1. Silizium

    Strong Hardware for High Sierra 10.13.6

    Hello, I would like to Build the strongest Desktop with HighSierra running. More cores as better. Need: -Ethernet -HDMI -Bluetooth -USB (any) -OpenGL Don't need: Wireless DGPU, if the iGPU supports OpenGL. Otherwise yes... need a GPU that supports OpenGL Does someone know the Processor and the...
  2. Demomangamingtf2

    Keep getting Kernal panic on High Sierra, Bots fine on Catalina - Nitro 5

    My first time hackingtoshing, on open core, and I am unable to boot into high Sierra with my current efi folder. The current efi I have now is unable to boot into Mac OS high Sierra. It currently works best on Mac OS 10.15 with uhd 630 working. When ever I try to boot into Mac OS High...
  3. pixjoe

    10.13 installer process failed

    I followed the guide to install 10.13 but failed, re attached pix. I tried both legacy and EFI. Any ways to get it right? Thanks!
  4. sfw.jimmy

    10.13.6 weird graphics issue

    So I have an optiplex that I’ve converted into a hackintosh thanks to the high Sierra guide on this site but whenever I try to boot into the desktop with nvidia drivers enabled I get a spinning buffering wheel that looks exactly like the one you get when you shut down a Mac or an iPhone and I...
  5. NewbieEditor

    Update from 10.11.6 to 10.13.6 on build from 2016- Advice

    Dear community, In 2016 I built my first customac, running on El Capitan 10.11.6, and haven´t upgraded the OS since. Today I have to upgrade to High Sierra 10.13.6 to get the last version of Premiere Pro running (editing software). I know there already are threads about upgrading the OS. - Do...
  6. LouzerKnives

    FIX DSDT - RAID WINDOWS 10 NOT RECOGNIZE - High Sierra - MSI Gaming M7 Z170 - i7 6700k Skylake - MSI Gaming 4G GTX 970 - Help me

    Goodmorning everyone, I have problems with my new installation and I kindly ask for your help to complete: 1. The first concerns a BIOS configuration. I have two M2 SSDs in Raid for Windows 10. The SATA option on the BIOS is set to RAID and in this case CLOVER reads to me the Windows partition...
  7. OozanA

    new clover, new drivers

    I know there are many users like me stuck @ HS because of Nvidia GPUs. (and happy with it) Don't we deserve latest bootloader and kexts? Is there any plan about new Unibeast&Multibeast for 10.13.6? (I post that probably in wrong section)
  8. computerparts

    .plist files can no longer be opened 10.13.6

    I'm having a weird issue. I can no longer open .plist files in Clover Configurator. Even new one made from CC can't be opened. The open is greyed out if i right click, and when I force select it I get an error: "The document "config.plist" could not be opened. Clover Configurator cannot open...
  9. s6884

    Broke the USB of a working 10.13, Migration Assistant copies the problem over fresh install

    Mysterious title, let me clarify: I had a decently working install of High Sierra, while I was trying to figure out how to get Ethernet to work via Multibeast I decided to try some new USB options to see if they could address my problematic USB 3.0 ports. Horrible idea, as this blocked all USB...
  10. smurfworks

    (10.13.6) Changed GTX970 to UHD 630 - Display issues

    Hey team, First of all - I'm so thankful that there's a community like you here, I'm very much stuck trying to solve this problem. I don't want to create a low effort post so please, if I've missed anything that can help figure this out, let me know. I've recently upgraded from a GTX 970 to...
  11. TiffanyMOBO

    High Sierra 10.13.6 fresh install can't detect Ethernet - Gigabyte z270p-d3

    I'm having trouble getting my Hackintosh to detect and connect to Ethernet. I had the Hackintosh working flawlessly for a couple years, and as of the last update was running High Sierra 10.13.4. However the OS became corrupt and needed to be reinstalled. I formatted everything, downloaded the...
  12. israelmuca

    GTX 1060 Black Screen on 10.13.6 (17G7024)

    Hey folks, Thanks for your constant help and awesome tools. I'm currently doing a build for a friend and it's working great, except for the Graphics. What I did: Did my install per the guide, used Clover and some tips from this thread from a user who has very similar hardware to mine. Did a...
  13. hinsaru

    Error loading kernel cache (0x9)

    Hi guys, I have had this build since the Mountain Lion days but after trying to make the move up to High Sierra, I have been stuck with the same error over and over again. I have reinstalled at least 5 times now with the same result. Installation seems to work fine but once I restart the...
  14. goldorac

    8700K UHD 630 headless 10.13.6 problem

    Hello, I am making an hackintosh for a friend, everything is good except the good activation with the iGPU in headless mode, I am under 10.13.6 last build, no more update possible. Here the specs : Gigabyte Aorus Z370 Gaming 5 i7 8700k 1 GTX 1080 and 1 GTX 1070 The bios is well configurated...
  15. Jippa_Lippa

    Security Update Loading Bar Freezes.

    Hello. I'm using a 10.13.6 installation with nvidia graphics & drivers, but I have a problem with the latest securty update. I download the update from the appstore, restart the computer, select the appropriate partition in clover (install MacOS), but each time the loading bar stoppes around...
  16. xiaolulu

    I met some problems when I installed mac10.13.6 and I hope I can get help.

    My computer is configured in the data. I have used a lot of methods to get stuck in this place. There are pictures below. mac framework successfully initialized ACPI Warning:ioapic;Version 8*28 vectors 64:111 gpe _l37 has no implementation (28168938/EVGPEINIT-456 ACPI:Executed 48 blocks of...
  17. H0u5er

    << Solved >> should I down-grade my motherboard or shutdown my M.2?

    First, there is my hardware list: i3-8100 (BTW, my clover is i5-8500, I think it works ) MSI B360M Mortar Titanium GTX1060-6G, I use HDMI port connect my display. Teclast NP900C 480G (Windows 10 installed) Kingston SA400S37 240G (prepare for Hackintosh) I download the macOS High Sierra...
  18. dominikzorgie

    (Solved&Solution) BCM94360CS2 M.2 NFGG – WiFi and Airdrop works but BT not

    Solved! On almost all the adapters that you can buy, the manufacturer incorrectly threw the ground poligon.Therefore, you need to isolate the NGFF adapter from the BCM94360CS2 network card and from the shield that installed on the motherboard. Sometimes need to isolate all places where we must...
  19. BobDobbs

    Z370 audio very noisy on High Sierra 10.13.6

    Using the Gigabyte mobo in my profile; I have no problem getting the OS to recognize the audio chip set, but when I hook it up to an external amplifier via the stereo audio jacks, I get a ton of digital noise in the audio - in fact it's often louder than the actual audio. This mobo has the...
  20. adlua

    How to plug more 20 usb device on 10.13 hackintosh

    Hi there, I have a difficult situation. Help ! Trying to build a hackintosh as audio station, my issue is to plugged 20 usb devices on it, including 2 usb audio interfaces and 2 more firewire audio interfaces. My situation turn to a bloodbath !! Based on a SABERTOOTH (Asus Sabertooth z87...