efi boot

  1. Manfrix070598

    Usb bootable with EFI folder

    Hi all, I lost my usb stick with the EFI folder inside. Since I use it to test the kext, I need to create a new one. I tried to format the new usb as "Mac OS extended (journaled)" and then copy the EFI folder inside it, but when I try to boot from this usb nothing happen. Is there a way to...
  2. barrywhite

    USB 3.1 Type C port on MOBO not working with El Capitan10.11.6 (IMAC late 2015 27-inch 5k retina setup)

    Hey, Sorry if this has been posted before (I did look high and low) I am a semi-noob - built this machine like 2017 kinda time. Have since altered/updated most notably the EFI file to inject the latest security updates on El Capitan and the m.2 NVME driver for the internal drive on the mobo...
  3. stefan30

    Many uefi partitions on startup

    Hello, I have a question to the community. In my startup process there are a lot of partitions showing up. I have a apfs container for High Sierra. Is there a way to delete all unnecessary partitions? I can not figure out why there is 2 timesMac OS x 4 times UEFI OS 3 times UEFI OS...
  4. Neamtu

    I have attached a zip archive with efi GA-Z370-P-D3. sleep ok, wake up ok but no video.

    GA-Z370P-D3 after going to sleep, when I wake him up starts but not video, he will have to restart forcibly. I created an EFI with OC Gen-X, it works well the problem is that if I leave it to sleep the wake-up is ok but it doesn't start video INTEL UDH630 Built-in I5 8400 Processor. Does anyone...
  5. betyar87

    How create bootable EFI?

    Hi! I need help. I installed Big Sur with Open Core. Pc only can boot usb. I copied Open Core EFI files to SSD EFI partition, but cant boot. Only boot usb EFI folder. How I can create EFI boot on SSD? Sorry my english :) thx.
  6. lorenzopot

    Hackintosh doesn't boot after clover update. How to boot and fix with USB?

    So my system was working fine with clover r5120. I updated it with the pkg to r5121 and updated a Realtek kext. Now it doesn't boot, the screen stays black. I have an EFI Folder backup (of a working EFI) on a USB stick. How can I fix my system? Like, how can I revert the boot loader back to...
  7. GotHacked

    Can't see Catalina installation page

    I've been trying to build my first hackintosh but i keep on getting black screen after seeing the apple logo. It's probably due to my installation disk since i dont have any experience on creating hackintosh disk. Can anyone help me to build the boot disk(EFI part)? System Information...
  8. uselessbuilder

    Configuring FileVault 2 EFI

    Hey there. I've done a lot of research but there seems to be a discrepancy as to what it takes to boot a FileVault drive. My EFI got corrupted and so I have to rebuild it, but am not having any luck. My EFI attached below has EVERYTHING WORKING except for iMessage, so this is my last hiccup...
  9. chalixon

    Mojave boot drive dissappeared from Clover Bootloader

    Hey! I hope someone can help me here. I have a working Hackintosh with MacOS Mojave. It has been good and stable for a year. I was just messing around in motherboard BIOS (Gigabyte Z390 UD) to try and make a RAID array. I found out that it's not that easy because I would have to change from AHCI...
  10. JoshTheKid

    MacOS Catalina Stuck on install 9900K Asus Prime Radeon VII m.2 NVME SSD

    HELLO. I have just finished my Hackintosh build, it includes: - Liquid cooled i9 9900k on Asus Prime z390 Motherboard. - Radeon VII Graphics Card - Asus AX3000 PCI Wifi+BT 5.0 - 500 GB M.2 Samsung Evo+ SSD (Windows 10 Installed) - 1 TB M.2 Samsung Evo+ SSD (Going for main Catalina Install...
  11. cramletram

    << Solved >> Asus Maximus VIII BIOS can't detect NVMe EFI Partition

    Working on a bunch of upgrades all at once. First, replaced my 980 ti with a Vega 64. Then upgraded from Sierra to Mojave, so that I can take advantage of Final Cut Pro 10.4.7. Decided to clean install instead of updating to avoid any extra weirdness. And for good measure replaced my boot SSD...
  12. AhmedAbosenna

    I have a problem in Shutdown & Restart

    After I installed Mojave, at first My pc wasn't shut down or restart, I had to do it manually .. after I remove "dart=0" from boot flag it restarts correctly but when I shutdown it ( it restarts instead of shutdown ) any fix pls! my specs : ------------- i5 8400 Aorus b360 gaming 3 wifi...
  13. HenriqueSR

    No "boot from efi" on clover boot.

    1 HIGH SIERRA SSD 1 WINDOWS 10 HDD Booting via USB installation drive clover, I can boot any hdd. BUT from clover installed on hiGH Sierra SSD there is no boot from windows efi entry available. The clover in usb shows all entries. Including boot from EFI, which works and boots into the windows...
  14. LoveBelow

    [HELP] Sierra won't boot from SSD

    Hello, I'm a newbie Hackintosh builder trying to dual-boot Sierra and Windows 10 on a Samsung Evo 850 250GB. I was able to install Sierra (yay) but after I run Multibeast and eject the USB installer, when I try to boot Sierra from my SSD it only loads halfway on the black Apple screen before...
  15. MMR

    Asus H170I-Pro, KabyLake, M.2, Sierra - not able to install EFi

    Another newbie in town. Hi there - first of all: i am (another) newbie to the hackitosh - so for those who are feed up by answer the same questions day per day, I absolutely understand you. This forum was quiet a big help and a great start into the topic. But now the point has reached where...
  16. kurokuma

    Multibeast 9.0.1 install failed

    This is my Multibeast Log. It tells me to look at the multibeast log and I did, I do not know what is wrong and how to fix it. Please help! Thanks
  17. KangOnRails

    Can't boot from SSD with EFI (Tried all troubleshoots)

    Hello everyone, I am trying to make it so I can boot from my SSD with the EFI and not have to use my USB with the EFI on it all the time It would load about 70% the way, then the screen would go blank and nothing would happen :( Let me start off by saying, I have tried all the troubleshoots...
  18. geekomancer

    Dual Boot Windows & Mac OS in Clover - EFI issues

    Hey all, ever since I switched to Clover, my Mac OS runs beautifully, but the only problem is the dual boot into Windows. I have been scouring these forums and guides but can't seem to find anything that quite works. I knew my way around Chameleon pretty well, but am new to Clover. Maybe there's...
  19. OZeiger

    Can´t boot EL CAPITAN without USB-Stick

    Hello, I installed my first Hackintosh and solved many Problems, but I can´t boot without USB-Stick and I found no solution for me. At first my Hardware: Board: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD5H Processor: i7-4790K Graphic: EVGA GT740 RAM: 32 GB HyperX Savage Installation: Bios-Configuration as...
  20. tonybinjch

    Recovering corrupted Yosemite

    Hello, Creating an non-EFI USB Yosemite bootdisk i setted my current hard drive as target. Since this mistake i'm unable to boot anymore. I passed hours to install bunch of apps i need (with huge libraries) and would like to try to recover my environement. I tried to reinstall...