HP Z220 CMT Workstation install Mojave

Jun 18, 2019
HP Z220 CMT Workstation
i7 3770
RX 470
Mobile Phone
Android, iOS
So last week i finally got Mojave to work on my HP Z220 (i7 3770, HD4000).
This is going to be my first guide on this site, so it is going to be a simple, straight-forwarded guide.
This guide only installs MacOS, and no dualbooting with Windows.
Update: installed a RX 470 4GB and works natively.

  1. What You Will Need

    I recommend to USB sticks, at least 16GB. One for the macOS installer, and one for Ubuntu live, to check hardware or for debugging if the installation is not working.
    I recommend buying a Fenvi FV T919 wifi + Bluetooth card combo from Amazon or AlieExpress. It works natively in macOS, no kext needed. It costs around 40 euro's (

  2. BIOS Settings

    To boot in the BIOS, press the F10 key. Make sure your bios is up-to-date. The latest update is from 2018.

    Under file, hit Default Setup.
    Then go to storage and hit Storage options, and make sure eSata port is Disabled, and that SATA Emulation is set to AHCI.
    Under security, disable MBR security.
    Again under security, disable VTx and VTd.
    Again under security, disable secure boot.
    Under Advanced set IGD Memory to 64M

  3. Installer USB Preparation

    Make the Mojave boot USB with UniBeast, you can download it under the software section on this site.
    Create the installer with the tutorial on this site.

    Before you boot the installer, use Clover configurator to delete the config.plist under EFI -> Clover and replace it with the attached config.plist
    Also copy all the kext from EFI -> Clover ->kexts -> other to your other folder. Or you can delete everything inside your EFI folder on your installer USB and replace it with my attached EFI folder.

  4. The installation
    To boot the Mojave installer USB, press F9 until the boot menu appears. Select your usb, and press enter. Once in Clover press space and select Verbose mode (-v) and press boot macOS with selected options. It can hang on end randomseed for a few seconds but it wil boot straight to the Mojave installer.
    Once the installer has loaded, go to Disk utility and format your SSD as APFS GUID. Then go back to the macOS utilities screen and press install macOS. It will reboot during the install process. one it reboots select macOS prebooter and it will continue installing.

  5. Post Install

    If you placed all the kext, internet and sound should work fine, and if you have installed the Fenvi WiFi card that should work to.

    total build costs:
    HP Z220 with intel 256gb ssd and 16gb ddr3 memory = 75 euro's (got it real cheap....)
    Fenvi FT T919 wifi + bleutooth card = 45 euro's (AlieExpress)
    Sapphire RX 470 4GB = 90 euro's (second hand card)

    Screenshot 2019-07-04 at 00.11.46.png
    Screenshot 2019-07-06 at 19.30.36.png


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