HP Z220 CMT Workstation install Mojave / Catalina (Clover) & Big sur (Open Core)

Jun 18, 2019
Asus ZenBook UX310UA-FC329T
HD 620, 1920x1080
Mobile Phone
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Update 25 June 2021: Did a clean install of MacOS 11.4 Big Sur with OpenCore 0.7 (worked perfectly)
I attached the OC 0.7 EFI !

(You need to generate a new serial number, i deleted some things from
PlatformInfo, under Generic)

Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 17.07.53.png

Update 15 January 2021: Migrated to OpenCore (0.6.4) and installed a fresh copy of MacOS Catalina 10.15.7

you can use my EFI Folder but you have to add a MLB,SystemSerialNumber and SystemUUID
this can be found under Platforminfo -> Generic

Do not edit the config.plist with clover configurator, forget that and use xCode or ProperTree !

my OpenCore Config is only for use of a dedicated graphics card, it probably won't work with the HD4000

Later this mont i will start experimenting with changing the SMBios to a Big Sur compatible one, and update OpenCore and Kext and the Config.plist to update straight to Big Sur through software update

So last week i finally got Mojave to work on my HP Z220 (i7 3770, HD4000).
This is going to be my first guide on this site, so it is going to be a simple, straight-forwarded guide.
This guide only installs MacOS, and no dualbooting with Windows.
Update: installed a RX 480 8GB and works natively.

  1. What You Will Need

    I recommend to USB sticks, at least 16GB. One for the macOS installer, and one for Ubuntu live, to check hardware or for debugging if the installation is not working.
    I recommend buying a Fenvi FV T919 wifi + Bluetooth card combo from Amazon or AlieExpress. It works natively in macOS, no kext needed. It costs around 40 euro's (

  2. BIOS Settings

    To boot in the BIOS, press the F10 key. Make sure your bios is up-to-date. The latest update is from 2018.

    Under file, hit Default Setup.
    Then go to storage and hit Storage options, and make sure eSata port is Disabled, and that SATA Emulation is set to AHCI.
    Under security, disable MBR security.
    Again under security, disable VTx and VTd.
    Again under security, disable secure boot.
    Under Advanced set IGD Memory to 64M

  3. Installer USB Preparation

    Make the Mojave boot USB with UniBeast, you can download it under the software section on this site.
    Create the installer with the tutorial on this site.
    Before you boot the installer, use Clover configurator to delete the config.plist under EFI -> Clover and replace it with the attached config.plist
    Also copy all the kext from EFI -> Clover ->kexts -> other to your other folder. Or you can delete everything inside your EFI folder on your installer USB and replace it with my attached EFI folder.

  4. The installation
    To boot the Mojave installer USB, press F9 until the boot menu appears. Select your usb, and press enter. Once in Clover press space and select Verbose mode (-v) and press boot macOS with selected options. It can hang on end randomseed for a few seconds but it wil boot straight to the Mojave installer.
    Once the installer has loaded, go to Disk utility and format your SSD as APFS GUID. Then go back to the macOS utilities screen and press install macOS. It will reboot during the install process. one it reboots select macOS prebooter and it will continue installing.

  5. Post Install

    If you placed all the kext, internet and sound should work fine, and if you have installed the Fenvi WiFi card that should work to.

    Screenshot 2019-07-04 at 00.11.46.png
    Screenshot 2019-07-06 at 19.30.36.png



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Hello Chris...
thx for the guide! Will this work with the Intel Graphics only? Install stucks with kextd stall Igpu
Hello, again...
Solved kextd stall by chosing Macmini server 6.2.
i attached the Windows 10 Wifi and Bleutooth drivers since i was not able to find them on Google anymore
I have the same Z220 but I'm using the HD4000 graphics. They work fine but every now and then the acceleration stops working and the only solution is to clear the kernel cache and reboot. It starts to work fine again for a while but this issue continuously returns and I'm not sure why. Catalina. Any ideas?
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thank you for share your config

i try to install mojave on Z220 SSF (same cpu) i think that mb have same ark and all work but i cant fix graphic HD 4000, is only 6mb
now i using serial port for video but i buy displayport adapter for try with hdmi
any idea for fix issue?

thank you
This is a bit old post and no one might see it, but I would like to add a bit of comment and my install results. I thought it was really great that you looked at the Z220. A lot of Z220 are in the market for lease up at this time, and most of them have not lost their brilliance yet. Although this tutorial is based on the i7-3770, most of the Z220 SFF are equipped with an E3-12XX V2 Xeon for server purposes. This required a bit of work, as the E3's CPU was never used for MAC by default. *You were lucky to get awesomely 3770 from the beginning!

CPU support list is Here
You can pick your CPU from list, Correct setting of FakeID / Intel GFX and Graphics / ig-platform-id is the key, BTW.
These CPU built-in graphics are HD2000, 2500, 4000, P4000, or other no built-in graphics. I think there are differences in combinations.My E3-1225v2 integrated graphics is P4000, I haven't tried any other CPUs, so I can't say what makes them great, but I think you can figure out which value is correct by googleing. Try every possible combinations for FakeID and-platform-id, Don't u think it's hard !

