macOS 10.14.6 Update

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I first updated Clover to version 5018 but found out that this caused a full stop during boot. This has also been noted by others in this thread.

The later Clover versions appear to have changed the installer UI, and the installer do not select the UEFI drivers you already have - which seems to be a recipe for disaster, but even if I selected the drivers manually it still would not boot.

So eventually I had to downgrade to version 4972 and that solved the boot problem.

I then upgraded LiLu, AppleALC and WhatEverGreen.

Finally I downloaded and used the Comboinstaller and it took about 45 minutes and 3 boots to install.

Everything is working as expected.
Would have been nice to make it more clear to those not following the bleeding edge dev updates that the Clover UEFI drivers directory structure was being reorganized, and/or making the installer be a bit smarter as to migrating existing installed Clover drivers over to the new structure a bit more robust.
Thank you so much.

I've updated through Software Update just like a real iMac
I'm using Clover 4988
It took less than 15 minutes with 3 reboots.
Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 21.00.37.jpg
Easy update. The system works perfectly.
Clover 5028
Lilu 1.3.7
WhateverGreen 1.3.0

Снимок экрана 2019-07-26 в 4.44.30.png
Update fine. Everything went well. Not seeing any improvements in performance.

I would still go ahead and let the devs know that it's not working for you .... It's possible that in its current from the fix only works on the AMD Vega drivers rather than all AMD drivers (RX-580 in your case).

If they don't know then they cant fix it ;) ....


Pink lines fixed on my RX580 used WEG from here -
Updated without any issues. 2 restarts during update. Do not see any improvements at all.
System Information > PCI is currently empty in 1014.5 when it wasn't so in >14.4 - does it work again in 10.14.6? Not really a big issue.
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