1. facuburgos7

    UMC404HD Audio Glitches on Sierra

    I recently finished installing OS X Sierra 10.12.3, so far so good, except for the audio. Often the sound glitches, and comes out stuttery and laggy. This happens to sound coming from any app or software including sounds from the OS. The only app that didn't have any problems was Logic Pro...
  2. truvalerich

    Intel UHD630 (coffee lake 8750H laptop) bad gradients

    Finishing my OpenCore hakintosh laptop (acer nitro5) and facing this on my laptop screen- first pic - with nice smooth gradients - whatevergreen is NOT working(frame buffer is incorrect, no acceleration, video card has only 7 mb ram) but gradients are great. second pic - whatevergreen is working...

    Solved > Weird glitches on Youtube videos

    I got working my ASUS Vivobook S15 Hackintosh recently and all going well. The only problem that I'm facing is some weird glitches while playing YouTube videos only on 1080p and only on fullscreen. The glitches are randomly a part of the video turns grey for just a frame, then its normal, then...
  4. ronimizy

    Intel HD530 doesn't properly work on HighSierra

    The screen is glitching like this: But the dock is transparent, and there are no glithces if i boot to windows. Main monitor is connected via DVI, and when i connect my second one (DP) it is just mirroring the main. I have my 1070 in PCI slot.
  5. markobog123

    Glitchy Display (OpenCore) (i7-4700MQ, HD4600)

    I am trying to install macOS on my Toshiba Satellite P75-A7200 laptop. I managed to configure OpenCore as much as I knew, utilizing Linux to get DSDT and get ACPI configured. I made the configuration using I configured GPU using WhateverGreen's...
  6. Abutrex

    Weird Graphics Flicker even with (proper?) graphics acceleration

    I have this weird flicker that is mostly noticeable in darker contents( added a picture where you can see the weird horizontal lines) and it appears only when the IGPU is activated, meaning it disappears when I don't have graphics acceleration( Display 7mb). The weird flicker doesn't exist in...
  7. manu3333

    Problems with Nvidia (glitch, bug, etc.)

    (sorry for my bad English). Hi guys, I have a problem with my hackintosh. The problem is that I have installed NvidiaWebDrivers but I have ever a lag, bug and glitch. This is my configuration. Can you help me? I have also installed Lilu and NvidiaGraphicsFixup
  8. SujitHifi

    Solved > Help: Dell Optiplex 7010 Intel HD 4000 no QE/CI or Metal support on Mojave

    Hello Friends, I am a huge fan of this forum. I followed the following hackintosh build guide for my Dell Optiplex 7010 with Core i5-3475S with Intel HD 4000 and FHD Dual monitors on 2 DP ports...
  9. davyatze

    Graphic Glitches Mac Os High Sierra 10.13

    Hi everyone, I have a pc with an i7 6700, asrock h170m pro4s motherboard, 8gb ram, and an AMD Radeon HD 6570 2gb video card, this video card is seen by my high sierra hackintosh, in fact it works almost everything, only that while I use the mouse the colors are reversed and I start to have...
  10. moondarkx

    GUI glitches if multi-processor is enabled. (tested on nvidia, intel GFX, high sierra and mojave). Please help

    Hello again, I have a follow up for my problem posted in: Because I found out that the problem I'm having is not related to nvidia GPU at all, I created a new post. As I mentioned before, I'm...
  11. charlesbelisle

    nVidia 1070 Pascal glitches after Wake / Sleep on Sierra 10.12.6

    Hi, I'm having issues with my EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC GAMING Black Edition graphics card since my build is completed on Sierra 10.12.6 (16G1918) Whenever I plug or unplug cables, adding a second monitor or anything else after the start of my computer, it doesn't work properly. My most recent...
  12. Saphir

    After QE/CI HD4600 getting Glitches

    Hello! After enabling IntelGraphics in Clover I get QE/CI but I get glitches too. I had the same problem at Sierra and High Sierra, but I could not find a solution so far and I thought that it might work fine on Mojave properly, but it doesn't. Reporting files are attatched and a short video...
  13. Abe

    AMD Radeon RX560 + i7 8700 Hardware Acceleration Glitches

    Hi, I am a new hackintosher and finished my first build today. Though it was a hassle to get Mojave installed and the thing running, now I feel very pleased and got almost everything to run. The only problem I am left with atm are graphic issues in electron/javascript based apps (chrome / vs...
  14. cbutters

    [Solved] NVIDIA Multiple GPU Graphical Errors

    Hello! I use a MSI Z77A-G45 Thunderbolt motherboard and have a i5-3570K @ 4.2 Ghz processor. The two graphics cards I'm using are the GTX 1080 Ti and GTX 1070 Ti. I use octane render with Cinema 4D for a lot fo my work and need the extra GPU power. Whenever I have both cards plugged in at the...
  15. Mazuka

    [Clevo W370ST] Flickering when opening apps HD4600

    Hi guy, First, thanks for all the contributions you've made. Problem: As soon as open an app which is not included by default with the OS (like Clover Config, Chrome) I can see some flickering, glitches 4600making the UI weird. I guess it's something to do with the graphics acceleration. My...
  16. vdiamant

    NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB glitces

    Hello, I bult my first hackintosh and I have an issue. When it starts and when a video plays and on other situations like this I have glitches on my screen. My configuration is Intel i5 8600K, Nvdia Geforce GTX 6GB and motherboard is Z370 Aorus ultra gaming wifi v1. I have successfully installed...
  17. AndrewBaggins

    Intel HD530 Skylake 6600 High Sierra 10.13 glitches and 5mb available only

    I stuck on strange problem... I cannot force my graphic to work normal. Everything works OK, but I have video-related problems: folders in Launchpad lag as hell, video in browser don't work and sometimes I have random glitches and artefacts. Did anyone ever faced something like this??? I have no...
  18. animani

    Nvidia Cards in general

    Hey guys. After having tons of issues with Nvidia on 10.13.5 I was wondering if I should switch to AMD. When I load heavy projects my computer starts to make funny glitches like making some parts of the application UI black or messing up the screen on some areas where it appears glitched. Also...
  19. pinoli

    Problems with Asus Z370-A Prime + i7-8700k + Intel UHD630 + ThunderboltEX 3

    Hello everybody, after uncountable hours I have succesfully configured and booted macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 on the machine reported in my profile (and thread title). I started from this post and went down through the rabbit hole. I used a Vanilla install (with Clover r4458) with minimal amount...
  20. Taazin

    Intel hd graphics 3000, glitches HP LAPTOP

    Hi everyone I recently managed to install macOS high Sierra on my laptop, called HP Pavilion G4-1226se (, and everything work fine except WiFi (which is not a big deal for me) as I have installed Ethernet drivers. So now the only problem is...