Attached my EFI. My CPU was probably the most shipped E3-1225V2. I have extracted the SSDT(I used, See then attached my EFI)) to make CPU Power Management works properly, It is in Clover / ACPI / Patched. It works perfectly and has a good Geekbench4 score result(Attached pic, single-core3787/Multi-core11345...It ’s not so bad).
1, My computer specs

Model: HP Z220 SFF
CPU: Xeon E3-1225v2 3.2GHz
Memory: Elpida 4GB PC3-12800E x2 (8GB Total)
Graphics: Onboard Intel HD graphics P4000 (DP Connects,* Analog display output cannot be used)
HDD: SSD 128GB SATA 2.5" KINGSHARK, super cheap SSD.
2, Config.plist settings

ACPI: EnableC2, EnableC4, EnableC6, EnableC7
*I'm not sure this definition is correct for XEON on E3, Anyone know more?

Boot: dart=0
*There is no problem in displaying even without “NV-Disable = 1”. If this is enabled, startup will be slow.

CPU/Frequency MHz: 3200
/Type: 0x05A5

*E3-1225V2 correctable type code is 06a9, But is shows Core i5.

Devices/ FakeID/ IntelGFX: 0x01668086
*I got quite confused to get this correct value.

Graphics/ ig-platform-id: 0x01620005
*0x01620004 or 0x0162000a etc... were not appropriate E3-1225v2.
Some guys said 0x01620004 is good for P4000, But those are the case for laptops,
and it did not work with E3-1225v2.
And check”Inject Intel”

Karnel and Kext Patches: Same as the guide in this post.

SM Bios(Rt Variables): iMac13,1<The model information of the attached config.plist has been deleted, so generate it yourself>
*iMac 13.2 and MacPro 6.1 are also good, I believe.
3, Patch correct VRAM size to FramebufferCapri.kext
And finally, you need to patch the AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext.
This is a quote from another community, but the links may not be right, so I'll explain.
If you don't do this patch, OSX will be forced to use VRAM size of 1536MB by default. If I add to this description, I can use it as it is, but it consumes memory capacity. I don't care, if I have a 16GB or more for this computer...
*The person before my comment "amaroaverna" says only 6mb is because ig-platform-id and FakeID are wrong. In his case, have nothing to do with this patch and I think the graphics will not work properly.

Lanch the Terminal and put this commands (1st command is puts KEXT on ur desktop, the 2nd command is patching works):

sudo cp -r /System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext ~/Desktop/
sudo perl -pi -e 's|\x00.{1}\x10\x07\x00\x00\x10\x07|\x00\x??\x10\x07\x00\x00\x10\x07|g' ~/Desktop/AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext/Contents/MacOS/AppleIntelFramebufferCapri

?? is the VRAM size you want to set.
10 = 256MB of RAM
18 = 384MB of RAM
20 = 512MB of RAM
30 = 768MB of RAM
40 = 1024MB of RAM
80 = 2048MB of RAM

I chose 512MB = 20, Make sure to set 512MB in the BIOS as well. The maximum value setting is 512MB in the BIOS, but Mojave does not work well unless the VRAM size is large.
Put the patched AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext on your desktop back into / System / Library / Extensions /. And install it using the Kextbeast.spp but the original AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext is let's back up somewhere just in case.

Other Kexts go in EFI / CLOVER / Kexts / Other. Take a look at attached my EFI.
Maybe I don't need whatevergreen.kext because I have specified ig-platform-id and FakeID.
But in this state it works fine.
And when I hit the wall four days ago lol, I thought about replacing the i7 or i5, but this good server computer also had ECU memory, so I felt it was unwilling. And I'm a MacPro fan (I've bought and used it 3 times in the past) and I like the sound of the strong name Xeon.

I believed that this CPU built-in GPU was HD4000, but when I looked at the specs again, OMG it was a HD graphics P4000, and it was not completely compatible with the Original Mac. I have already ordered a low profile used metal compatible graphic card, but I wanted to verify the P4000 installed in the E3-1225v2 first, so I tried it until it worked perfectly. The built-in GPU and CPU are a set, so setting is more difficult than the graphics on the card. Laptop people look work header than me!

From a MacOS perspective, this is an Unknown CPU, but OS would like to define it as an i7 whose specifications are very similar. Enter the code to make it look like Xeon. Although it is not E3, I chose the closest specification Xeon. Up to the Yosemite generation (?), It could be changed manually, but the code is fine. Now looks very well About This Mac.

I also aimed for vanilla(w/out FramebufferCapri.kext), but for now I have achieved my goal.
And thank you for this tutorial post !


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thank you for share your config

i try to install mojave on Z220 SSF (same cpu) i think that mb have same ark and all work but i cant fix graphic HD 4000, is only 6mb
now i using serial port for video but i buy displayport adapter for try with hdmi
any idea for fix issue?

thank you
See my reply above...It may be too late, but I hope you haven't given up yet.