1. HanHuman

    [Solved] Nvidia web driver for High Sierra 2018-003 10.13.6?

    Hi, I currently have a 1070 with High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G65). The last compatible update last time I checked month ago. OSX keeps giving me the update popup so I was wondering if any new web driver pack was released for the High Sierra 2018-003 10.13.6 update (last to date)? (I don't even...
  2. Kaspian

    UHD 630 full acceleration & High Sierra 10.13.6 boot problem

    Hi there, I've been trying all christmas to get my first hackintosh to boot without a kernel panic, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it. I see a lot of people with similar problems, but the fixes suggested in other threads just don't do it on my system. The only way I can...
  3. brownknee

    High Sierra 10.13.6 - GPU Laggy

    Hello, I recently made the jump from 10.10.1 to 10.13.6. I never bothered updating before now, because my system worked with no issues and I never had a reason to upgrade until recently. My old GPU died on me (GTX 760) so I got a new one and went ahead and made the OS upgrade to 10.13. The new...
  4. talavoock

    [Solved] High sierra internet stopped working

    Hi everyone. I have high sierra 10.13.6 and TP-Link Archer T9E wifi. after i updated some security update from mac app store then audio stoped working. i installed voodoohda but didn't work then i installed AppleALC. Audio fixed and everything was ok for 3 days i had no issue.After 3 days when...
  5. jspalding

    Restart while rendering Adobe (premiere/after effects/ media encoder)

    running High Sierra 10.13.6 i7-8700K Geforce 1070 32GB DDR4 Ram (2x16GB RipJaw Cards) Gigabyte Auros Z370 Gaming Wifi Mobo Using the 387. Web Drivers for (17G65) build and CUDA 410.130 SMBIOS is iMac14,2 since I heard it was stable-ish (though I had it on iMac18,3 with the...
  6. machackaddict

    [Solved] High Sierra10.13.6 : Graphics EVGA GTX 750 Ti HDMI port Not working

    Hi I am trying to run dual monitors, I have graphics from the DVI port but the HDMI port is not giving me any signal. In systems prefs/Displays/gather windows - Both monitors show up, but I cannot get a signal on the other monitor. I have changed the HDMI cables but no joy. Here is my...
  7. gopinathch

    High Sierra 10.13.6, UHD630 Graphics not working

    Motherboard : Gigabyte Z370P D3 CPU : i3-8100 Graphics : UHD 630 I am new to technology, I followed Unibeast,Multibeast on 10.13.3 it's working perfectly. but 10.13.6 the Graphic_Post_Installation with MultiBeast is not working for me, i tried more than 12 times on fresh installation in...
  8. jdleung

    [Solved] 10.13.4 update to 10.13.6 failed via App Store

    My computer is running on High Sierra 10.13.4, I wanted to update it to 10.13.6 via App Store. Everything went fine, but the system is still 10.13.4 after reboot, it means nothing changed. How can I do it right to update it? Thanks.
  9. meendoo

    [Short guide] macOS 10.13.6 + i7 8700 + GTX 1080ti + Z370m D3H

    First I'd like to thank everyone in the tonymacx86's forum. You guys are doing a great job sharing successful experiences and difficulties, as I'll do now. They save some good time! So, first of all I'll try to keep this thread simple and if you need any extra info I'll be glad to help. You can...
  10. sebtech

    Dual GTX 1080 and High Sierra issue

    Hi ! I really need help to understand what is going wrong with my setup. During 2 years I was on macOS Sierra and everything was fine, I use this workstation to work everyday, but I had to update to High Sierra due a software update. Of course I did a fresh install for macOS High Sierra (based...
  11. ekh

    SOLUTION: Working Native Audio For alc1150

    I have Asus b85 Gamer pro with alc 1150. Been facing this problem since sierra. Had to use bluetooth for audio. Just recently solve the problem so i though i should share. Required Items 1. Clover Configurator (latest Version) 2. audio cloverALC or AppleALC (latest Version) 3. Clover (latest...
  12. subi1990

    Asus strix z370-E gaming with 8086k and 1080ti

    Subi1990's Build: Asus strix z370 E-gaming i7 8086k 1080ti [/CENTER] Components Already Owned Asus Rog Strix Z370-E Gaming Motherboard https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075RHWCC4/?tag=tonymacx86com-20 https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813119033 G.Skill flare X 16GB running at...
  13. worldie

    Booting with MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 Update File

    Hi, I don't have a iMac, so I cannot download MacOS. But in the web is MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 Update File for free download. Can I just download this and boot with that?
  14. jakers_88

    XiaoMi Gaming Laptop 2018 (I7-8750H)

    Hi, I bought xiaomi gaming laptop 8th (2018): XiaoMi Gaming Laptop Intel Core I7-8750H GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 16GB RAM DDR4 256GB 15.6" I replaced the internal hard drive with a 10.13.6 clone and copied the EFI of the guide but the system does not start. Do you have any ideas on how to solve the...
  15. hozone

    Acer Aspire 5750G High Sierra 10.13.6 installer hangs

    Hello, I've an Acer aspire 5750G with akbar bios and High Sierra 10.13.5 installed. It was an 10.13.1, updated step by step to 10.13.5 from the Store wihout problems. Now I'm try to update to 10.13.6. The installer hangs on with the apple gliched. If i disable NV the installer hangs on black...
  16. Felix2004

    Asrock X58 DELUXE High Sierra install error"End randomseed" reboot

    Have somebody the same problem and know a way ?
  17. Junaid6305

    [Solved] No 4K resolution after 10.13.6 update

    I had my system running with 4K resolution on 10.13.5. I’m using the inetegrated Intel HD 4600 graphics. After updating I can’t go above 1080p. If I go to about this Mac it recognizes the graphics card and 1538MB of VRAM. How can I fix this?
  18. ErsatzAcc

    HWMonitor reports overheated (115°C) CPU (i5-4590) heatsinks after sleep

    I think this must be a bug, i opened the case and the heatsink is completely cold, not even warm. Or is the CPU heatsink heat measured directly at the CPU? But all other CPU heats are only 30-40°C. Is there any risk for my hardware?
  19. Nehedar

    Cannot boot in Safe Mode - Re-Installed Bootloader with Multibeast 10.4.0…

    I edited my initial post. Made a change: deleted all the content of /EFI/CLOVER/drivers64UEFI/ and with Multibeast 10.4.0 have installed Clover Uefi, and deleted the file nvram.plist The system boots well in normal mode. However trying again in Safe mode and verbose after reading “Mac Framework...
  20. scriv

    630 UHD Graphics in 10.13.6

    I've tried for the life of me to find a definitive guide to getting Coffee Lake CPU's to work with 10.13.6 and am at my wits end. Currently, the machine boots into 10.13.6 successfully but I can't get accelerated graphics to work. What I've Tried - Every clover configuration imaginable from...