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    Probook 450 G1 Panel Upgrade

    I confirm the N156HGE-LB1 is a perfect fit It took ages to arrive but I paid $40 from taobao including the dual link cable from the 470 series Thanks to AndrewC1 and the pictures of the lvds cable: it was hard to put it back, and it helped me a lot :)
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    Probook 450 G1 Panel Upgrade

    That Full HD IPS panel seems sold out everywhere I ordered a N156HGE-LB1 from China, it's TN LCD, but 1080p, it should be compatible Finger crossed for next month when it will arrive...
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    HDD in DVD slot on 450 G1?

    I inserted an HDD in the DVD slot using an adapter. The HDD isn't being recognized by any operating system. Is this unsupported on this laptop?
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    Mac OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion" Developer Build Announced

    Then after a few years you are gonna buy another mac because it is unsupported for marketing reasons ;)
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    Mac OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion" Developer Build Announced

    No, it's just Twitter ;)
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    Radeon 4870 with dual DVI

    i chose to buy a geforce gtx 260 the radeon 4870 it is equipped on the mac pros, but i read that even in the mac pro have to change the card bios to "mac edition" to have it working perfectly
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    HYPER HACK 16 logic cores

    Maybe for that power I will add a thousand euro and get the mac pro to be 100% sure to be without any issue and get 100% performance Pro: gpu 100% supported SSD with TRIM enabled updates won't cause problems and break stuff you will get less troubles if you help him for free cons: if you get...
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    Radeon 4870 with dual DVI

    Hello, I have a Geforce 210 that works very well, HDMI included, the problem it's that I can't play GTVA IV even at the lowest settings :lol: So I was thinking to replace it with a Radeon 4870, does it work in OS X Lion without much hassle? Also I need dual monitor working
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    Well, i was having multiple random kernel panics I fixed by one of this actions: Removing voodoohda Upating bios the the right version supported by dsdt (bios was f9, dsdt was f8, i downgraded to f8) Removing little snitch in safe mode
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    Hi, my Lion installation was working fine. Everything working, multimonitor, gpu, sound, ethernet, update to 10.7.1 Then, i installed the latest security update, after the reboot I get a kernel panic: kext - library kext not found Can't load...
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    Intel HD Graphics 3000 in SL?

    Are you 100% sure that you have an intel hd 3000 gpu and not a gma 3000 or x3000? The HD 3000 is integrated in only some of the newer sandy bridge i5 and i7 Unless you have a secret engineering sample of the core i3 530 with a secret revision of the motherboard, you can't have the hd 3000 gpu
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    Any supported GPU can be ok?

    Hello, I am trying to find a supported video card I found a nice fanless geforce 210, but, as it is common, the same gpu is sold from dozens of different manufacturers I read that the geforce 210 is supported out of the box with hdmi audio and multimonitor support (right?), does this means...