amd graphics

  1. rrtu33

    [help] laotop with amd gpu can't control brightness

    laptop model:dell precision 7510 cpu:6820hq gpu:w5170m,it is like r9 m370x I installed lilu+whatevergreen,and set radpg=15 boot flag,and set smbios as mbp13.3,anything I need to to for brightness control support?
  2. Phan.Huy.Cong

    Mojave AMD HDMI Audio (HD 7730)

    Hi all, I'm having problem with HDMI Audio on Mojave. My working config on High Sierra does not work on Mojave. These are methods I used: - Lilu (lastest release) + WhateverGreen (lastest release) - InjectATI + FakeID + Specify FB name => Combo Inject ATI - Custom SSDT fixes + Connector Patch...
  3. Cclown98

    [Question] Can I Get Full Working HD 630 + RX 560 (10.13.5)

    Specifications Processor :Intel Core i7 7700K @ 4.10GHz - 4.5GHz Graphics Processor(GPU) :Intel HD Graphics 630 ASUS RX560 OC 2GB Motherboard :MSI B250 Krait Gaming Chipset...
  4. skillfulperson

    ATI/ AMD 6970 and High Sierra Help wanted

    Hi, I've recently installed high Sierra on my Gigabyte Z370 Aorus gaming 7 and I7 8700k with ATI 6970. Overall it's been a fairly painless experience. Unibeast and multibest worked perfectly for initial set up and a bit of google foo found a efi folder setup for my audio and networking...
  5. Galileo6373637

    Best settings for Vega 64

    Hi everyone, who has experience with the Vega 64 and can provide his settings ? When my system boots, the progress bar is nearly at the end, then monitors goes off for a second, then progress bar is filling up to 100 % and is system is online. Anyone with same situation ?
  6. carpentryplus25

    Guide How to Patch AMD Framebuffers for High Sierra using Clover

    So if you recently installed High Sierra and have an AMD graphics card and were greeted at the end of the installation with black screens and Lilu.kext and WhateverGreen.kext wasn't able to resolve it, then try patching the framebuffer that corresponds to your graphics card to try resolving it...
  7. ricky7

    I cheated on dual boot with AMD card

    As many of you already know who run AMD cards, you need to set internal graphics card as primary. Which becomes a problem when dual booting because you can't see clover. Sure there are ways around this, plug your video source into your motherboard, unplug and plug in your hard drives, use a...
  8. Rishi0Mac

    Sierra compaitability

    I Have a hp notebook, whose specs are i7-7500U 2.7Ghz INTEL HD GRAPHICS 620 AMD RADEON R7-M440 1TB HDD i have doubt whether the graphic card is supported or the mac os will use the default intel hd graphics only. is there any driver for the amd radeon card i have. i searched for it but cant...
  9. Bocajalistick

    Second Display Mirroring

    On macOS Sierra I have two monitors plugged in and both show the exact same image. This even happens in the BIOS screen and in the Clover Bootloader screen. One monitor is using HDMI and the other is using display port, both plugged into my graphics card (R9 290). I hope to fix this and have...
  10. Praveen22856

    RX 470

    Hey guys, I recently built a new computer with a z170 board, core i5 6600k and an rx 470. I was wondering if the rx 470 is now compatible. I heard they were adding the IDs but I couldn't find any details on how to make it work. It would be amazing if someone could let me know how to make the rx...
  11. djygj

    Install Yosemite On DELL M6800,Need Hlep.THKS

    Good evening guys! I failed to install yosemite 10.10 on my laptop DELL M6800.CAN YOU HLEP! System: Dell Precision M6800 (Clover) CPU:i7 4800MQ/QM87 Graphics: HD4600, AMD m6100(ID:66401002) 1920x1080 FIRSTLY I turn off the "Enable Switchable Graphics" option in bios setting.It's working on...
  12. m_warsh

    Unable to power two monitors with one AMD 7970

    I have two Sapphire Vapor-X 7970 GHz edition graphics cards connected to two ASUS monitors. I tried powering both monitors with one card (HDMI and DVI); but when I do such the displays are mirrored and I can't move anything displayed on the screens. The GUI freezes, but I can move my mouse...