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    crucial 8GB vs 16GB kit

    Thanks to all for your replies, thanks!
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    crucial 8GB vs 16GB kit

    Thanks, another question, is it worth it to upgrade to an i5 6500(4 cores lower speed) vs the i3 6100(2 cores higher speed), taking into account I'll use the rig for web programming and iOS programming(xcode), every so often a windows 10 virtual machine on top of it, upgrading my RAM to 16GB for...
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    crucial 8GB vs 16GB kit

    is the same using CRUCIAL TWO(2) CT8G4DFD8213 8GB sticks bought separately as using the CRUCIAL 16GB kit(2x8GB)? as for dual channel and general performance, do I need to buy specifically the 16GB kit to give the hackintosh dual channel capability and better RAM performance? I ask cause, see...
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    [Guide] El Capitan on the Skylake H170N-WIFI

    Hi, in a hack like this but using only one 8Gb RAM Dimm, how should RAM settings on config.plist through clover configurator be? Slot 0, single channel and SlotCount 1? Thanks!
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    Hi antoniof, were you able to finish your hack using the ASRock H170M-ITX, my case I plan to use the non wifi model(DL), I'd appreciate whether you have any advice regarding this mobo, is it possible to finish this hack following the tonymac guide only? or Do I need to reach other ketxs, aml...
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    Unibeast usb drive best port to plug to

    Hi, I've heard and seen some recommendations from people that sometimes you have to boot from your UniBeast USB drive plugged to the USB 2.0/1.1 port instead of the USB 3.0/2.0 port, otherwise you're facing some booting issues, any experiences on this topic? specifically those using the...
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    Black screen after progress on boot

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    GA-H170N-WIFI original bluetooth card issues and some questions about ASRock H170M-ITX/DL

    Hi, just trying to decide whether using the GA-H170N-WIFI or the ASRock H170M-ITX/DL, to build a customac mini, 8GB RAM, SSD, I3 6100 and no G card, at the moment I plan to use the processor's HD 530 GPU only. REGARDING THE GIGABYTE MOBO: 1.- Does the original bluetooth card work out of the...
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    Black screen after progress on boot

    Hi, how have you been doing with your hack? I'm planning to build one like yours, using the same AsRock mobo and no video card, is it possible to success following the original tonymac El Capitan installation guide? or do I need you additional workarounds? as far as I know sierra doesn't support...
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    ASRock H170m idx/DL and Hackintosh

    Hi, were you able to handle el Capitan or Sierra on your AsRock mobo?
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    Customac mini with Video card or without?

    thanks again!
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    Customac mini with Video card or without?

    Many thanks for your answer, let me ask another question related to this topic, what is the max amount of memory the HD 530 takes from the main ram? 1536MB? is it possible even more? is this amount adjustable in BIOS or somewhere else? thanks again!
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    Customac mini with Video card or without?

    HI, trying to assemble my first customac mini, I'd be using it for coding iOS and OSX apps(xcode) mostly, plus some graphic design on Pixelmator and some other vectorial apps, plus the basic activities everyone does on a computer nowadays, maybe some sound editing(basic), not intense video...