NVIDIA Pascal - High Sierra - UI issues

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Mar 17, 2016
Asus Z170-A
Intel Core i5 6600K
AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 ref.
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Hello everyone.
Would appreciate any help that can be provided in here.
The problem lasts for half a year and I cannot find any solution this. Saw numerous guides and build examples but seems like no-one ever faced or may be just did not notice this problem.

Th issue is - after I properly install system by steps ->
1) create USB install disk (with clover installed separately and tried also installing with multicast HS edition.)
2) After installation succeed, install clover (or multibeast) on drive
3) Set system definition to iMac 17.1 (or Mac Pro 6.1)
4) Intall Lilu+NVDA graphics fix .kexts
3) Install Nvidia web drivers (latest available for my system 10.13.2)
= problem

After you log in to system with Nvidia drivers enabled you can see that UI is on "High Contrast" mode. All colors seem to be acid and shadows from windows look ugly. This can be easily noticed by overlaying one windows over another that set to list layout.

I watched hundreds of available videos with pascal GPU builds and seems like no one faced this problem.

I am sure this is a system/installation error because when I connect that display to real Mac (MBP15) th UI looks great as it should. this problem did not appear on previous installations.(other systems)

My system:
Core i5 6600k
16gb DDR4
samsung evo960 256gb
gigabyte GTX1070 founders edition

Using original macOS installer from App Store (realmac)
Clover version tried - 4392
Multibeast - last available on this resource.
Lilu + NVDA Graphics fix - up to date versions both.
smbios - iMac 17.1 ; Mac Pro 6.1 . (switching to any other SMBIOS does not change anything)

Please help !)


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The Rules said:
Profiles need to contain at least your primary system to assist others with helping you

Attach your config.plist.
Hello P1LGRIM , uploaded file, edited info in profile with my hardware.
Try with this edited config.plist and report progress :


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Try with this edited config.plist and report progress :
Unfortunately your config did not change anything
Made fresh installation. 10.13.3, Unibeast/Multibeast
And to my surprise everything was OK, BUT
After I used clover configurator and set SMBIOS with UUID, after reboot the issue returned. And now Even restoring EFI partition from back up (all working) do not help. I have acid colors on screen with ugly shadows.
Screenshots attached
Even after installing pure clover with only FakeSMC the problem stays after installing Nvidia web drivers, installed them with SIP enabled as said in guides.
Tried 5 different system definitions.Last attempt made my EFI part unbootable.Boots only from usb created by unibeast.
Tried to reinstall NV Drivers several times with/out SIP, changing smbios and reinstalling.
I have only two ways of working machine - 1) Glitches and freezes with ugly shadows and overbright white color. 2) No GPU acceleration at all (even integrated GPU do not work.)

NOTICED - if I switch to 720p resolution, everything looks like it should except poor quality.
when switching back to 1080p - again overbright, ugly shadows, acid colours.


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