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    OS X 10.8.5 Update

    A couple of things not working correctly since I updated. Time Machine is totally borked and I can't roll back to what I had previously, as it doesn't let me move or scroll through previous versions. My programs that usually start on startup have to be started up manually now even though they...
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    OS X 10.8.5 Update

    I'm getting installation failed from using the combo updater provided above. I've tried to repair permissions and everything, and it says that some of them will not be repaired. Haven't tried through the app store yet.
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    Liquid CPU Cooler....worth it?

    I have the Corsair H60, which I bought a while back when it was a bit newer, and it's still running perfectly fine and keeping everything frosty. I have an i5, but I'm sure the newer one that you are wanting to get will do just fine. If the one you are thinking about getting is anything like...
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    NVIDIA Updates Web Drivers for 10.8.4 (313.01.02f01)

    Starting to think that it isn't. Every time I try to install this, the install fails. Same with the Cuda driver.
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    Apple's OpenGL+OpenCL Test App: Galaxies

    Hmm, my updates per sec are pitiful on my 6670 compares to everyone else so far, though it didn't do too bad on the first number. I was getting 8 updates per sec, and around 162 gigaflops. ><
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    NVIDIA Releases Mountain Lion 10.8.3 Graphics Drivers

    And this is why I am getting an Nvidia soon, they actually care.
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    New build of VoodooHDA, testers needed

    How likely is this to cause KP? I know that I always get KP with the regular version, no matter what.
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    No audio device detected on AC97 or HDMI (GA-Z77X-UD3H)

    It doesn't matter which way I try to use it, there is no audio device detected with this mobo using Multibeast, and I'm using the correct way in Multibeast. I have been able to get sound to work using Voodoo once, but it always causes KP, so I have to scrap it. =/ I'm really beginning to...
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    Inside MultiBeast: Audio and HDMI Audio

    Article: Inside MultiBeast: Audio and HDMI Audio I wonder the same thing, as the default on my z77x-ud3h doesn't work.
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    [SUCCESS]GA-Z77X-D3H Audio Support

    And you aren't getting KP upon further reboots? I guess if I do the extra things you did, the universal may not make me KP.
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    Problem with Z77X-UD3H and WD MyBook 1tb & other misc issues

    Ack, I had a kernel panic problem that I couldn't recover from, so I had to reinstall everything. Even though I did everything exactly as I did before, it is back to not recognizing my WD MyBook again! I have no idea why it is so picky with some devices. It won't recognize it anywhere on...
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    Problem with Z77X-UD3H and WD MyBook 1tb & other misc issues

    A little update, the 10.8.2 combo update worked for me as far as keeping my graphics the same as they were on 10.8. So no more problems there, I guess that it just didn't like the whole fresh install thing and preferred the combo update to keep those settings in tact. Seems that the 10.8.2...
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    Problem with Z77X-UD3H and WD MyBook 1tb & other misc issues

    I just got this new board after the bios on my old board got possessed by the spirits of bios passed. (long story, not important to what this thread is about, heehee.) First problem is that it doesn't recognize my WD MyBook 1tb no matter which port I try to put it in. I've even tried to use...
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    MultiBeast 5.0 for Mountain Lion

    Excellent, love it!
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    Gigabyte UEFI - SSDT/DSDT and Overclocking

    Ah, so this is a Lion only thing then? I'm sure something for ML will be figured out soon.