1. ChriswiththeBeard

    HP Z220 CMT Workstation install Mojave / Catalina (Clover) & Big sur (Open Core)

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update 25 June 2021: Did a clean install of MacOS 11.4 Big Sur with OpenCore 0.7 (worked perfectly) I attached the OC 0.7 EFI ! (You need to generate a new serial...
  2. lukelr2000

    Is my Desktop Compatible? Which version then?

    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz Kaby Lake MOTHERBOARD: ASUS STRIX Z270F GAMING GPU: ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Strix MONITOR: C32HG7x (Samsung) SSD: Crurcial MX300 525gb RAM: G.Skill TridentZ RGB 32gb (8gb x4) DDR4-3000 PC4-2400 CPU COOLER: CAPTAIN 360 EX WHITE RGB - GAMER...
  3. coltran

    Prebuilt Hackintosh compatible systems (just requiring OSX installation) are now available on Amazon

    A variant of the CustoMac Mini is here: and a variant of the CustoMac Pro is here:
  4. MixMstrMike

    Prebuilt Gaming Laptop Platforms?

    Hi, I'm becoming really interested in owning a hackintosh as I see more and more opportunity to obtain a more powerful computer for less money. But my computer building/modding knowledge is pretty limited (about as far as swapping a drive, replacing displays, and copy pasting commands into the...
  5. Adumski

    Will this computer work? HP Pavilion HPE h8-1127c Desktop PC

    Hello, can somebody please take a look at my computer specs and let me know if my computer will work with hackintosh? Here is a link to my computers full specs. It was not built...