Mojave installation freezes at 2 minutes left

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Boot in verbose mode and post a picture of the screen when it stops.
Just to be clear, the process stops during the Mojave install itself and not the boot process. The verbose mode is viewable during the boot of the USB only right? And not the install process?
I've enabled verbose mode. I managed to take a picture of the screen just before it loads the language selection. There were 2 more lines that came out I think but it was too fast for me to capture.


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I'm having likely the same issue on H370-A / i7 8700.
Hard freeze 2 min. remaining in 1st stage
Hey @willbiggz ,

I also tried installing High Sierra, but same issue there.
... but have managed to clone from a real Mac Pro sitting in the living room and got it working.

Hell yes, I will do that, too :D But I think, this is not a real good solution :thumbdown

EDIT / UPDATE: I installed the Mojave OS on another computer where it works and put the SSD in my installation-non-working-PC and it boots up and works with it.

Maybe something is going wrong in the installer?
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thank you very much for the tip with "SuperDuper".

Here's what I did:
  • Installed Mojave on another PC (successfully)
  • Inserted the SSD in the other PC
  • Booting, works fine.
  • Then tried to copy the files to my NVMe Drive / formatted to HFS+ before
  • Booting, works fine again (on HFS+)
  • Then added another partition on the NVMe Drive, with an APFS container (Disk Utility)
  • Tried to clone the HFS+ to the APFS volume
  • Cloning, Copying, everything fine
  • Last step of "SuperDuper": "Making xyz bootable" > CRASH / FREEZE (like in OSX Setup)
  • Then booting the NVMe from Clover > Seems working, but the icons in Clover are strange
BUT: Issue with system is now, that it won't shutdown or restart properly. When shutting down, fans go high RPM and it freezes.
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