1. The11thDoctor28

    RX 480 Fails to boot after kext edit!

    I've built up my hackintosh, but have not been able to get my 480 to properly work. After editing the kext files Sierra will no longer boot up. Setting the primary GPU to the iGPU reveals a glitchy top left of the screen. However if I unplug the power source from my 480 and leave it in I just...
  2. jordesqu

    Trackpad & Keyboard not working at Sierra install (Unibeast)

    First off, I know that the kext files can fix my issue. I just don't know where to put them in my USB when using Unibeast instead of Clover! My USB literally only has an EFI-Backups folder (with nothing in it), Sierra Installer and Multibeast. Can anyone help me out? Thanks. My laptop is a Dell...
  3. bberger80

    macOS Sierra - restart at apple logo after installation

    Hey guys :) I was able to normally install macOS Sierra (with Unibeast) on the hard drive inside my computer. But after the installation and boot, the computer will restart, everytime the grey apple logo and the progress bar will be nearly finished. I already took a look at this while the...
  4. dobretotamje

    ASUS F555 Cant boot sierra - no kext summary

    Im trying to boot up sierra from USB via 2.0(tried 3.0) port on my laptop and whatever flags i use it always says cant perform kext scan - no kext summary. I have read most of the threads on this website but nothing helped me. I also tried El Capitan via Unibeast. The same message. Sierra latest...
  5. jonathanalemu

    Reinstalling Sierra

    Hey Guys, I had the really stupid idea to reinstall my Hackintosh. Everything was working fine. My Setup is chosen from the buyers guide: GA- Z170X Gaming 5 Nvidia GTX 950 i7 6700K 2x Samsung SSD 850 EVO Corsair H60 Before I ****ed everything up I did the following. I installed SMC- Fan...
  6. Wyzxre

    Someone for making a Guide for ASUS R752LK ?

    Hello ! I actually have an Asus R752LK laptop and i'm looking to hackintosh him. But i don't know which guide follow and what kext use in MultiBeast. Can someone help me ? THX !
  7. Wyzxre

    Help for configuring MultiBeast after Sierra Installation

    Hi everyone, I post here to find help. I just sucked to install Mac OS Sierra on my laptop Asus R752LK-TY016H. But I'm stuck at MultiBeast part... I literally don't know what kext I need to install !!! I started hackintosh my laptop without verifying my PC specs and compatibility.. so I need...
  8. Gamer007

    Asus Xonar DGX Kext - Problem

    Hello Guys, I've saw some Topics about Asus Xonar Devices (Soundcard) not being Possible to implement in OS X cause there's no Kext for it. But every one of these Threads were Outdated and I was wondering if there's a Way to somehow get the Asus Xonar working. I've Installed OS X Sierra and...
  9. lordxiniog

    Audio not working on Sierra 10.12.1

    Hi everyone. A month ago or so I could finally update to Sierra, though I had to do it using a MacBook Air and my SSD as an external drive (with the iMac14.1 configuration set by Clover Configurator on the Clover plist). Everything went fine but the audio. I read a lot but nothing...
  10. treep78

    Panic! No Mac OS version yet. No kext.

    I'm trying to install Sierra on an ASUS ux303ub, but have gotten stuck. I can start the boot from usb, but I get a bunch of errors including a kernel panic, a warning that the Mac OS version isn't selected, and something about missing kext files. I've tried all the fixes I could find on the...
  11. omarictg

    macOS Sierra Issue: kexts install but dont fix anything

    Hi I was having s lot of trouble with the kext files. I follwrd all the tutorials plus used Multibeast a number of times but I cant resolve Wifi, Audio, Keyboard and Touchpad issues. None ofthe kexts fix this issue and everytime I load the Laptop, I have to go to Clover Options and pick USB...
  12. jonathanpaulpano

    kextd wait busy timeout IOHDACodecFunction, IOHDACodecFunction, IOHDACodecFunction

    My hack boots 2 minutes longer than usual times.
  13. APoplas

    AppleUSBXHCI was not halted/waiting for root device

    Good day, So, I'm trying to install OS X Sierra on my laptop but it doesn't go quite as expected. I created Sierra bootable USB with legacy mode and when I launch it in clover with cpus=1 flag and verbose mode I get AppleUSBXHCI was not halted error spamming and after some time i recieve "root...
  14. Samael00001

    Kernel Panic

    Hi there! First, plz note that it's not me trying to install the system when this happened. It has been working flawlessly for a last few months (since install) Today, I've pluged-in Ethernet cable and some time after I get this kernel panic: (screenshot included) Now, correct me if I'm wrong...
  15. TheVTrecker

    Ethernet Works on Boot then Stops

    Hello, all! I had decided after a while to install Mavericks on my main laptop, as Yosemite and El Capitan have had many issues in the past with kexts and otherwise. I'm liking it great, and successfully got everything installed except for ethernet. The only time it ever worked was when I first...
  16. EverythingIsRed

    Where is the Broadcom PID and VID stored?

    I'm convinced that there should be an alternative to using Intel WiFi hardware without a specifically designed kext. of course, I do not expect full functionality but if macOS could detect the WiFi hardware, I could work my way up from there. Can anyone tell me which kext file stores the PID...
  17. Eathann

    Lenovo S510p - OS 10.12 works perfectly, Multibeast kexts has no effect.

    I managed to get MacOS Sierra installed and boooting perfectly. No keyboard and trackpad however I am aware I need the VoodooPS2 kext. Used wireless mouse and keyboard to boot and install the OS. Only issue that I just cannot seem to get full support of HD4400 and Realtek ALC233 sound. I am...
  18. EverythingIsRed

    [Help] Enabling WiFi for Intel Wireless AC Is this project still active? If so, loading the kext manually for my Intel Wireless AC 3160 card gives me absolutely no output in console.log but creates a wifi.log file that only prints - Tue Oct 11 00:35:56.101 ***Starting Up*** Tue Oct 11...
  19. LiteGaming

    [WIP] VoodooI2C I2C Trackpad (Limited Support)

    *** MODERATOR NOTE *** This thread is for an older I2C kext no longer supported. A rewritten I2C kext is now available. Please refer to this thread for I2C trackpad/touchscreen/etc: *** END MODERATOR NOTE *** VoodooI2C...
  20. jakesan700

    Where can I find fresh and x4000 kext

    Where can I find a fresh version of the AMD x4000.kext for Mac OS X Sierra? I accidentally deleted mine when I swapped it with an old one.