1. JohnRobie

    Solved: Catalina install stops in the middle

    Hi there, I ran into a strange issue installing Catalina 10.15.3 on a new build. Hardware: Gigabyte Aorus Master (firmware 11c), i9 9900K, 64GB 3600Mhz G.SKill RAM, Radeon Saphire 5700 XT Nitro+, 2x Samsung Evo 970 Plus 1TB m.2 I have build a Clover installer on an USB stick following this...
  2. isaiah3467

    Installation failing with a log... can anyone help me?

    Hello, I am having trouble completing the install for High Sierra. I have had a working hack for about a year or so, on Sierra, everything working. During this process I ended up intentionally erasing my drive (I have CCC backups) and now attempting a fresh install. My build...
  3. jabirbin

    HD Graphics 3000 OS X Hanging

    Not sure if the GPU is the culprit but the OS freezes few minutes after booting when some apps are opened especially any browser. The cursor can be moved while everything else becomes irresponsive. Only way out is pressing down the power switch for a few seconds. Most likely to happen when some...
  4. tr43

    HD630 10.13 Freeze/Hangs

    Hi everyone! Since 10.13 fresh install (no problems in Sierra) that I am having random hangs (for some seconds) and sometimes some freezes (forcing me to do a force restart) There are error messages in Console but i am not able to figure out what the problem is. Hope someone can help me! Lilu...
  5. GleasonFan

    Systems locks when DL SnowLep 10.6.8 then wants 10.6.7

    I got my hackingtosh up & running (it's a Mac Pro 3.1 per OSx) so I decided to upgrade from Snow Leopard 10.6.3 Retail to 10.6.8 Combined, then 10.6.8 Supplement. Well, I tried several times to DL 10.6.8 Combined but after about 25% of the data is downloaded the system freezes completely. No...
  6. cramletram

    Test-driving Clover - hanging at "GeForceSensors (pci1): started"

    Others have posted about this issue, but from what I can tell, not one of them seems to be resolved, and I'd rather not hijack someone, so I guess let's try this again? Been running Yosemite solid for over a year, but want to future-proof by switching to Clover and eventually upgrade to El Capo...
  7. Coast

    Stuck at grey screen after clover - Acer aspire ax3900, osx 10.11.4

    Hi guys, I'm having a problem trying to install 10.11.4 on my Acer Aspire ax3900 desktop. I've managed to get to the clover bootloader (after switching from UFEI to legacy in unibeast) but after selecting to boot osx from the USB drive I see the apple logo, followed by the apple logo and a...
  8. Bigjk47

    Dell Inspiron N5010 (Stuck on clover logo)

    Hey guys, Running a Dell Inspiron N5010 Specs as follows: Intel i5 M480 at 2.67ghz 6gb DDR3 ram 600 GB HDD Wanting to do a clean install of El Capitan only (possibly dual boot at later time). USB loads fine and clover installer shows up. Soon as I hit ENTER installer hangs on CLOVER LOGO...
  9. ezvdj

    Hanging on the Apple Logo Upon Installation - Compaq CQ62

    Hey guys, I'm about as new here as they come, and have been running into issues with installing El Capitan onto my 2nd hard drive on my Compaq CQ62-358TU. I've been upgrading my computer as a project and come to my final part which is installing OSX on the second hard drive replaced from the...
  10. Comfortablynumb

    Yosemite unibeast install hanging

    Hello Everyone, I've been trying to build my Hackintosh for a couple of days now and im having a couple of issues. I followed the directions on Beelzebozo's 9 series build guide to the letter and up to this point been able ot get snow leopard up, which allowed me to make a Yosemite USB boot...
  11. guardian_br

    No audio in Realtek ALC892 (and system freezing) after 10.10.2

    No audio in Realtek ALC892 (and system freezing) after 10.10.2 [SOLVED] Hi everyone. This is the first time I post on the forum, and this problem is driving me crazy. Before 10.10.2 my system worked just fine, but after the update I lost audio and follow the site's instructions to restore...
  12. thebigspin

    Very frequent hanging with Yosemite

    Hi there, I am having problems with Yosemite freezing VERY frequently (every ~2 minutes). Without warning the whole system locks up, with the cursor unable to move. This occurs even when no programmes are running and the system is not being used, with no additional peripherals or ethernet...
  13. jricica2

    Lion Installer Hanging on 4530s

    Hello all, I apologize if I am overlooking something silly, but I have yet to be able to get the Lion installer to load on my 4530s. I previously owned one and sold it, but missed it so badly that I purchased another used one on to hackintosh. I have reset the BIOS to default settings and...
  14. terrasi2

    Installation keeps getting stuck

    I've tried different USB ports on my Dell Studio 1558 laptop. The USB drive is good, I made it on my Mountain Lion iMac. It hangs on this line: com_lnx2mac_RealtekRTL81xx: Ethernet address (ethernet address here)
  15. phillium

    ASUS P8Z77-V LX / GTX670 hanging on boot

    Hi guys, I'm having a problem with Mountain Lion 10.8.3 I am using Unibeast, Multibeast and using Chameleon for our bootloader (there is no DSDT for the ASUS P8Z77-V LX) I am using fakesmc and nullCPUpowermanagement on Multibeast, no other configurations. The system boots fine in safe...

    I'm wondering about my Pioneer Drive

    I hanging up installing Snow Leopard as soon as I swap the iboot for the install disk. I have a feeling as soon as Apple takes over it stops recognizing the drive. The drive just stops with the Apple onscreen. Any ideas?