macOS 10.14.6 Update

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Nothing to do and no issue on T430 (the same than 10.14.5 update)
It took 40 min and 3 reboots.

My Audio broke after this update.
It took about 15 minutes to update my macOS to 10.14.6, and everything works well.

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For this update I also took time to create my USBPorts.kext so I finally made all of my USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports work at 5 Gbps (theoretical).
I also did the USB port mapping in 10.14.4 with the Hackintool, and, after that, I said goodbye to the port limit patch. I went through 2 updates, and 10.14.6, and my USB ports are still working fine.

Not only that but I also removed all unnecessary ports that i don't use. That way I can keep my USB ports count under 15.
Fractal Monolith:
Direct update from 10.14.5 successful on TUF Z390M PRO GAMING.

SoftRAID requires a driver update.
Reboot phase required a LOT of time to sort. But, eventually completed with success.
No issues at all - Thanks! :clap:

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No issue found during & after upgrade installation.
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smooth & fast with kext updater
My GS65 Updated without any issues everything works
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