[Guide] Razer Blade 15 (2018) Detailed Install Guide High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G2208-17G5019)

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upgraded from a clean catalina
Gotcha. I'll see if I have a spare m.2 laying around that I can copy my EFI to and try do to either a fresh catalina or big sur update. Thanks for the vote of confidence, cheers :thumbup:
Hey Guys, hope I not asking the same question again, I lost track somewhere in this endless treat:)

I get the black 3 minute black screen after boot, mentioned in the guide. Problem aperes when I update WhateverGreen >1.4.4. Is there a fix, or should I just stay with the old kext?

Other thing I can't update is clover. I'm stuck at 5120. If I do update I get a bunch of errors at the start and webdrivers wont work.


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Hi all, sorry to bump this from the dead, hopefully someone can give me a hand. Had to redo my installation and now I'm having a rough time getting this up and running again. So far, it seems UHD graphics is still stuck at 7mb VRAM (DVMT was adjusted), and the touchpad will not work, despite patching using the code in the OP. I've read the instructions over multiple times and I've followed them to a tee. Made sure all my kexts were up to date too (after trying the ones in the post-install folder provided).
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