dual xeon

  1. videlam

    Catalina on Asus Z9PE-D8 WS / Dual Intel Xeon E5 2687w / 64bg 1600mhz DDR3

    VINTAGE Asus Z9PE-D8 WS / 2x Intel Xeon E5 2687w Catalina / 64bg 1600mhz DDR3 I know it's an oldie but I manage to install Catalina with the Radeon 560 4go at the #5 pci-e line (still this problem)
  2. rorya591

    One 1 of 2 CPUs being used in High Sierra

    I know that this isn't an ideal setup but I was up for the challenge of running High Sierra on a Dell t7500 with x2 Xeon X5690s and a GTX 1070. I managed to get everything installed and booted with webdrivers etc... The only issue which I have is that even though in my system reports and on...
  3. Leoppard

    HELP: Custom dual xeon.

    Build: CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2630v2 (x2) RAM: 16 GB (8GB (x2) 1600 Motherboard: FRU 03T8422 ( LGA2011/ c602 ) GPU: k620 nvidia Hi, everybody. I'm hoping someone here can help, I started my first hackintosh project about a month ago. Purchased a Lenovo C30. I want to install high saw or higher, but...
  4. LuigiBros02

    Help with Hackintosh Dual Xeon

    Hi there, I'm new with Hackintosh and want to create a dual boot Windows 10 & Sierra machine. I tried installing El Capitan but it got a panic while booting. Any help would be appriciated! Specs: 2x Intel Xeon E5640 (2.66GHz no OC) AMD Radeon HD 6850 12GB DDR3-1066 ECC Memory
  5. proglord

    Can't get past apple logo

    Here's my specs: Motherboard: Asus Z8PE-D18 CPU: Dual L5520 Xeons GPU: XFX Radeon RX580 I made my Mojave installer from Unibeast on a Late 2012 Imac. Installing to a Sata HDD. Clover comes up, I select boot macOs install on external drive, apple logo comes on and the screen goes black midway...
  6. Braindriller

    Dual Xeon X5650 on a S5520SC Mobo - Will it run smooth?

    Hello guys, I'm from Brazil and I'm new here and at Hackintoshes. It's been 10 years I only use Macs and right now I need an upgrade and I got a really good offer of this machine and I would like to know your thoughts before I take any step. It's a Workstation Dual Xeon with X5650 CPUs and...
  7. Tijhevv

    Dual LGA 2011 Xeon Running MAC OS Mojave Motherboard

    Hello all. i have built my previous Hackintosh made to run Mac OS X Mojave but I need to uprade as I do a lot of Final Cut Pro work and large Blender and After Effects Renders. i am interested in going with a Dual Xeon Built and was considering Xeon E5-2687W as they are relatively fast with 8...
  8. krachbumms

    Anyone got a Dual Xeon working on High Sierra?

    Hi! I have a very stable working Dual Xeon running Sierra. Every time I try to upgrade I get an error (attached) though, sounds familiar to anyone? Best, Markus
  9. krachbumms

    Crash on boot: preemption_level2. possible cause: blocking while holding a spinlock

    Hi Guys, I ran into a weird issue when trying to upgrade or install High Sierra (both result in the same error). Error is: preemption_level2. possible cause: blocking while holding a spinlock, or within interrupt...
  10. ThunderDome

    Dual Xeons: Best Workstation for Keyshot (Xeon Phi?/Thunderbolt?) - $2800 Best Value

    I've finally convinced my current employer to throw down the money for a new workstation. As I'm spending someone else's money, I'm really trying to be smart about it. I put together a parts list with two friends, one of the best 3D artists I know, and a high-end IT manager, but I'm not...
  11. igouroum

    SuperMicro X8DTH-IF Dual X5670 black screen clover

    Hey guys, I need some help. I'm trying to install El Cap. on a SuperMicro X8DTH-IF with no luck. When I select the USB install drive on the Clover bootloader I just get a black screen, with or without verbose mode. I tried with both a 7970 and a gtx 570 with no avail. I'm thinking the GPU...
  12. disample

    Login Beach-ball, Dual Xeon, Supermicro X8DAE

    I have found couple of good deals for Xeons and Supermicro X8DAE mobo, so I decided to build dual Xeon hack (and to use 12x2GB sticks that I had laying around). 2x Xeon E5530 Supermicro X8DAE Nvidia GTX 570 (GraphicsEnabler=Yes) 24GB Ram SSD for OS and couple other drives Installation went...