1. mlkt

    << Solved >> HD4000 Loss of graphic acceleration when installing apps.

    Hi, I have a HP EliteBook 9470m i7 laptop with OSX Catalina 10.15.7 with HD4000 at 1366x768 , everything works correctly except card reader and fingerprint reader. The problem I have is that when installing some applications the system loses the graphic acceleration at the next boot and the only...
  2. mauriciobtts

    [HELP] Enable Hardware acceleration Intel HD4000

    I need help enabling hardware acceleration on Big Sur. My DVMT In BIOS are locked, so I only have 32mb Available. In "about this mac" Intel HD 4000 are showing properly memory. My laptop have a dGPU, who is disabled with -wegnoegpu Mobo: Asus K45VM (OpenCore) CPU: i7-3610QM / HM76 Graphics...
  3. Robbish

    Robbish's 8yr old ATX IvyBridge Hackintosh GA-Z77-DS3H - i5-3570K - HD 4000 [OpenCore/macOS Big Sur]

    Robbish's 8yr old ATX IvyBridge Hackintosh GA-Z77-DS3H - i5-3570K - HD 4000 [OpenCore] (Final Guide Revision 6.3) Components Gigabyte Z77-DS3H (Revision 1.0) motherboard Discontinued Intel i5-3570K (Ivy Bridge) 3.8 GHz 4-Core Processor CPU Discontinued Noctua NH-U12S Air Cooler Amazon US...
  4. B-San

    Underscan not retained after reboot with HD4600 on Mojave

    Hello all! My underscanned display resolution on my 42" Sony Bravia television does not retain after a reboot of Mojave, thus making me go to System Prefrences>Display and underscan it manually after each reboot. I'm using integrated graphics (HD4600) with HDMI output to the Sony Bravia...
  5. hackbyyuri

    AppleALC HD4000 ALC887 no HDMI Audio

    I've installed Catalina on Asus VivoPC VC60(CPU: i5-3210m, GPU: HD4000, AUDIO: ALC887), everything works including sound over headphones, but AUDIO over HDMI I cannot find a way to fix it. Outputs of PC are 3.5mm headphone, optical, HDMI and miniDP
  6. mhys33

    Use iGPU instead of Nvidia GPU

    I'm currently running Mojave with an i7-3770 with intel HD4000 on an intel DH77EB mobo, along with GTX 1050ti OC as GPU. My question is can I use the Intel hd 4000 instead of the 1050ti when the cable is connected to the DGPU? The IGPU has native support in Mojave. Mojave fails to boot when I...
  7. ChriswiththeBeard

    HP Z220 CMT Workstation install Mojave / Catalina (Clover) & Big sur (Open Core)

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update 25 June 2021: Did a clean install of MacOS 11.4 Big Sur with OpenCore 0.7 (worked perfectly) I attached the OC 0.7 EFI ! (You need to generate a new serial...
  8. marousis

    HP 4340s Mojave Error trying to install from USB

    Hi everyone, After multiple tries i turn to you for help. I have tried any solution available, but it seems I get the same error. I tried the FakeSMC (all of them, one by one & all together), changing the config.plist file to Inject all kexts, even tried to change the SMBios to the closest one...
  9. Grauchi

    Weird resolution change when booting with auto login

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to solve this for days now and I surrender. I feel like I have read everything I can understand. I have a dual screen setup, both with different resolutions (one is 1920x1080 connected through a DP-VGA adapter) and the other one is 1280x1024 connected through DVI)...
  10. SujitHifi

    << Solved >> Help: Dell Optiplex 7010 Intel HD 4000 no QE/CI or Metal support on Mojave

    Hello Friends, I am a huge fan of this forum. I followed the following hackintosh build guide for my Dell Optiplex 7010 with Core i5-3475S with Intel HD 4000 and FHD Dual monitors on 2 DP ports...
  11. jean512

    [Closed] Black screen with HD 4000

    Hello, It has been some days I'm trying to Hackintosh the NP530U3C. The main issue is the HD 4000. I have read all Hackintosh basics guide and FAQ here. I don't know what to try know, I'm still stuck with the graphics. :( Issue : I can install and boot Mojave but the laptop screen is black. It...
  12. venkatnath3

    Mod bios Native power management

    Hi I am using Lenovo x230 model laptop Configuration : I5-3320M, Hd4000 graphics I am using unlocked MSR bits mod bios Presently I am not using Any CPUpower management ssdt patches , in clover I select PluginType enable I am using normally , I reed a article about Ivybridge Power...
  13. saqpam

    [solved] HDMI not working on Intel HD4000 with WhateverGreen

    Hello, I have updated to Mojave 10.14.1, and with that i also decided to switch to WhateverGreen. I have followed the guide https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-intel-framebuffer-patching-using-whatevergreen.256490/ I have tried all ig-platform-id's, with the following results: 0x01660003...
  14. Onlymanu

    Help: Vostro 3560 IGPU hdmi

    First-I'm new to the all hackintosh thing here so I'm sorry for my lack of knowledge.. I have Sierra on Dell Vostro 3560 and it's working allright but excpet two things: Wifi- which I can live without.. Hdmi/VGA out which is most important. I guess the VGA will never work.. Currently I can get...
  15. FagnerSilva

    << Solved >> Help Clover - Kernel Panic Notebook Asus k46CB - I7, h4000 , GT740M

    Hello! Sorry for the way of writing in English, I'm using google translator. I am several days trying to make my Mojave hakintosh work perfectly. However, I have reached a point where I can no longer proceed without help. Almost all hardawares were installed and recognized (using the clover)...
  16. mixed91

    [solved] Asus k55vd sleep problem

    Hi, im follow all guides from High Sierra topic. A have patched DSDT (patching DSDT guide) , SSDT (ssdtgen script, power management guide), SSDT-PNLF.aml (backlight guide) and disable Nvidia card. All works fine but notebook does not going sleep. After press button (Mac->Sleep) or at the...
  17. Mike7-7-7

    HD4400 Acceleration at 2560x1440 pixels possible?

    Current Issue: Acceleration only works until resolution of 2048x1152 pixels. Higher resolution (like internal display has 2560x1440) causes flickering. Is this a knows bug of HD4400 on macOS HighSierra or can anyone help me to get it work? (If EDID injections have to be done I would need help...
  18. sb1370

    [Workaround] Intermittent Graphics issues (No IMEI Device)

    Hi; I've noticed when I use the ssdt generated by ssdtPRGen for power management, my graphics doesn't work properly (I think it's QE/CI). Although sometimes graphics work fine with it but randomly and rare. If I drop that ssdt graphics work correctly. I tried beta and -c 3 switch but nothing...
  19. stom1

    INTEL HD4000 only 24bit color depth

    Hello, My laptop is the LENOVO Thinkpad EDGE E531. All work fine on high sierra excepts that the video card shows only 24 bit instead of 24+8 alpha = 32 bit color depth. Bootloader is clover and i inject intel ig-platform-id : 0x01660003. Thank's.
  20. Taifu62

    Intel DH67CF with HD4000 using Clover

    Hello ! I recently got an Intel DH67CF motherboard with an i3-3225 CPU (HD4000 graphics) in order to try building my 1st hackintosh under High Sierra:) I followed @RehabMan guide which is quite useful to start and understand the basics to create my USB key. Install process is booting, but I...