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    Clover v5098 causes boot to fail.

    I was having problem when installing. Network kext not being loaded. I revert back to r5091 went beautifully
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    Step 2 '"--applicationpath" is deprecated in macOS 10.14 and greater."

    it says higher than El Capitan.. are you on yosemite? 10.10.x? Because it says on the terminal you should be on 10.11.x or 10.12.x for you to download mojave
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    Clover - Auto Tick Intel GFX

    this is what im talking about if anybody has an input ... #TIA
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    Clover - Auto Tick Intel GFX

    Does everyone notice? Clover automatically ticks Intel GFX even though I didn't activate it in my config.plist **installed succesfully btw..just the gfx problem
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    [Solved] gIOScreenLockState 3 error on High Sierra first boot in GA-Z97X-UD3H

    I have the same problem.. however, on my bios i only selected as iGPU as my primary graphics.. when i boot up High Sierra it uses my GTX660ti and HD4000 ( seeing it as 3 monitor setup).. it uses my GTX660ti as my Display Driver and HD4000 as console :3
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    Can't get pass this error! HELP PLEASE!

    I i am trying to do a fresh install.. I am using MSI GTX 660ti POWER EDITION OC.. I have 2 monitor setup..DVI-D and HDMI...
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    Can't get pass this error! HELP PLEASE!

    I am trying to upgrade my sierra hackintosh however I keep on getting this error. Kext stall[0], (240s): 'pci8086,1c3a' Help is really appreciated. Thanks
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    Direct Update and failed

    I have been trying to direct update my hackintosh from 10.12.6 to 10.13 however it keeps gettig stuck from here on. Help will be very much appreciated. Thank you
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    Fast kernel panic after Sierra update

    Thats good then, i just went there to get the USB Installer coz i cant make Unibeast to work on my build. Alright then so goodluck to your build man hope you can make it work. Cheers
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    Fast kernel panic after Sierra update

    I think I've encountered this. But have you tried waiting for it to load? When you created your macOS USB did you select UEFI? try to create another installer with UEFI that might help. If not I'm sorry man
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    Still Stalling at Boot Screen :(

    Did you try and wait for it? Because Have you tried waiting for it ? Because in my previous install of macOS it get stuck on the same thing but it'll continue eventually. And you should update your profile with your system specs
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    [SOLVED] Clover 3599 won't mount EFI?

    It is better to use terminal than using Clover Configurator because sometimes it doesn't mount it or it mounts a different EFI partition from the drives connected to your computer. open Terminal type "diskutil list" (you'll get all the drives that are currently connected to your computer like...
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    Unibeast USB wont boot(Ive spent 2 hours searching for help)

    what i understand on your post is that your motherboard is not reading the drive properly installed because it skips it. On the Unibeast installer was there a selection about the bootloader you have to use? what you can do is just try to reformat your usb and try to reinstall macOS sierra on...
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    After Update to Sierra -> Drives missing

    try this Open Terminal (Utilities>Terminal) type: diskutil list (look for your drive where you installed your bootloader -- as for mine its on /dev/disk1s1) diskutil mount /dev/diskXsY (X=# of the drive Y= # of the partion ---this is to mount the efi partition) EFI partition unmounts...
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    Sierra hackintosh installation fails

    in order for them to help you, you have to update ur computer specs on your profile first so that they can you an advice/fix for your problem