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    Copy EFI to make a clean instal on same system

    Hello there, I have a working hackintosh running High Sierra I would like to make a clean instal on another drive in the same system After making the USB with Unibeast I copied the EFI from my working drive into the EFI partition of the USB, but I can't get to clover from the USB, any idea...
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    High Sierra won't boot

    Hello ! My hackintosh won't boot today, it was fine yesterday .. I attached a picture of where it is stuck at. Any idea ? Thanks !
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    [Guide] Intel NUC7/NUC8 using Clover UEFI (NUC7i7Bxx,NUC8i7Bxx,etc)

    Thank you @buffaloduets for your answer, interesting thread but I'm not sure it concerns me since both my outputs work, but not simultaniously (if I understood the thread well, which is uncertain haha) I could buy a usb c to dual HDMI as workaround, I really need a solution quickly. But in...
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    [Guide] Intel NUC7/NUC8 using Clover UEFI (NUC7i7Bxx,NUC8i7Bxx,etc)

    Thanks @RehabMan for the guide ! I just can't get my 2 monitors working (two 1920x1080), one plugged in the HDMI port the other in the USB C port via a USB C to HDMI adapter. They both work on their own, but not together. During boot and in the BIOS, they both display the same thing. But the...
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    Can't boot into El Capitan after booting into Windows

    Hi everyone I have my hackintosh (GA-Z170M-D3H - Intel i7-6700 - 16GB RAM - GTX970) for more than a year now and it was running perfectly without any problem. OSX and Windows are on two separate SSDs. 3 days ago I booted windows after a few months of using only osx, so windows does a few...
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    Can not boot into OSX anymore "Volume header needs to be repaired"

    Hello everyone, Today I have run into what seems to be a major issue (hopefuly there is a simple fix) : the PC shuts down when i try to boot into El Capitan. Verbose shows this .. Volume header appears to need "minor repairs". I tried to run a disk repair with the USB Installer, but it wont...
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    Does Windows mess with OSX drives ?

    Good idea, i thought it had a 4gb file limitation, but I was thinking of FAT32. EDIT : After uninstalling Paragon, Windows still sees the OSX and DATA drives ... what the heck EDIT2 : Managed to repair the OSX drive booting with the installer USB drive, Onyx says the disk is ok now .. Hope it...
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    Does Windows mess with OSX drives ?

    Why ? Any other solution ? Is the damage reversible ? I dont need to read the OSX drive with Windows, just the Data drive. EDIT: I just reformated the DATA drive, I am going to disable the OSX and DATA drives from the BIOS, boot in Windows and unistall Paragon, see if it improves
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    Does Windows mess with OSX drives ?

    Hello everyone, First of all here is my drive setup - 500GB SSD (OS X El Cap) - 500GB SSD (Windows 10 Pro) - 3TB HDD formated in HFS+ (DATA) Paragon is installed in Windows to be able to read the OSX and data drives I am a bit concerned, today I boot my hackintosh in OSX and it says my DATA...
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    Success Triple Boot Z170-D3H, i7 6700 skylake, GTX950 SCC with 4k display

    Yep i did that, I managed to boot by disabling Superserial ATA (if I remember) in the BIOS everything runs smoothly ! :)
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    Success Triple Boot Z170-D3H, i7 6700 skylake, GTX950 SCC with 4k display

    Finally bought the pc parts and put them together ! I followed the guides but no luck, the Installer wont boot .. I dont know were to look in the boot log to see the exact error, and it reboot too fast to see anything ..If you have any idea Ill take it :) Here are my specs : - Z170m-D3H - I7...
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    Success Triple Boot Z170-D3H, i7 6700 skylake, GTX950 SCC with 4k display

    Thank you ! I was hesitant to buy this motherboard even though it was recommenced by tonymac because I couldn't find anyone who could actually make it work. But now I'm more confident. I'll buy it and tell you if it worked for me ;)
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    What price drop should we expect ?

    Hello all ! With the launch of the new Nvidia cards (which is pretty exciting but not hackintosh compatible any soon ..), what kind of price drop do you think we should expect on the 900 series ? I was planning on buying the 970 but I'm hopping (maybe in vain ..) the 980 or even the 980Ti will...
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    Looking for advice (GPU, CPU and misc) for very compact computer

    The PC-TU200 is bigger than the RVZ02 but it seems very efficient ! The front SATA connection is interesting. Thanks for the suggestion I'll consider it. ;) The PC-TU100 would be perfect but I really need at least 3 drive bays. The Corsair 380T looks cool but too big and made of plastic as you...