1. seanwalker9

    Kernal Panic at startup

    I have owned my hackintosh for 2+ years and it has worked wonderfully. Some things that happened before the kernel panic appeared: I was unplugging and plugging in the HDMI cable that went to the monitor frequently while working on a project, and just a couple days before I had connected my...
  2. MojoGamerz

    Solved > No entry / prohibited symbol half way through boot - High Sierra

    Hi, So my USB installer works perfectly fine (created with UniBeast). I can also launch the installed OS X via the USB. I have re-installed 3 to 4 times now. My first approach I followed the guide using multibeast and tried rebooting, no luck, no entry symbol. Second, I installed Clover, no...
  3. palamosteliaro

    Kernel Panic on installation, (about 10 seconds after files start to copy)

    Its a Gigabyte Z390 Master with a 9900K. I have followed various installation guides I found for Z390 Gigabyte boards (and the Z390 Master + 9900K specifically) Here is the installer log and the kernel panic verbose on video: Since the last messages appearing on the installer log are about...
  4. Cclown98

    [Solved] HELP 10.13.2 Files for researching

    Hello guys, I'm an informatics sciences student focusing on security I need a big favor, if anybody is still on 10.13.2 I need some files, I'll really appreciate your help. I need a copy of /System/Library/Extensions/Sandbox.kext and /System/Library/Kernels/kernel in a compressed folder, thank...
  5. ryansandlin

    Kernal Panic After 10.13.3 Update

    So I just downloaded the latest sierra update (title says 10.13.3 but that was wrong) thinking it would be no different than any other update, just a quick restart with only needing to update nvidia drivers. However, after restarting, my hackintosh goes into a kernal panic and tries to reboot...
  6. loopdydo

    Error loading kernerl cache 0x7

    I'm attempting a new installation, using a unibeast created flash drive. I managed to get through installation, but then on rebooting I started getting this error - I get the error booting into my installation, and on booting into the install - so I can't get anywhere. Haven't managed to find a...
  7. AndreAssadi

    Kernel Panic AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement error

    Hey guys, I am very new to building computers and this is my first Hackintosh. I am posting because of a kernel panic error about Intel CPU Power managment. I followed the installation process of Unibeast and Multibeast to my USB, and set my computer to verbose mode and tried to boot macOS, but...
  8. Richhhhhhhh

    Hackintosh Sierra on Asus B150M-Plus D3

    Hello, somewhat new to Hackintosh but was able to successfully build a Sierra box with parts listed on a site. I am trying a new build, with an Asus B150M-Plus D3 (Using the onboard video, Intel HD 510), 4GB Gskill DDR1600 RAM (Ordered 16GB, on the way), 128GB SSD and Intel Pentium G4400 Skylake...
  9. rajk09

    Kernal panic in my hackintosh...please help me

    I have change my system defination to 14,2 and from then kernal panic started i cant do any thing...but i can have access to clover boot option...and i can go to safe mode... But i cant go to regular mode And my mac app store also not working....
  10. SilverCyberX2

    Issues Installing MacOS Sierra on Lenovo Ideapad Y700

    So basically when I boot from my Unibeast created drive with MacOS Sierra 10.12 Clover comes up and when I select the USB, Apple logo in black background shows up and behind it a kernel panic with all these text saying System uptime is nanoseconds with the value and then laptop restarts itself...
  11. hjx1996

    Kernel Extensions in backtrace issue

    I tried to solve the issue of HD4600's base frequency too low. But put AppleIntelInfo.kext to /L/E accidently.And rebuild kextcache...... Now it performs as the image shows... I already removed the kext but not works.. I also removed cache in /S/L/C, and still... What should I do now T_T...
  12. shanepb94

    Sierra Hackintosh - Stopped Booting

    Hi, This is my first Hackintosh build. I was having bother getting the bootable usb to load into the osx installer but I eventually got it. Erased the SSD and installed Sierra with no issues. Created my accounts and follow a guide as to what to do with multibeast after intall. The machine...
  13. raketa

    Kernal Panic

    I'm trying to upgrade my Clover from 3763 to 3882 and I keep getting the following Kernal Panic. Can anyone help? Thanks
  14. thenoobtube

    1st time booter. Kernal panic installing SL using disk

    IMG_2315 by thenoobtube posted Jul 27, 2016 at 5:19 PM I'm trying for the first time to set up a hackintosh. I'm using an acer aspire e1-572 laptop I had extra, I'm running legacy BIOS and this kernel panic came up while using the boot " PCIRootUID=1 GraphicEnabler=no -x" I couldn't figure out...
  15. GrooseMcHades

    Can't find /System/Library/Kernels/Kernel

    How can I install Yosemite onto RAID 0 drives? Hello, this is my first time building a Hackintosh. I have installed Yosemite on two SSDs in RAID 0, run MultiBeast, installed Nvidia's graphics drivers, and then restarted. Then when I try to boot from my SDD, it says "Can't find...
  16. ThatOneEddie

    Computer will no longer boot into Mavericks

    I was trying to update to Yosemite and accidentally edited /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plistby adding these two lines of code<key>Kernel</key> <string>/System/Library/Kernels/kernel</string> without thinking too much about it. It fixed the USB problem of it saying it "couldn't find mach_kernel but...
  17. TR2000

    Yosemite boot problem

    Delete thread delete thread.
  18. w84u2cy

    Kernal Panic

    Hi, I've been trying for at least 4 weeks now to get my first hackintosh up and running and to be honest i'm starting to give up :( I've tried all different methods with no result. After a short break I decided to give unibeast a go again however, I keep getting this error: Please help...
  19. haza9595

    Kernal Panic - HELP!

    Hi guys, Every night since I've installed yosemite my hackintosh crashes and i wake up in the morning with it sitting on the boot menu. attached is the error report from the most recent crash, Im hoping someone out there will be able to decipher this and help me inpreventing future crashes...
  20. Afjewkes

    Won't boot without -x, kernel problem? please help, first hackintosh..

    Soooooo I had a bluetoothcontroller error after my install, and tried deleting all bluetooth kexts (didn't work) and redoing the USB and reinstalling mavericks using the new USB among other things but nothing worked... then at some point I got a 'bluetooth controller missing' error, I can't...