. abdellah01201

    wifi not working and DSDT with 65 EROR

    HELLO my laptop : Hp probook 650 g2 intel core i5 6200U intel HD 520 **************** I instaled osx sierra 10.12.6 (16G1212) all working without Wifi :( I use now tp link 725N ****** And if I open MaciASL a have 65 Errors 0 warrnings , 0 optimisations can you help to patch this errors pls
  12. prototypeDCB

    Can't compile DSDT.dsl (T470)

    Hey there, I have recently been able to boot up High Sierra on a T470 and I'm struggling to patch the DSDT files. I have installed iasl an MacIasl app, extracted the DSDT and SSDT files on a folder using Terminal and the refs.txt. When I open the DSDT.dsl file and try to compile it, I get the...
  13. sid00

    Unmodified DSDT.dsl compile error

    Hello, I'm unable to patch my DSDT. I've dumped the native SSDT/DSDT files using F4 in Clover and then disassembled them using the latest iasl from RehabMan's bitbucket repo using the command iasl -da -dl DSDT.aml SSDT*.aml When I open the disassembled DSDT.dsl in the latest MaciASL also from...
  14. dmitriypavlov

    Lenovo T430s Repository

    I want to share my GitHub repository of Lenovo T430s macOS support files. It contains latest Clover (UEFI), necessary kexts, MacIASL DSDT patches and tools. The laptop is working perfectly except slightly inaccurate battery percentage calculation (wrong patch? x220) and inoperable WLAN (Lenovo...
  15. adrianhasgame

    [solved] Apply button greyed out in MaciASL?

    Hi. I just managed to boot macOS Sierra on my Asus x550lb and I'm in the process of attempting to disable my discrete graphics card to fix the artifacts and display glitch problems which I have. (white lines appearing when logging in, lagging animations, tearing, etc.) This is the first of the...
  16. djsly2k

    Maciasl Compile errors.

    I'm on the the path of patching my samsung 960 Evo, hitting a few bumps along the way but certainly learning. I have created the kext and installed and am now trying to patch the DSDT which was obtained by F4 on boot, even if I hit the compile button with no changes made to the clean DSDT I am...
  17. karst2002

    HD3000 Screen Artifacting and Freezing

    So I'm trying to patch my DSDT generated from clover for my Sandy bridge 7750 acer laptop. This is my first experience with DSDT's and Maciasl. But after following this guide: and after clicking on compile I was getting...
  18. Allen1912

    [solved] Help in DSDT/ SSDT to disable Nvidia GTX 960M

    I have a problem in disabling the dicrete card in my laptop. I've read a guide that you must put _OFF () method after the path in the _INI () method. I save it as SDST-1.aml as instructed and reboot the system. The card is still in the system information. Guide...
  19. juanabbona

    HELP! Untouched DSDT & SSDT errors

    I have an acer E5-571, and I've been following this guide: to install OS X. I was doing fine until I got to patching the ACPI files, I extracted the files, disassembled...
  20. juniorporciuncula

    How to fix these errors in MaciASL

    My Motherboard is Z97M-Plus My Processor is i7 4790 My Graphics Card is GTX 970 I'm using Clover