asus laptop

  1. DOGER92

    problem graphic card

    Hi guys, I'm new to the world of Hackintosh. I write in this section because I have a problem with the graphics card of my laptop. As far as I understand from the web, it is not possible to use a dedicated graphics card on a laptop. So I'm trying to use the integrated processor one. The problem...
  2. Andreaghisa

    MacOS High Sierra stops loading on boot

    I've been running High Sierra on an ASUS K550VX for 18 months without problems. I had problems with Logitech Control Center yesterday 'cause it doesn't recognise my Logitech Marble Trackball (my laptop does, in fact i am able to use it but not to use shortcuts). I've uninstalled it and prompted...
  3. tizio20

    Install MacOS on Asus Laptop

    Hi,I always wanted to install macOS on my laptop (Asus TP550LJ: nvidia geforce 920,intel hd 5500,8 gigs of ram,Intel Core i5). I tried for a lot of time,unsuccessfully,and now I would be happy if someone could help me installing macOS Sierra.
  4. nisfak

    Need help booting to installer, trying to install Mojave 10.14.

    Hey, first time on the forum, but long time lurker on the site. I always wanted to undertake this challenge, turning my Asus laptop into dual boot awesomeness. I know there are really no specific guides you can follow for laptops, and officially no one laptop is supported. You have to fiddle and...
  5. ViolinKey

    it is my laptop compatible

    Hi guys from the last year I have this idea on my mind to make my laptop become an Hackintosh being, but I'm pretty scared with that. I have an idea of how to create a bootable Hackintosh USB driver but I'm not sure which drivers I should download to make this thing works well.. my laptop it is...
  6. Rameenh

    Azurewave ce123h/BCM94352 BT Issues

    I'm currently on 10.12.5 and I'm losing my mind trying to figure this out. So far, I've gotten the Wi-Fi 2.5/5GHz to work, the only thing I can't get to work is the Bluetooth... I've tried many combinations: as mentioned in the guide I used "BrcmPatchRAM2.kext" and/or "BrcmNonPatchRAM2.kext"...
  7. valma

    Asus G752VT need help

    Need help to complete installation. This is my third hackintosh and I am still newbie. So what we have: 1) Success installation of El Capitan. ( I tried Sierra, failed, let's complete El Capitan first) 2) Wifi card changed by BCM4352 (14E443B1), bluetooth works well. 3) Lan is OK 4) Nvidia...
  8. glitchedgg

    Help with Battery Monitor on OSX 10.11 (ASUS K55A Laptop)

    Hello, I have managed to install OSX 10.11.4 on my ASUS K55A laptop using Unibeast. I am booting using the drive as a boatloader because I couldn't get Clover EFI (Legacy) to install on the laptop because the EFI on here only supports MBR. Anyways I can boot up fine and the graphics, ethernet...
  9. joserod

    Any guide for Asus X540LA??

    Hello to everyone: I've tried to install El Capitan using unibeast but no luck. Laptop doesn't even show the progress bar and it reboots. I'm very novice with hackintosh and I need a little help to install it on my laptop. Which os the OS X versions would be the most compatible with this laptop...
  10. auror777

    Installation on Asus A555LJ/X555LJ

    Hi, guys! I'm new in this forum. First, sorry for my English, but I don't use this language lately. I bought new laptop: Asus A555LJ/X555LJ. Specification: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-5010U CPU @ 2.10GHz RAM: 6GB GPU: Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500 + NVIDIA GeForce 920M HDD: SSD 120GB...
  11. AmTheYoungJesuz

    ASUS n552vx hackintosh compatibility

    Hello guys, Basically i really want to do hackintosh in my laptop but first i wanted to know if u think that my laptop has compatibility with hackintosh and if so, what is the best guide for me? Thanks A LOT!
  12. A.K.R

    Installing Os X Yosemite on Asus TP550LD along with Windows 8.1

    Hey Guys, I accept i'm a F***ing noob to disturb u guys with a repeating post; but i can't find any help in on how to install OS X along with Windows 8.1 on Asus TP550LD. Please guys can anyone explain me step by step how to dual boot OS X with Windows 8.1. Thanks.
  13. K0kall

    Laptop error [IOBluetoothHCIController][start] -- completed

    Hi, this is my secondthis is my second HACKINTOSH BUILD. Now I have problem "[IOBluetoothHCIController][start] -- completed" The USB flashDrive i made by the Guide: I did changes in the BIOS -...
  14. geistmike

    Asus X53sj

    Hello i need help with Asus x53sj i want mavericks on it an i cant get the drivers on it i got latest unibeast can sombody help me pleas!!! lg mike Asus x53sj intel graphiks 3000 Intel I3 Atheros Wlan
  15. jamnxel03

    asus laptop

    Pls tell if os x 10.9 mavericks is compatible on asus x550lb-xx013h, corei7 4500, nvidia gt-740m, 8gram, 1tb hdd!! :banghead:
  16. trongcuong1710

    USB Notification: USBNotification : The device "HubDevice" @ 0x1d100000 has caused an overcurrent co

    I'm trying to install Mac OSX 10.8.4 to my laptop using Chameleon. My laptop spec as follow: Asus K53SV laptop CPU: Intel Core i5 2430M RAM: 4GB VGA: Intel HD 3000 and Nvidia Geforce GT 540M Wireless: Atheros AR9002WB-1NG Wireless Network Adapter Now i'm stuck at "USB Notification" as the...
  17. peter717

    Best ivy brigde i5 Laptop?

    Hi guys, I Need a Laptop and want just a Little compatibility for 10.6.8. (I will use windows most times) Should have an i5, 4-8 Gigs of RAM, an NVIDIA graphics Card (doesnt have to work in osx) But intel4000 HD should work price should be not much more than 900 $... Another big point is...