1. charlescai

    laggy MacOS after wake-up (Prime Z490-A | i9 10850K)

    laggy MacOS after wake-up, and it only start to happening after upgrade to latest MacOS 12.5 Prime Z490-A + i9 10850K + 64G OpenCore currently at 0.8.3 MacOS 12.5 All the configuration/EFI are here Anyone having...
  2. danhdez

    Slow Boot Times on Latest Build - Catalina

    Hi all, Hoping for some insight on my latest build. Currently everything is 95% functional but my boot time is slow (40-50 secs) and it often feels like my hackintosh is not running optimally (occasional slow downs in Logic and Davinci, lagging after sleep). If any experts could check out my...
  3. danhdez

    Laggy Graphics on High Sierra, GTX 770

    Hi all, Longtime lurker, first time poster. I have recently updated my hack from El Capitan to High Sierra in order to update my audio software. The update was fairly successful, with everything working but the graphics. Using Google Chrome is often laggy and unresponsive, with windows hanging...
  4. Jglynn

    High Sierra laggy using GTX 1070 GPU

    It would appear that I am experience laggy performance with my build. This issue seems to be with the drivers for Nvidia. I have tried running a script to revert the drivers back to a previous version, but the machine really doesn't like it and the monitor stops receiving a signal upon boot...
  5. lai0n

    [Solved] Slow performance at 1050ti

    I have a Dual-OC 1050ti 4GB and the hackintosh is very laggy. Youtube, Netflix, resizing tabs causes mini-freezes, laggy. The WebDriver version is 387., CLOVER folder attached.
  6. SAMEH209

    Yosemite very laggy on my desktop

    Hello there, I've successfully installed Yosemite on my PC and everything is working fine except the system is very laggy (almost unusable) My specs are: CPU: Intel Core2Duo E7500 2.93GHZ GPU: AMD 5570 1GB Ram: 4GB M.B: Gigabyte G41-MT-S2P What could possibly be causing the problem? Or is...
  7. kenia1234

    [Solved] Clover Very Slow to start up

    Hi! I installed El capitan on my machine using unibeast 6 and it seems to work very very well except for two things : audio (AD1988B, not even seen by the OS, and so I'm using nVidia HDMI audio, but that's another story) and a strange sluggish thing at boot. The PC takes around 4 seconds...
  8. Mechislav

    Graphics problem

    Hey! I have successfully installed Yosemite on my laptop but have a floating problem with graphics: sometimes when the OS boots, it flashes white, then shows the desktop, but the resolution is low, it cannot be changed and the graphics are laggy. I have tried GraphicsEnabler=Yes and No, but...
  9. F4LL3N

    {GA-X58A-UD3R} mouse is laggy

    I successfully installed Yosemite but I am having a problem. My mouse moves slowly sometimes... It's like the computer is getting the signals from the mouse late so the cursor moves with a delay and jumps. Do I have the wrong mouse driver or something? How do I fix this?
  10. lukethedonkey

    Laggy, and says only 3 MB Display Graphics

    I managed to install OS X after some problems, but the maximum resolution I can set is 1024 x 768, and, in "About This Mac" it says I only have 3 MB display graphics memory. I actually have 2 Sapphire R9 290s, which each have 4 GB memory, so what's the problem here, and how can I fix it? Thanks,
  11. YouSirName

    Yosemite Installer Laggy / Unable to Create Partition

    Using Clover I was able to boot into the Yosemite Installer. However the installer and all utilities are incredibly laggy. I'm talking like 5 frames/second. The mouse input is also laggy. It gets progressively slower until it becomes completely unresponsive. I'm getting DSMOS has arrived in...
  12. allprog

    EliteBook 8560w graphics laggy

    I've just finished installing my first Hackintosh with Mavericks. It works more or less but the graphics is in some cases horribly slow. Safari is practically useless, mission control and the dash board ditto. I can see the layers being drawn very slowly in these apps. Youtube works perfectly...
  13. pshmell

    Very laggy system response w/ Mountain Lion on a 4530s

    Hello. We have a ProBook 4530s with 16GB of RAM and an Intel 3000 graphics card and i5 CPU. We would think this would run very fast, but the system lags frequently and vigorously when it is displaying new things on the screen (e.g., when clicking the spotlight icon, or hovering over the dock...
  14. ronf89

    Glitchy/Choppy Animations: Notification Center, Expose, Dashboard, etc

    Hey all, I've got my system 90% there—audio and everything seems to be working perfectly. The only hang up I'm experiencing is for some of my favorite new features of Mountain Lion, and that is Notification Center and anything else that has a sort of "animation" to it. I've seen a few other...