1. dandelionclock

    [Guide] Lenovo G50-80 80L0 Big Sur & Catalina OpenCore

    update 2020-12-22: The same config can be used to either upgrade to Big Sur or do a fresh installation of Big Sur. See below for details This is a rewrite of my previous guide using Clover. I am getting ready to install BigSur on it, but decided to first convert from Clover to OpenCore. Because...
  2. redfox

    Catalina on my HP 850 G1: black screen if close and open lid

    I've installed a fresh Catalina on my old laptop. Everithing is ok (audio, webcam, trackpad, keyboard, battery, wifi, sleep/wake, ecc.) but, if I close and open lid internal display stay black. Backlight is active (I can control brightness using F9/F10), remote access (VNC and SSH) is ok and...
  3. xifer9

    << Solved >> Can't apply DSDT patch via MaciASL

    I can't apply Haswell HD4400 patch on this DSDT (cant press apply button). I need it to fix glitching is some apps on my XPS-13 (9333)
  4. stasqwer12

    Lenovo Flex 2-14 no update to 10.15.13

    Hello, friends dear! I have Lenovo Flex 2-14 i3-4030u HD4400, installed Catalina 10.15.3 and all working good! In config.plist для графики device-id =12040000 and 0x0a260005. Starting update to 10.15.4, reboot and boot start, cycle reboot. How solve the problem? All kext new version, Clover...
  5. `

    HDMI output no option 1440p Hd4400

    Hi, I'm using Dell E7440. Everything works fine but only the extenal monitor does work with the full resolution. My external monitor is 2k 1440p but in the setting of macOS only shows 1080p as the highest resolution. Any idea? I'm using lily and whatevergreen. I also attached my EFI. Thank you.
  6. dandelionclock

    [Guide] Lenovo G50-80 80L0 and Catalina 10.15.2

    Update 12/22/2020: OpenCore guide updated to include Big Sur. Update 12/20/2020: Finally switched to OpenCore. See this new post Update 12/24/2019: Update to Catalina 10.15.2 was as smooth as it were a real MacBook. This is a rewrite of my previous guide that outlined High Sierra...

    Intel HD4400 showing 10mb

    Hello, I am new to this and yesterday I installed macOS mojave. everything works fine except de graphics card. It shows the model but just 10mb of vram. I have a vaio fit15e: intel i5-4200u (clover) Intel hd 4400 8gb ram Nvidia 740m crucial mx500 256gb ssd
  8. angeltdw

    Intel i3 4130 (3.4Ghz) + DQ87PG - MacOS 10.14.4???

    Pals, my config is, PROC - Intel i3 4130 - 3.4GHz (HASWELL) MOBO - DQ87PG (0155 BIOS) GFX - Intel HD 4400 / NVIDIA 210 - Which Ever Works, Have both AUDIO - Realtek ALC 662 needed to know, is it possible to run 10.14.4 on this system?
  9. shaburshunchik

    Can't run mobile Haswell Graphics hd4400 (laptop Samsung NP900x3g) mojave

    hello dear friends ! Can't run Haswell graphics intel hd 4400 , laptop Np900x3g S02-us , mac os Mojave 10.14.2
  10. Antonis112

    [solved] Yoga 2 pro Mojave graphics issues

    Hey everyone. After staying in El Capitan for 2 years I decided to try to install Mojave on my Yoga 2 Pro(details in my signature). Long story short I cannot get the graphics to work properly (I only have one resolution and cannot scale and my "about this Mac" vram is 21mb. I was following the...
  11. GMoneyGetMoney

    Intel HD Graphics Haswell GT1 1536MB (detected but still glitchy and flickering)

    Hello All, I have successfully installed El Capitan on my old Dell Optiplex Desktop 3020. Here are the specs: CPU: Intel Pentium 3220 (Haswell) GPU: Intel HD Graphics Haswell GT1 RAM: 8GB MOTHERBOARD: 040DDP Everything works except for Sleep and Integrated Graphics. The graphics made some...
  12. Mike7-7-7

    HD4400 Acceleration at 2560x1440 pixels possible?

    Current Issue: Acceleration only works until resolution of 2048x1152 pixels. Higher resolution (like internal display has 2560x1440) causes flickering. Is this a knows bug of HD4400 on macOS HighSierra or can anyone help me to get it work? (If EDID injections have to be done I would need help...
  13. MarcoDS

    [solved] Intel HD4400 High Sierra

    Hi, I successfully installed High Sierra 10.13.4 on my Acer Aspire E5 573g, but now I have a huge screen problem. It is flickering! I already read that I have to set the BIOS to legacy but my I can only set UEFI or Legacy and I didn't managed to get clover working in legacy mode :p. Are there...
  14. Ratio

    hd4400 horizontal lines high sierra

    Hi! I am actually running high sierra in legacy because is the solution I read in the forums for garbled graphics. If I run osx in uefi mode I get a garbled screen UNTIL i put the laptop to sleep ( closing the lid ) and I wake it up again. From that moment on everything works fine. So what if we...
  15. YupWeWin

    Intel HD4400 on OS 10.12.6

    So for the past week or so ive been trying to figure out how to get Intel HD 4400 iGPU working with 10.12. I installed all the kexts and edited the Boot.plist (Im using clover) and I still cant use more than 7mb of vram. I tried every trick in the book. System: Intel Core i3 4160@3.6 Asus...
  16. Enilo

    HD 4400 Mobile Problem

    Hi guys, I have an problem with my laptop. Specs : i5 4300U 8gb Ram DDR3 1600Mhz SSD Kingstone 128gb GPU HD 4400. I still have problem with the GPU Intel, in the BIOS. I can set (64,128,256,512 NVRAM). I have tried to install kext from guide or video on youtube. After installed, it the mb in...
  17. jobheger

    Intel HD4400 display issues in High Sierra

    UPDATE (03/10/2017): I switched back to Sierra for now, will try this again and update the thread in a few months. Hi there, I'm experiencing a few display issues with my Intel HD Graphics 4400 on High Sierra (17A365). I did not experience any of these issues in macOS Sierra, it seems to be...
  18. aleksandarS

    h81m-e33 sierra

    I am new at this, managed to get hackintosh up and running but with 3 issues: 1. I can only boot when USB with Clover is on (doesn't boot from Mac hdd) 2. I managed somehow to fix hd4400 (i3 4170) but I need to use Inject hd4400 every time I boot 3. None of the alternatives work for sound...
  19. beanxinh

    [solved] [HELP] Surface Pro 2 Black screen after sclaled resolution

    Hi, I'm new to this and this is the first time I install El Capitan on my Surface pro 2(Intel 4200U, 4GB Ram, SSD 128GB). I can get almost everything to work except the Audio and the display brightness. I installed the fake FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics and got OSX detected my HD4400 with correct...
  20. Zetao

    HD4400 hdmi doesn't work

    Hi there I am using HP 15-n018TX ,clover 4.43. the defaut graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M,and now is using the hd4400. And I want to use the monitor. When using the hd4400 I plug in the hdmi,the laptop screen go dark and then reboot. When using the GT740M,nothing show when I plug in...