1. georgian

    NUC5i5ryk shows no video on boot (no splash/no BIOS), but El Capitan works fine

    Hello all, As mentioned in the title, my NUC does not show any video output (through Display Port) during boot. To use it I have to blindly guess the right combination of {arrow keys, enter key} that boots me into OS X El Capitan. When I guess the combination, after a few seconds, I finally get...
  2. shafin

    Dual monitor not working on intel HD 4400 HDMI+VGA

    I installed big sur latest using Opencore vanilla guide and it worked perfectly on single monitor but the trouble begins when I plug in the second monitor. Help me to use my second monitor. What I've done: used only vga/hdmi port at onece a time and it worked (that means vga is working) hot...
  3. clearsimpleplain

    << Solved >> Ice Lake - Iris Plus Graphics - 7mb VRAm

    Hey, guys. I feel like Ive tried everything, but I know Im not understanding some parts of the issue. Anyways, Im running Big Sur on my Lenovo C940. Literally everything is running great, except for the graphics acceleration. About This Mac says I have 7mb of vram, which Ive learned means Im...
  4. regularnoname

    Acer aspire 5750g dedicated graphics

    I installed hackinosh on my laptop and trying to launch my nvidia graphics gt520m . I find this but i dosen't know how to enable it Integrated and NVIDIA Graphics (use Integrated for less battery drain) //NVIDIA is disabled by default
  5. skateking60

    Intel HD graphics 4600 glitching with new display

    Hey everyone, I finished my hackintosh a few days ago with a normal 1080p 16:9 display. After getting graphics acceleration to work, it worked just fine, no glitches or anything. But with my new display (LG ultravide 21:9 2560x1080) I get these weird glitches when chrome/safari/messenger/vlc is...
  6. jezzalencko9

    GTX670 crashes openCl High Sierra

    Hi, I've recently rebuilt High Sierra and everything has been running smoothly until I've tried to do some video editing (in Wondershare Filmora) and have been getting consistent crashes out of the program. I'm running NVIDIA web drivers (downloaded). Error log attached. Mentions opencl runtime...
  7. machine2009

    Can you install macOS on a 8300 without HD4000 or dedicated grahics to use it a server?

    I plan to install macOS Big Sur on a HP 8300 SFF with a i5 3470 processor. I know that the integrated Intel HD 2500 Graphics are not supported in macOS but I wonder if it is possible to get through the installion process with only the integrated DisplayPort and use it as a server from there. Do...
  8. evelli

    Graphics/performance issues on Z390 Catalina build (UHD Graphics 630)

    Hi, I'm having trouble with my first build, where after days of trial and error I finally found a solution to booting, opting to use my internal graphics (UHD 630) instead of my radeon Rx580 GPU. I installed Catalina 10.15.4 via gibmacOS (after trying .15.7 and .15.6), and followed CaseySJ's...
  9. Crihexe

    Intel UHD 630 makes Open Core Big Sur lag and shows only 14mb of vram

    Hi, so I'm trying to make an Hackintosh on my pc: CPU: i9 9900k (coffee lake) GPU: RTX 2070 Super MOBO: MSI Z390 Gaming Plus I don't want to use my 2070 Super because of missing drivers. So I decided to use my UHD 630 iGPU. When i use macOS, the dGPU is still connected to the MOBO, but I use...
  10. Skorr

    Two boot drives behaving differently after updating to Catalina

    After a year of delaying as I needed some programs to run stable for the audio work I do, I finally decided to update to Catalina. The update went mostly smoothly but I had a number of small issues I didn't have before. After some messing around I used an extra drive and set up a fresh install...
  11. jackassninja

    Apple logo and black background won't go away.

    Hello, In fact, my problem could be a matter of graphics issue. I have a Quadro K4000 for which I'm aware that It is supported. However, every time I boot, MAC OS turns on fine but It is the apple logo with the progress bar and the black background that doesn't go away. I know that I can still...
  12. tidann

    Black Screen with Radeon RX 580

    Hello, I installed Big sur on a MSI b450 gaming plus max, ryzen 3200G , Aorus Radeon RX580 8G and 8g of ram. Everything works fine if I force integrated graphics. If not, there is a black screen when the Apple icon should show (after the boot logs) Can someone help me ? I tried the RX580 ssdt...
  13. KrustyKrab

    What are some high end graphics cards to get?

    Previous Graphics Card: Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX 5700XT 8GB I recently put together my build and everything seemed to be working fine until on the second week, I started seeing the VGA light on the Motherboard light up and there was no more signal going to the monitor. After troubleshooting...
  14. jiny505

    << Solved >> [HELP] Z390 + UHD630 Graphics not work

    Hi, Guys. Thanks for your Installation Guide and I installed Mac OS 10.15.7 with Unibeast 10.3.0. But I can't complete Multibeast steps. After setting Multibeast, the screen doesn't show. (No signal) So, I copy EFI folder from Unibeast memory to Volume/EFI. And now I can run with Mac OS, but no...
  15. frans

    Graphics Resolution Problem at 1920x1080 - Nvidia 8400 GS - Mavericks 10.9.5

    Hi, thanks to everyone in the forum !! I hope you can help me with this one... I have looked in the forum for a way to solve this problem for some days now but I couldn't find the answer.. I recently changed my monitor to a Philips flat tv that supports 1920x1080 resolution. I had a 8400 gs...
  16. dragon395

    << Solved >> New install, but I don't know how to get graphics working properly

    Hey everyone! Been using Apple/MacOS for years now on official hardware, but I've decided to install a Clover boot on i7/GTX 750 Ti because of the speed. I've installed everything correctly and it's running fine, but I can't find any drivers or anything to get my GTX 750 Ti running properly...
  17. desmondam1

    Icelake 10th gen Intel UHD G1 graphics no Graphics acceleration .

    I installed Catalina 15.2 on my dell Inspiron 3593 laptop >Intel Core i3 1005G1 @1.2Ghz ( Ice Lake ) >4 Gb ram >Intel UHD graphics for 10th gen proccessors ( G1) The system boots into mac os but there is no graphics acceleration. Please help.
  18. varunbiday

    << Solved >> Lines on Monitor (Responsive) After Installing Nvidia Web Driver and Booting on macOS High Sierra

    I have been trying to fix this for over a week now. I have installed macOS High Sierra on an NVMe SSD on my desktop using a UniBeast made USB. Every time I come to post install, I have only two things which are not working: Audio and Graphics card. Audio gets fixed by applying the HDAS to HDEF...
  19. barretme

    Upgrade from Integrated Intel Graphics to Dedicated AMD Card

    Hi All, What are the necessary steps I need to take after installing a dedicated Sapphire RX 580 Pulse 8GB and will no longer be using the integrated Intel 4600 graphics? Thank you.
  20. trueneu

    No video signal if booted with 2 displays connected

    Hi everyone! I've recently bought an addition to my Asus VG248QE display - an LG 27GL850 (new primary). The former one is connected via DVI-D link, the latter with DisplayPort connection. First time I booted into macOS, everything worked perfectly (which really throws me off now). However, when...